Whenever I do laundry in my house I always wonder if someone would pay to live in the laundry room for the right price. Though it is dark and uninviting, the space is huge. So I posted an ad on Craigslist.

$200 – Gigantic laundry room for rent

We have a HUGE laundry room that is going unused in our single family house. No carpet, but much natural lighting. The walls are concrete so you making noise is not a problem. The only inconvenience is that we do laundry about 6 hours a week, but we are willing to adjust to your schedule. You share an upstairs bathroom with one other person.

Who are we: 3 professionals, ages 26-35. We are looking for a male or female with no pets.

I’m sure people wouldn’t want to live in a laundry room. Wrong. I got three responses.

1. I’ve read you adv. Is it furnished for a person to live in? does it have a window?

2. Hello, I am a 24 year old female who is in need of a place to stay. I have been here for almost 3 weeks. I am easy going so a little laundry a few hours a week will not bother me. Do you require a security deposit? and how much are the utilities a month? Thank you for your time.

3. hi how are you, i read your craigslist post and was wondering how i get in contact with you so i can come check out the place, look forward to hearing from you. thanks

These people seem very friendly. If I owned the house I would have no problem renting out the laundry room. I bet I can get $300 a month for it. Hmm I wonder if…

(Part 2 tomorrow)

Postscript: More responses…

4. Hey I’m beyond interested…can you give me your addr. and number…my work is #

5. Hello, I am just wishing to inquire about the laundry room. Is there any time that would be good for me to come see it? I am very interested.I have just moved to D.C. area and need place as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.

6. Hey. My name is *** and I am looking for a room to rent ASAP. Your room sounds great, as it is affordable and close to my work. Please let me know if you are interested! Thanks so much.

7. Hello How are you, well believe it or not this is just perfect for me, I am a 25 year old professional, I work at a law firm downtown, and I am in school. Currently I am working on several business projects, ( so I can be rich : ) ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am currently moving from where I live now, in hopes of saving money for my endeavors. I am honest, clean, and have a wonderful personality. I also clean houses on the side, and I am a good cook!! Please e-mail me back with more details. Or call me at ***

8. Hello. I saw the add online about the room. I am a 23 y.o. college student, and I’m interested to move in immediately if the room is available. Thank you


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  1. Eugenius

    as i said before……do it, do it………go for the chick, she seems ……polite, i mean if she is willing to live in the laundry room, what else is she willing to do…….god im a pervert 🙁

  2. o-face

    Dastardly!!!!!!! All though I too would want to see the chick. Maybe charge her 600 hundred to share your bedroom if she’s hot.

  3. raw

    lame… rip-off from a NY Times article (Feb 03)about some Pratt students posting an ad on Craigslist for a “$35 ? elevated mattress-sized space between rooms.”

  4. P

    It may be debatable that a few, or more than a few, of your Craigslist inquiries are in fact legit.

    From my observation, many Craigslist ads are fakes. No doubt if many of the ads are fake, certain inquiries may be fake, too.

    One New York City woman has received lots of Craiglist inquiries about her nice, cozy apartment for rent. One minor, slight problem is that it’s not for rent. Someone, posing as her, placed the ad.

    A lot of the personal ads are a joke. Idential personal ads may appear in 10 cities.

    The real estate listings are more legit, but don’t assume every listing is legit. Many well-known and well-established realtors advertize, so those are legit. Most private ads are legit, but read an ad carefully. If the details sound too good to be true, it’s probably not legit.


  5. Russiansluts

    i love russian exchage students who prostitue on craiglist. they r usually cheper than american chics. i hope they r clean

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