I’ll just come right out and say it: all I think about is the man sausage.

I don’t know how I’ve managed to hide it from you guys for so long. More than a year ago, I figured a good way to cover-up my homosexuality was to create a blog where I just write about women. It worked. Unfortunately a bit too well, because when I try to get it on with other gay men, they don’t believe that I’m really gay. They think I’m just trying to get content for my blog.

Proof of my staunch homosexuality:

Me and my Russian gay lover, before I dumped him

I like men. In fact, I’m with a man right now. His name is Javiar Gutierrez, and he is exotic and fun. Why else would you think I’m learning Spanish? I’m only doing it for my amor. The blog title change that you see above is indicative of big content changes on this blog. Finally I can stop pretending that I don’t care about style or eyebrow plucking.

Me = :gay:

P.S. I love Destiny’s Child.

19 thoughts on “I AM GAY

  1. Liz

    lamest april fool’s joke ever.

    at least you made the one about you porking a fat chick believeable…

  2. Joe

    It’s not like there weren’t foreshadowings on this very Blog… didn’t DCB write something about going into a club and being hit on by gay guys a few weeks ago… (i refer y’all to the story with the shot of the bathroom).

    OK, DCB, I suggest you contact DC At-Large Councilman David Catania to coordinate your coming-out gala!

  3. CornCob

    You’re all tools.

    Instead of calling out DCB for an april fools prank, you should just keep quite and not ruin the joke for some of the unsuspecting readers. Tools.

  4. Joe

    I heard DCGB will be opening a new gay nightclub in DC…. to be called DCGBGBs. Film at 11.

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