Some people that come to the U.S. from other countries have major chips on their shoulders.

It bugs the hell out of me when someone that was not born here comes to the United States to live and work, but complains every day about how much the U.S. sucks.

I am not saying that all people from other countries do this, but I am saying that I’ve encountered quite a few that do. And, I am not saying that I dislike people from other countries. I mean, my family comes from all over the place … Ireland, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, England, Scandinavia, France … and then there’s the Native American link. (Yep. I am in a tribe.) :teepee:

In other words … I am not some dumb, fat, gun-toting, racist American. What I am is a fed-up American that hates hearing mean-and-nasties, sitting around and ranting about how Americans are uneducated and fat — as if they have no fat people.

They say we have too many guns. They debate the number of calories in a Big Mac versus a dish from their homeland. They say American men are lazy and that American women do not make good wives. And then, they take it one step further and say that we do not know how to dress. And, they cannot present evidence to back up their claims.

What the hell. Can someone say hypocrites!?! Can someone say ethnocentrics!?

The next time I hear someone that lives here – who does not hold U.S. citizenship – complaining like that without at least one fact to back their claims, well then … I am going to ask them just what the fuck they doing here. Then, I am going to tell them to have a nice cup of shut the fuck up, and to get back on the boat that brought them to Ellis Island.


  1. Jesus Christ

    Don’t be cruel, to a heart thats true. How can you complain about people having opinions?? This isn’t North Korea, and your definitely not our dear leader. Has the thought ever crossed your mind that they say bad things about America, because they perceive that as a effective tool to build a bond with you in conversation?? Expressing unsatisfaction with this country is done by EVERYONE. Let em rip this great land of ours because,as far as i’m concerned the only people who room to complain about anything sit on a Navajo Reservation in Oklahoma.

  2. Liz

    You know, I actually have to agree with you on this.

    I love visiting foreign countries, but never would I go to one and then shit all over people’s way of life. It’s just disrespectful to me.

  3. jessa j

    we are fat and we do have too many guns. we go to other countries like france and demand ketchup on our “freedom fries.”

    america as a whole has this nationalistic attitute that is so far off base it’s rediculous…

    sorry but i agree with the forgieners, we can’t dress for shit.

  4. Spaniard

    This post is ridiculous. So an immigrant can’t give his own fucking opinion of this country? If it’s shitty in many ways, then it is. He obviously isn’t talking shit about the money he’s getting from his job here, which is about the only thing the U.S.A is good for to many immigrants. So only a “pure and true” American has the right to say how fucked up the country is? You are mixing apples and oranges here in a sub-retarded way. If anyone is ethnocentric it’s obviously you.

  5. jessa j

    thank you spaniard. telling immigrants to “take thier butt home” is about the most ignorant thing iv’e ever heard comeing form someone who is a self proclaimed melting pot. who the fuck do you think you got here miss metropolis? you think youre relatives came here and never once commented on the state of affairs with which that had to live??
    give me a fucking break. this post is whats wrong with america, right behind creationists in the bible belt.

    dcb told me you were a good person, and i’m trying to believe him but youre not doing yourself any favors here…

  6. Angry Black Guy

    Your so right, none of us have the right to complain about the united states. We are all immigrants.

  7. Anonymous

    yah u r so stoopid becuz america is what makes diversity beuatifal. u shuld be the 1 to not complain and to leave amrica, miss STOOPID!

  8. nabeel

    yeoowww! so much anger! so much hate! what can we do against such reckless hatred? … ride out with me! 😉

  9. la pepe peu

    Ah, I see MM is yet venting more about her ex on the site. It’s not his fault he was brought up abroad and has traveled. It’s not MM’s fault that she does not have a passport and has never left the country. She comes from another country where (can you hear the banjos) the moonshine flows and family reunions become one big game of Who Fucked Who.

    MM, stop the hate, get a passport and go do some traveling, maybe you will not have such a povincial attitude. America is a great country, but it’s not the only one, but go find that out for yourself. I mean, at least go to Italy so you can see you makes your shoes and purses. Or France where you get your perfume, or Iceland, where you got your heart.

  10. inSOMnia

    Wow this is very entertaining. All this hate is very nice. Jessa and Spainard really got some good points. I will got to go and catch the first boat out of this country cause I hate our president.

  11. sean

    Well, I also hear many immigrants say they’re just happy as hell to be in this country. They are as American as any of us, and then some. People always complain, and need someone or something to blame, no matter where they live. Screw ’em.

  12. Eric

    Foreigners, and specifically Europeans tend to enjoy arguments/discussions about matters. Americans tend to take things so personally when faced with unpleasant viewpoints; getting upset and venting such things as “Go home then!!” instead of engaging them and talking about it. I’m not being an apologist; I’m just saying, people have a right to voice their opinion; if it bothers you so, then just ignore them. If the people you come across are truly that miserable in the States, then just let them be. Don’t fall into the Fox News readership by being a xenophobe.

  13. Jinxy

    I tend to agree with what Metropolis says but I can’t get over the fact that this is the worst fucking post I’ve ever read.

    Did you do your draft of it in crayon?

    Please, just stop it.

    I’d rather wait for DCB to get back then have to look at this craptastic filler.

  14. Klan Member

    Yah SCREW the Immigrants!!! They are taking our jobs anyways! If you dont like it leave!! Expecially the gooks, sand ppl and lawn mowers!! I need a job Please can anyone get me a job???

  15. Kim Jong IL

    I like KAC. She’s pretty. Although that guy she dates….umm…Luke..Looks kind of gay. Could of played a gay cowboy in brokeback mountain.

