Where: Topaz Bar, 1733 N Street NW. Map.

When: Thursday, May 19, 2005. 7-10PM.

Who: Me, Eugenius, Insomnia, Spaniard, Sorso Club VIPs, our special guests (the Cleveland Park Men’s Club), and our mystery guests (the Socialites).

Next Thursday, May 19, several members of the DC Player Haters will be hosting a social happy hour at Topaz Bar from 7-10. We feel such a strong attachment to the DC community that we wanted to give back by letting our readers have the opportunity to meet us. There is just one rule: no talking about the internet or “blogging”, unless it’s about how awesome this site is. Drink special(s) to be announced.

We look forward to meeting our special guests, members of the Cleveland Park Men’s Club, who is the gentlemanly yin to our jerky yang. Other mystery guests will also be present. Everyone is welcome, even our haters, whose bitterness towards me will no doubt subside once they get a firsthand chance to witness my huggable charm and wit.

7 thoughts on “HATERS HAPPY HOUR

  1. Cleveland Park Men's Club

    Thank you, thank you…*bowing*

    We are, um, honored by the Hateration Nation inviting the Gentlemen of the Cleveland Park Men’s Club to this “H to the 3rd” event. Thank you.

    DCB–The Senator will buy the first round.

  2. Liz

    Aw, I would totally make the drive from Towson down there if I wasn’t moving the next day. After next week I will definitely need/want a drink. I do believe I’m still a Sorso member right?

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