Did you know that straight men are only aroused by human females, but straight women, on the other hand, are equally aroused by all kinds of sexual activity?

Yes, it’s true. According to researchers, if you pop in a DVD of ANY kind of human sexual activity – including lesbian, heterosexual and homosexual male sex – your girl will most likely go wild. Play a video that features a big climatic gorilla orgy and she’ll get beastly freakay watching that, too.

I wanted to test this theory … but I could not find one monkey sex video. However, I did find a very primitive smilie in DCB’s library that totally turned me on:


Yeah. Baby.

15 thoughts on “HOT MONKEY SEX

  1. DC Reader

    That’s it .. I’m done. Someone please wake me up when DCB gets back from vacation.

    MM = weak, at least DCB takes articles, news etc. and relates them to everday life (with of course his own spin) … I get nothing, nothing from this … over and out until DCB returns.

    – signing off –

  2. Eugenius

    I actually like this post………..i think its funny…..its not hard to read and has an interesting point……too many times we try to be insightfull, so once in a while something like this is a good refresher….after reading your post..made me want to test out this theory…..hmmmm

  3. Irina

    Dude I like it all.
    Notable exceptions:
    double penetation/anal = pain = not hot
    bestiality = sorry, i no like monkey sex, and i’ve seen it
    man on man penetration = GROSSSSSSSS

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