I was changing in the gym locker room the other day when it hit me like a sack of red potatoes: blogs are ruining my life.

By the end of college I hardly turned on the TV except for Seinfeld or Simpsons reruns. With all that free time I started reading books on my own free time, something I’ve never done before. I like to think that the several dozen books I read helped me become the knowledgeable man you love reading today. Then two years ago blogs started getting more popular and much of my reading time was shifted to the internet, catching up on the latest celebrity nipple slip or funny video of someone getting severely hurt. I was basically substituting the latest Malcolm Gladwell for People magazine.

The thing that is great about blogs is that reading them doesn’t make you feel like a loser. It’s an active process and you get to pick and choose the information you want to absorb. It’s not like watching TV where you sit there like a zombie and absorb whatever marketers want to throw at you. But unfortunately you still are a loser, because you are dedicating a good portion of your time to gaining trivial knowledge, to becoming a hit at old people’s parties. Blogs sap your will and demotivate you, because why go out and experience the world when you get the world’s knowledge at your fingertips? Other than a few select sites, cutting at least 50% of your blog reading can only improve your life.

34 thoughts on “I HATE BLOGS

  1. seenster

    Thank GOD someone agrees with me. I just recently came to that conclusion – so I started reading again. Mao Tse-Tung.

    Things will eventually come full circle. Books are the new blogs. Libraries are the new Google News.

  2. CatCiao

    A recent study concluded that men are less hygienic than women: 94 percent of women say they wash their hands in the bathroom, while only 90 percent actually do, and just 88 percent of men claim to wash their hands, while only 75 percent actually do.

    I love to read books.

  3. sara

    I love reading books and blogs (some of them). I’ve had to cut down a lot on my blog reading though, because of my new job… I miss it (sigh) sometimes. Though, most of the time I’m happy that I’m so much more productive now.

  4. Jinxy

    My God. I was having the exact same thought as I scanned through dozens and dozens of awful blogs while watching the clock click down to 5:30.

    Blogging tried to ruin my life once. Now it’s trying to do it again.

    What a slimy bastard it be.

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