  16. jessa j

    A woman who has remained single beyond the conventional age for marrying.
    A bitter single woman.
    An elderly unmarried woman whose occupation is spinning.

    I thought DCB was ANTI-SPINSTER.

  17. Miss Metropolis Post author

    I am saying that I would not move to Paris, then sit around saying, “I hate Paris in the springtime … I hate Paris in the fall.”

    It is just plain rude.

    InSOMnia … I think W sucks, too. I am not talking about people with legit complaints.

    I am talking more about the people that are always saying: “My country is better than yours” when my country *is* their country.

    They are snobs with no evidence to back up their claims. They just sit around and rant and smoke cigarettes. *cough*

    That is all.

    I don’t rant about other countries. I love every little country out there. :thumbup:

    We are the world. We are the children. Peace on Earth and all of that sensitive crap.

  18. Miss Metropolis Post author

    J –

    Not venting. That relationship is old news!

    I’m dating, nothing serious. And, I’m very happy now, thank you very much. I really do not have time for a serious relationship at this point in my life.

    I am not ready to settle down, change my name, have kids and all of that stuff. Maybe I will be ready in a year or two or three … I dunno. When I am, I will know it. And, when I meet the right man … I will know that, too.

    End of story.


    P.S. I posted this entry really early this morning. I am surprised it makes any sense whatsoever.

  19. Anonymous

    Well, I think MM is just talking about foreigners whining. Seriously, if people come to this country and have something bad to say about it then fine. But why make a living, and spend all this time in a land that you, not only don’t like, but complain about 24/7?

  20. Anonymous

    Miss MM, please let this be the end of the story. We don’t like you coming on here to vent you issues about your old relationship, which is very obvious. We don’t care if you are trying to act happy. You stating your happiness is only a smokescreen, we know your are hurting on the inside (your words show this) it’s ok, breakups hurt. At first we were angry with you for the bashing of him, the working class, an unborn baby and people who have traveled out of the country, but now, we are just feel plain sorry for you.

    No matter what, both parties are going to be upset. You must be, why else would you still be sending the ex emails while on your fabulous trip to Miami? And then another two as recent as last night around 2 am? And why has he been not responded to one of your emails or texts since the break up? That doesn’t sound like someone who wants to get back together with you, sorry.

    So please, for every one’s sake, stop the hate, this was entertaining in a freak show kind of way in the beginning, but it’s time to stop. All you have done is prove that you are one deeply disturbed, hypocritical, uncultured, conceited and mean person.

    Someone must have finally pointed out how ridiculous you were making yourself look so you managed to control your bitterness and sound like a normal person in your last comment. Chin up girl and take your licks, you will be ok, it just takes some time. In the mean time, go bake some pot brownies, run a bath and rent Pretty Woman, it works for me. And lay off the coke, that will prevent you from sending those deranged late night emails.

  21. Matt

    Haters, don’t hate just because things are a little different, give MM a chance. Although this post is chock full of ridiculous generalizations and stereotypes. I know more immigrants that are in fact more respectful about this country than born Americans, and also a few that complain, so what, complaining is what this country is supposed to be about.

  22. Muffin

    Oh my god, Matt says something rational!

    ” … complaining is what this country is supposed to be about.”

    Here here. Complaining is as American as guns, apple pie, and impeachment politics.

    And Jessa says something naive:

    “america as a whole has this nationalistic attitute that is so far off base it?s rediculous”

    Oh. My. God. Jessa – seriously – have you ever been to another country, ever? Are you totally unaware of the insane heights of nationalism in most other industrialized nations? Let’s see: France, check. Germany, check. UK, check. India, check. Japan, check. China, check …

    “sorry but i agree with the forgieners, we can?t dress for shit.”

    Heh. Well, we can’t all dress like our grandmothers. But this partially answers my question from above – clearly you’ve never been to Germany.

    Finally, I’d like to agree with everyone. MM does suck.

  23. J.P.

    I am sort of wondering how extensively you have really traveled. I was an exchange student in Germany and frankly, it is not nearly as overtly nationalistic as the US. Most Germans (as well as the other exhange students from South Africa and Australia) were shocked to hear about the US Flags hanging in every classroom, or the fact that we said the pledge of allegiance every morning, or that I knew it by heart!

    I am not saying that there isn’t nationalism there, but I think you must have had a very different experience than mine. Additionally, most europeans tend to encounter more foriegners and do more foriegn travel from a younger age just because of the nature of that region of the world. Many, many adult Americans I know have never left the country and many have only gone to popular tourist spots when they have in fact left.

  24. A Ho Hum To Whining More About Life

    “Many, many adult Americans I know have never left the country and many have only gone to popular tourist spots when they have in fact left. ” – JP

    ..oh..you mean reporting from Miami and thinking it’s the Big Kahuna? I concur with your last paragraph. Many Americans believe (MM included) that there is no reason to travel bc America IS NUMBER ONE..Rahhhh Raahh Rahhh..smells like teen spirit.

  25. jessa j

    i spent a month living in germany and all i could see at every tourist hot spot were fat patriotic americans complaining about the food, the shopping and the culture.


    1: fanatically patriotic [syn: chauvinistic, flag-waving(a), jingoistic, ultranationalistic, superpatriotic]
    2: devotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation including promoting the interests of one country over those of others; “nationalist aspirations”

    we do this above all else. embarrassingly so.

  26. jessa j

    “Heh. Well, we can?t all dress like our grandmothers. But this partially answers my question from above – clearly you?ve never been to Germany.”

    …and i’m not sure exaclty what that’s refering to so maybe if you tried just a little harder to be piquant i’d be able to respect your opinion.

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