I wish I was a politician in power. I wish I could push through tough laws but then go against them when my trophy wife gets in trouble.

Maryland State Sen. John A. Giannetti’s 26 year old wife recently got busted for drunk driving, a crime he’s known for pushing tough legislation on. One of his bills would make it a crime to refuse a breathalyzer test. When his wife called him in the middle of her DUI stop and asked him for advice, he told her to refuse the breathalyzer.

Maryland’s lax policy on the breath test has long been considered one of the biggest loopholes in the state’s drunken driving laws… [Giannetti] has been among the leaders in the movement to close that loophole. That makes his wife’s refusal to take the test — and his possible involvement in her decision — troubling for some drunken driving opponents.

Troubling? It’s INCREDIBLE. This guy is finished. What constituent would vote for a man who makes it known that he wants tough laws to apply to everyone but his wife. What a joke.

All this talk about alcohol is making me thirsty. Maybe I should light a shot and then try to drink it. Or maybe not. He shoots out fire like one of those circus guys!


  1. Liz

    Marion Barry, ha!

    The District’s FORMER mayor who got busted in a hotel room smoking crack with a prostitute, got arrested, did time, and was RE-ELECTED after his incarceration.

    If the people of DC are stupid enough to re-elect a guy like that, then they deserve whatever’s coming to them.

    I know this post was about Maryland government, but yeah. I’ll leave you all with this:

    “The bitch made me do it.”

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