Some people that come to the U.S. from other countries have major chips on their shoulders.

It bugs the hell out of me when someone that was not born here comes to the United States to live and work, but complains every day about how much the U.S. sucks.

I am not saying that all people from other countries do this, but I am saying that I’ve encountered quite a few that do. And, I am not saying that I dislike people from other countries. I mean, my family comes from all over the place … Ireland, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, England, Scandinavia, France … and then there’s the Native American link. (Yep. I am in a tribe.) :teepee:

In other words … I am not some dumb, fat, gun-toting, racist American. What I am is a fed-up American that hates hearing mean-and-nasties, sitting around and ranting about how Americans are uneducated and fat — as if they have no fat people.

They say we have too many guns. They debate the number of calories in a Big Mac versus a dish from their homeland. They say American men are lazy and that American women do not make good wives. And then, they take it one step further and say that we do not know how to dress. And, they cannot present evidence to back up their claims.

What the hell. Can someone say hypocrites!?! Can someone say ethnocentrics!?

The next time I hear someone that lives here – who does not hold U.S. citizenship – complaining like that without at least one fact to back their claims, well then … I am going to ask them just what the fuck they doing here. Then, I am going to tell them to have a nice cup of shut the fuck up, and to get back on the boat that brought them to Ellis Island.


  1. J.P.

    It’s an old woman drinking high life. I am not sure what that is supposed to prove…

    Except that woman has amazing taste in cheap beer!

  2. jessa j

    p.s. JP, that picture of the old woman drinking highlife is supposed to be me, that’s what it proves… SEE?

    Didn’t muffin like totally get me so good? Oh my god, I’m so got.

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