Here are my five favorite photos from the happy hour (you can view all the photos here). Not by coincidence, I’m in all of them.

Left to right: Luke, Senator, Me.

Look at the masculine way I’m holding that drink.

L to R: Random person, Senator, Random person, V, Me.

When this picture was taken I guess I thought it would be a good idea to protect my crotch, as you can see from the placement of my hands.

This photo was taken the instant Mike G and I met. You can see on our faces what we really think about each other.

This guest was feeling my edgy vibe (thanks to the soul patch) even though I kept running out of things to say. It all ended when she accused me of lying after I brought in Spaniard to discuss his recent break-up (him and his girlfriend really did split a few hours before the happy hour). Surprisingly, there are some girls who are resistant to my charm.

L to R: Eugenius, Me, Spaniard, Insomnia

The Haters!!! Sorry Insomnia, I know this is a bad picture of you, but I don’t look right in our other group photo.

While many DC blogs were busy patting each other on the back Friday, the most anti-social DC blogger of them all, the Why I Hate DC guy, was in John Kelly’s Friday Post column.


Only quotes I remember:

V: “You’re taller than I thought.”
Luke: “Your face is getting shiny.”

Most awkward moment:

A lady friend of mine trying to get a rise out of The Senator by making fun of his profession. He handled it well.

Most unawkward moment:

Meeting Mike Grass from DCist. He was standing next to me for at least 10 minutes until Kelly came and told me who he was. I introduced myself and we ended up talking for a while… about blogs.

I had a chance to meet the CPMC guys, a few readers (including CatCiao, a suspected hater), and many girls who had trouble admitting that they are DC blog groupies. I also met the girls behind The Butterfly Network, and talked to them for a full 45 seconds.

Today the Washington Post Express published an article focusing on Kelly with a big CPMC mention. This site gets an indirect mention.

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145 thoughts on “HHH RECAP

  1. The Senator

    I hate you all. KIDDING.

    Did you have to run with that one?

    For the record:

    “Circle V” was grabbing my old-school, lame-O, bulky digital camera…in my pocket. She tried to grab other things, but I disallowed it.

    Great party, DCB, Som, Spaniard, etc…

  2. nabeel

    dcb, i saw the “indirect” mention of this blog in the WP Express on the metro today! my jaw fell to the floor. that’s awesome man!!! you should be happy

  3. Love Awkward Moments

    Ohh..talk more about that awkward moment with your friend and The Senator. What did s/he say? How did The Senator handle it?

  4. Natty G

    The blond/brunette guest in the one picture is smoking…you should have closed the deal, or at least gotten the digits.

  5. Anonymous

    V likes to observe people. I have a feeling she picks up on peoples personalities pretty quickly.

  6. DCB Post author

    “Ohh..talk more about that awkward moment with your friend and The Senator. What did s/he say? How did The Senator handle it? ”

    Guest: “Whats CPMC about?”
    Senator: ” *cpmc mission statement*… we do this etc etc etc we don’t talk a lot of shit.. ”
    Guest: “Well you’re a *** you talk a lot of shit all the time”


    I forgot his response but at the time i remember it being decent.

  7. dpdawson

    “That is the worst fucking sweater I have ever seen. It’s a Cosby Sweater … A COSBY SWEATAAAAH!!!” – Jack Black

  8. piece de resistance

    Thanks, Bachelor, for posting the worst picture of me from the 50 that were taken. But I guess it did convey the emotion drawn out in the caption.
    My apologies (and condolences) to The Spaniard for not believing the story of his misfortune.
    But I can’t quell my skepticism when I’ve heard that line before…

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