Girls can be weird sometimes; three months you don’t hear from them and then all of a sudden they are on your nuts wanting to hang out. This would pose a problem because I like to keep my cell phone free of unused numbers.

I’d run into a girl whose number I just deleted and she’d go, “I really want to hang out!! Call me.” I think to myself, ‘Fuck I gotta use my lame excuse again.’
“Um, my phone broke, what’s your number again?”

That would work well the first time, but you’d delete her number again eventually and boom, like a zombie she comes back from the dead wanting to suck you..r brains out. I can’t use the same excuse so I just tell her to call me. For the next week when I answer the phone from unknown numbers I have a fake conversation until I figure out who it is. I don’t want her feelings to get hurt when she realizes that I’m not serious about keeping in touch with her. I’m all about the feelings.


  1. James

    Yeah, I’m all about the feelings too…feeling the booty, the fun bags, et cetera.

    This reminds me of Swingers, how they never call you back until you stop caring about them; there’s the rub.

  2. Kanan

    LOL your funny..man..BTW is she hot?? (like the jessica simpson look alike AKA bitchy girl or the other girl in ur sorso club pics… with a blue top and long hair..shes so FRIGGGIN hot..sorry to sound like an amatuer stalker)

  3. Kanan

    check the maxim pics(jan 30)@sorso..shes got a turquoise top and you got red T in one of the pics

  4. DCB Post author

    oh T. she’s a very cool white girl. been going out with one of my friends for a long time.

    james: yeah i thought doing that picture would be funny but it has been haunting me.

  5. James

    I think it’s the hair pulling and the look on your face. Kinda went from a joke to a “boy, he must be into it” thing 🙂

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