What are you doing every day that improves the quality of your life? Are you accomplishing great things, or are you sitting there in front of the computer waiting for the weekend to arrive? Until we prove otherwise, we are all wastes of space, taking up air and using precious resources. We have all been blessed with life, yet we waste it every day. We will die and be forgotten for all eternity within only one or two generations.

We’re all capable of more than we are doing right now. Much more.

And today, I turn 27.

33 thoughts on “HAPPY FLAG DAY

  1. Sweet

    Another happy b-day to add to the list. In terms of birthdays that fall on random holidays tho, I think I’ve got ya beat. Groundhog day.

  2. DC_Cookie

    Why bother thinking like that? When you die, you’re dead and you won’t give two shits about what the hell the rest of the planet is doing without you.

  3. V

    Happy birthday, Mr. Bachelor–

    And, don’t sweat it, any good you do will probably be undone and any great thing forgotten.

    That means selfishly enjoying yourself is about all we got anyway 😉

  4. KassyK

    Happy Birthday sugar…To the man that helped introduce me to and put me on the DC blog map (amongst other nice things-GASP-he can be nice)–thank you. Have a great day.


  5. Sudamericana

    Happy birthday! I hope this new year of awesomeness is filled with hot notches added to your bedpost :banana:

  6. Jewcano

    Jesus Christ, I’m older than DCB? Pathetic.
    And does being 27 mean we’re finally too old for 19 year olds? Hypothetically, of course.

    Happy birthday, DCB.

  7. .

    Have you ever considered saying “fuck it” and moving off, away from North America, away from all the things we think we are supposed to have?

    The stigmas that guide our status driven society tell us that this would be giving up, yet I think otherwise and believe that much more rewarding experiences exist outside of this status driven continent.

    I’m being completely serious. Not suggesting to go and backpack at joe jobs the rest of one’s life, but graduate school overseas? A position overseas? Somewhere outside of this boring movie we’ve all seen.

    It’s achievable, not for everyone, and I believe a fantastic life can result from it. An option to consider.

  8. corncob

    damn proxys.. I cannot post through my ISP (dcbachelor.com times out), and these proxies were timing out.

    Excuse the duplicate posts, consider the thought.

  9. chicgirl

    Happy birthday mr. DCB (hope you are drinking or something beside a flagpole to celebrate both of the big days)!

  10. DCB Post author

    “Have you ever considered saying ?fuck it? and moving off, away from North America, away from all the things we think we are supposed to have?”

    every single day

  11. Ned

    thank you! It seems like we’re going to have to wait awhile for a non apathetic generation to kick things in gear again

  12. b

    Happy Belated BD!!! Got caught up in my own shit yesterday.

    27 huh? 3 more years and you can officially be ‘old’. Just wait, you’ll see =\

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