I took down some sections for now. I’m just feeling a little paranoid.

It’s just a matter of accepting that I don’t control who reads me. Plus I don’t feel that my writing accurately depicts my gentle personality.

Postscript: I’m laughing at the “lets guess what happened” circle jerk. No, I’m not being trolled. No, I’m not in love with someone other than myself. No, I haven’t deleted anything. Don’t get too excited.

33 thoughts on “HMM

  1. Anonymous

    Yes, the internet can be very dangerous. I think it’s funny that people think they can hide their internet personalities from the rest of their world, like work, school, family, etc. People who have websites and who think that their blog identity and the real world are never going to clash are going to be in for a surprise somewhere down the line. Not talking about this site necessarily, but blogs in general. Blog postings (whether subsequently removed or not) are now admissible evidence too.

  2. Sudamericana

    You are a little bit paranoid indeed…. I love the detailed new “About” section for example:

    “I am a 26 years old”

    You are much more than that, DCB.

  3. Anonymous

    That’s a pretty good theory. Or maybe there is a stalker. Or an employment problem. The only three archives left are titled “mainstream???”

  4. Sudamericana

    Yeah, maybe he has fallen in love, and there is always the risk of being asked if you are DC Bachelor by random people during a date with a girl… I am pretty sure this has happened to him at least once 😉 =

    So if that was the case, it’s a wise decision to take some sections down.

  5. Anonymous

    DCB you are really disappointing me. Come on man — don’t fall for this crap.

    put the stuff back up.

  6. jessa j

    commenters – you’re all wrong. the only girl he loves is me and he knows i accept him for who/what he is…

    roo my love – remember what i told you last night. my logic is sound. don’t make me come down there and shake the shit out of you.

  7. Anonymous

    It would certainly be distasteful if someone found out about the things you wrote and thumbed out your eyes and skull-fucked you.

  8. Anonymous

    Hey DCB,
    Your girlfriend called, said you could have your balls back for Saturday. But just Saturday.

  9. Lonnie Bruner


    To redeem yourself, your readers demand a post that contains, at minimum, the following criteria:

    – At least two (2) mentions of objectifying women

    – At least one (1) mention of a cockblocking episode

    – At least one sharp remark about the DC club scene

    – At least three (3) witty obvervations on sex

    – Some kind of advice to the opposite sex

  10. diane

    please don’t puss out.

    i devote entirely too much attention to your postings for them to start sucking.

    really, i mean it, please don’t puss out…

  11. Bending DCB Over

    I think DCB ticked someone off who has a lawyer or two ready to carve him out a new asshole in a libel suit

  12. O-face

    Dude, I thought you were a braveheart, but now i’m having second thoughts. You were the “Cornelius Wallace” of DC blogosphere, the “Maximus of the Roman Empire”. To hear you offer retreat is saddening. I’m gonna go kill myself now 🙁

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