Tomorrow is the Haters Happy Hour at Science Club. There are many beautiful and wonderful people I know coming tomorrow night, and it is my hope that there will be a good assortment of fresh meat as well.

If you get Sally drunk, she probably take off her top. If you buy me a drink, I promise to talk to you for at least 5 minutes. The intern’s sidekick will also be in attendance, along with special-guest Kelly (pending recovery) and of course my awesome co-host Kathryn.

Science Club has two main bar floors and a little outside front patio. The basement floor is a little more spacious so I have a hunch we’ll make that nerd headquarters.

Postscript: Kelly may bring the Senator with her tonight. :shudder:


  1. V

    Holla. It’s time to bring a little hard A game…I am hoping to remember 75 percent of the night.


  2. KassyK

    V-I’m with you…I promised myself even though its Friday and Cinco de Mayo–I will not drink too much. Well maybe a littttle too much.

  3. cpmc wiki

    The Senator, aka Cleveland Park Mens Club, aka CPMC, aka “Anonymous”, aka Papa Troll, aka CPMC ain’t so bad, aka Adam W. has been trolling the DC Blog scene since March 2005.

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