Next time you are near two girls, pay attention to their loud conversation for one minute. Nine times out of ten they are talking about guys, analyzing every minutiae of every encounter and every conversation. Instead of looking at the big picture between men and women and doing something useful with it (like entertaining thousands of people through a blog), girls just zero in on some stupid situation and beat it to death, asking their very inexperienced friends for advice on how to live life.

I could care less what girls talk about, but when I’m sitting in the bookstore reading The 33 Strategies of War, the last thing I need is to hear how Chad didn’t call you when he said he would, or how Thaddeus got you a non-romantic gift for your birthday. The only time sitting next to two girls in a bookstore or coffeeshop is tolerable is when they are speaking a foreign language.

Guys sometimes talk about girls to brag or discuss tactics. :hump:
Girls always talk about guys to analyze, whine, complain, cry, and seek validation. :boring:


  1. freckledk

    It’s called Manalyzing, and I wish that I weren’t guilty of doing it, but I am. I try to limit mine to emails and phone calls, however. No one needs to hear that.

  2. Jay Gatsby

    But why “manalyze” at all? Most women can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to relations with men, and vice-versa. Analyze emotionally-charged situations with logic will only lead to disappointment and frustration.

  3. freckledk

    For me, it’s about venting, not advice. Talking to my girlfriends about a problem usually helps me to see that it’s not really a problem at all. I feel better, and the boyfriend doesn’t have to suffer through a discussion he really doesn’t want to have.

  4. C

    Nah…that’s only half the time. The other half, if not more than half, of their time is used to talk shit about just about every other girl they know.

  5. Jay Gatsby

    “…and the boyfriend doesn?t have to suffer through a discussion he really doesn?t want to have.”

    It’s amazing how many women do this, namely, asking their boyfriends/husbands for advice when all they really want is someone to listen and validate their often warped viewpoint of a particular situation.

  6. Urban Butterfly

    I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I have to agree with you somewhat. “Girls” overanalyze the crap that men do or say. Women don’t. Women have the ability and maturity to confidently articulate to a man her wants and needs (most). And real women discuss tactics on how to train their men.

  7. Sweatpants

    I like the fact that that book “He’s Just Not That Into You” came out. I haven’t read it, but I like how some of these Manalyzing sessions get abruptly cut off when one of the people participating utters those magic words. It’s amazing that that book had to come out for some women to realize that it’s possible for a man to not like them, but there you have it.

  8. Jay Gatsby

    “It?s amazing that that book had to come out for some women to realize that it?s possible for a man to not like them, but there you have it.”

    Then the topic of discussion turns to “What’s wrong with me? Why doesn’t he like me?”

  9. KassyK

    Girls don’t always do that…And believe me I’ve heard my fair share of whiny guys talking about why girls aren’t into THEM. And hey–like you said…if you want to discuss…blog. Lol. For me I blog to vent as well and not for advice and I keep it anon. That’s what my inner voice is for anyway–advice and intuition…who really takes advice from their friends?? 😉

  10. Anonymous

    I think any conversation about a guy named Thaddeus would be interesting in its own right…

  11. Anonymous

    I have heard plenty of guys whine, overanalyze, complain, cry, etc. And then wonder why the can’t get a second date. And then…whine some more.

    It’s just a part of some people’s personality, and eventually, they either find someone or give up.

  12. Zodiacgirl1

    Can’t you move to another table if you don’t want to hear it???
    Advice is what you ask for when you already know the answer but wish you didn’t.

  13. Jay Gatsby

    “And believe me I?ve heard my fair share of whiny guys talking about why girls aren?t into THEM.” — KassyK

    Does that mean they’re BETA? Were any of them wearing a headband? ;-P

  14. T.

    Woman talk about problems to vent, men don’t talk about problems unless it’s to get to the bottom of a solution. That’s why man/woman conversations tend to go wrong so much. Both sides are looking for something different in the convo. I remember when my first girlfriend always bugged me to come to her with problems. I’d do it and she’d just respond with “Awww, it’ll be okay.” I was like “that’s it? Give me a solution.” She’s come to me with a problem and I’d start analyzing all the possible solutions and she’d get mad. “I don’t want you to brush it off with a solution, I want to vent and have my feelings validated.” There’s pluses and minuses to both approaches. There’s a lot of subtle things women pick up that guys are oblivious to due to their endless analyzing.

  15. Wendy

    Yep, it’s true. But we have to bitch about men to somebody or we would lose our minds. But, at the bookstore…I would want to YELL shut the ef up!

  16. brown cow

    You should get noise cancelling headphones and turn them on whenever you see girls talking.

  17. anon

    Many women just talk about men for pure entertainment. Why do you think people say that half of the fun of sex is talking about it? Once a woman find a quality man, she is alot less likely to gab about him for hours on end because she is fulfilled by her relationship and does not have to depend on her gossip sessions with her girlfriends to keep her happy.

  18. Jane A

    Word, anon.

    The more insecure you feel in a relationship, the more validation and anyalyzing you need. What’s wrong with that? The only thing is never complain or bitch about being the other women and asking why your man does not leave their wife/girlfriend. No sympathy will be waiting here for you.

    All the women I know in long term steady relationships almost never complain or bitch but have a real problem to discuss.

  19. Joe

    Also interesting the differences in status symbols. Men find cars and greener grass to be status symbols; women find water bottles and pearl necklaces. Also, is it just the DC area where women are using Victoria Secrets bags as purses and is it that some sort of fad/status symbol?

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