This page is going to go through an identity crisis for the next couple months until I figure out what I want to focus on. The old site was half dating tips and stories and the other half random observations and fun links or news. Since this site is called “DC” Bachelor, I think I may want to give some time to the fake yuppie scene around here. I just don’t want to page to be about so many different things that people need to sift through posts to find something they like to read about. Also I haven’t decided what name I’m going to use, DCB or DJ Rocking Horse.

I have made my Cicada video a “Feature” and put it on this page. I’m pretty impressed with the dedication I put into making it, but then I wonder why I was so dedicated. Eight months later no one cares about the cicada’s anymore. 🙁

60 thoughts on “IDENTITY CRISIS

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