I realized this evening that some people aren’t very smart.

They take things they read and hear as fact. They actually think that everything I write is factual (ha!). Their big egos pump them up, and they think they’re being targeting by my posts. I mean, I could repost something from another blog that I did not write … and I would get emails from people whining, “Why are you making fun of me???”

They must be the idiots that actually read those Nigerian scam emails. They must really think that organ thieves are plotting to steal their kidneys. Ha … I bet they even forward chain emails to all of their friends, hoping for miracles within 24 hours.

Advice for the holiday season: Don’t believe everything you read. And, while you’re at it … don’t believe everything you hear. Oh — and, don’t drink the eggnog.


  1. O-face

    Hey, Miss Metro!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!! Be safe and have a joyus day queen. I won’t say anything mean about you today, because i’m feeling good about myself right now. I’m on my 4th glass of eggnog too. Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Anonymous

    Merry Christmas to all!

    And to “Miss Metro” (a.k.a. KAC) may you find happiness and fullfillment this year with yourself, wishing you peace and joy among others … may you finally find harmony spirit and soul.

    A new year is on the horizon! Good luck to all!

    (and truth be told not everything you read or hear is always true, but remember most lies start with a grain of truth)

  3. Anonymous

    KAC is the biggest liar possibly ever. I love how she gets on here and preaches, but it’s like she is trying to fix her issues by blogging. It’s going to take a lot more than blogging to get the ghosts out of your head.

    Why don’t you, and all your five other personalites, have a Merry Christmas.

  4. Bitter Pill

    Glad to hear MM is sounding like her upbeat, uplifting and positive self (not).

    Christ, can you please stop draining us with your bitterness? Who cares if what you say is real or fake. Stop wreaking of negativity.

  5. Word Choice

    “Reeking of negativity” or “wreaking negativity.” I don’t think one can “wreak of” anything.

  6. Anonymous

    wreak ( P ) Pronunciation Key (rk)
    tr.v. wreaked, wreak?ing, wreaks
    To inflict (vengeance or punishment) upon a person.
    To express or gratify (anger, malevolence, or resentment); vent.
    To bring about; cause: wreak havoc.
    Archaic. To take vengeance for; avenge.
    Wreak is a verb so you can wreak negativity or havoc or both. Smart ass.

  7. 1st Grade English Teacher

    Your reading comprehension sucks.

    “Reeking of negativity” or “wreaking negativity.”

    Not “wreaking of negativity.”

  8. The Senator

    Why is everyone being mean to MM? I don’t understand please stop!! I don’t want you guys to make her feel any negativity such as you ppl gave to me. I’m still crying as we speak. Please stop the madness PLEASE! CAN WE JUST ALL GET ALONG?

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