Our friend Yakov just put up his March promo mix. Download it here. I’ve only heard of Moonbootica.

Featuring tracks from 2020Soundsystem, Angel Alanis, Jason Sparks, Mark Martini, Moonbootica, Mylo, Nathan G, Patrick Buck, Slam, Sexe Sur La Plage, Twisted Funk and many more!

In other Washington D.C. DJ news, DJ K Fox has “retired”. She had a unique style which involved mixing during breaks instead of actually beatmatching. She will be missed by some.

9 thoughts on “HOUSE MUSIC RULES YOU

  1. Liz

    “that sounds alot easier than beatmatching”


    It is true, house music does rule, but there are other kick ass genres out there as well. I have many DJ friends who spin a variety of genres…

  2. inSOMnia

    Damn DJ K FOX was a legend. Legend for being the worse wanna be dj in the world. Girl hyped herself up but couldnt mix at all. She considered herself a DJ that is a joke. I hate wanna be Basement DJ’s

  3. Liz

    “Legend for being the worst wanna be dj in the world.”

    lolz. there are many people like that in dc/baltimore.

  4. Anonymous

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