I was reading some random DC blogs today, when I stumbled on something that made me get up and say, “Hey, that’s me!”

I’m just throwing this out there – it’s completely unrelated to anything. I just wanted to make a promise to you, the reading audience.

I promise I will never post:

Emoticons, animated or otherwise – that’s me
Criticism of another blog for not being a *real* blog – me again
Unconstructive criticism of another blog – not me. well, i think it was constructive
Pictures of people with soul patches ME! YES!

Be it recorded this, the 11th day of May, in the 2005th year of our Lord.

Nice. The best comment:

Why give the persian mafia HATERS posse the ego-boosting traffic? So the kinds of people I’d be hating on from afar in bars, by the way

I don’t need traffic; just the thought that other people are thinking of me is good enough.

Rock Creek Rambler, with this link I increase your traffic 758%: “My Promise To You“.


  1. Eric

    haha, what a jackoff. that’s the most passive-aggressive thing I’ve ever read. all the people who posted comments are like your younger sibling that comes in and goes “YEAH!” when your parents punish you.

  2. Underused

    I didn’t link to the DCist slam specifically b/c I wanted to avoid any kind of cross-blog flamefest. I was just making a joke to the small group that pays attention to my blog. It was all meant in good fun, and thanks for taking it as such. And thanks for visiting.

    And Eric, yes it was passive-aggressive. That was part of the joke. As for your comments remark: isn’t that kind of what all comments are like? I mean, isn’t that exactly what your comment is doing? But anyway, I’m obviously not responsible for the comments. Cheers,


  3. v

    I say you and KAC tie for best posts of the day…yours is very funny and catty (nice) and hers is drug induced…delish.

    Those anti-haters do not know the world in which they are wishing. I say hate cleverly and hate often…it’s one of the few joys of a working girls’ day.

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