Turns out I am way ahead of yet another trend. In September I wrote,

I haven?t met a man who liked to shave, for as a gender we?re not born with the urge to get rid of our body hair. We do it because society tells us that an unshaven face is not acceptable. The line between what is masculine and feminine is becoming so blurry that solely feminine acts only a decade ago, such as eyebrow plucking, are now practiced by both genders. I wish for the day when I can go to the beach with my little brothers and we can all be proud of our full hair coverage, while making fun of the American men who not only bring a razor to their face, but to their body as well.

When you have a mustache by age 11, you prepare yourself for a future masculinity that dominates all other men.

On March 23 an article in the New York Times said,

On city streets, too, trends in scruff have reached new levels of unruliness, a backlash, some beard enthusiasts say, against the heightened grooming expectations that were unleashed with the rise of metrosexuality as a cultural trend. Men both straight and gay, it appears, want to feel rough and manly.


Too bad they are neither. Trend followers are lucky that facial hair pioneers such as myself have made it easier for women to accept their new look.

Typical girl: “Can you shave your facial hair… it’s making my chin red.” :redface:
DCB: “Sorry can’t do that. I’m a real man, and I don’t take requests.”
Typical girl: :sob:

I think I’ll bring the mustache back this summer… because I feel like it.

(Still :laugh: at white boys who shave their chest.)

28 thoughts on “I’M A TRENDSETTER

  1. Aja

    Uh, so question: Is it possible to be allergic to someone’s beard? Or is that its just to coarse?

  2. Irina

    Ummmm ok, sometimes, when a guy is not shaved…it kinda hurts…if you know what I mean.

    I also get weirded out at guys who shave their chests and their down-there region. It’s bizarre.

  3. Anonymous

    I too stopped shaving last Oct…for the pure reason of lazyness…every month or so I shave it down to stubble…but since summer is coming and every fucking celeb is trying to look scuffy…ass-clown america idol guy…think its time to break out the razor again…but no way in hell am I every going shave the shaggy chest hair I have had since i was 14

  4. Tep

    I’ve had a beard for 3 years and can’t imagine life without it. It has come in handy on many occasions.

    Pirates, lumberjacks and Civil War generals.

  5. me

    DCB: your claim to being “manly” is being undermined by your extensive use of these lame smilies. That being said, I myself like a guy w/ a little facial hair. Like Sweet said though, the back hair has GOT to go. that is unexpectable. And shoulder hair too, and overly excessive chest hair should be seen to as well. I want to make out with a man, not a monkey!

  6. i hate pubes

    hit the gym and get yourself a nice body, then maybe you’ll shave your ape fur off to display your body.

  7. chicgirl

    There was a radio show on this morning. Said the optimal way to attract pumas, cougars and jaguars is to grow a moustache. Is that the trend you are setting??:)

  8. RCR

    Troll Army, why are you asking people about my genitals? Are you that in love with me? The real reason I shave my pubes is because your mom kept getting hairs stuck in the back of her throat, and all the hacking was very disruptive to the blowjob.

  9. O-face

    Whats accepted practice for the balls??? Does that get shaved or does that stay??? I’m confused. So many rules, so little time.

  10. CornCob

    btw, meaning to get back to you in email, but the comment section is now working w/ firefox versions 1.0.3 and below (i.e. the version on my computer) so no need to go through proxies anymore (3/4 the time the proxy was blocked)

  11. CornCob

    so I suspect more people will be commenting. not sure what you did to the page, but it’s fixed

  12. hedonist

    The man who turns me on the most (well, today at least) also happens to be the hairiest. When he shaves his back hair I get all mad.

    And any man’s goatee sets my shriveled dark heart all aflutter. Go figure.

    But, still. A little consideration is in order; if the girl you like respectfully asks you to shave because it hurts her (anywhere), and you refuse, then SHE has the right to STOP SHAVING HER LEGS and RUB UP AGAINST YOU AT NIGHT with those legs, and if you don’t like it, tough shit.

    Fair is fair, yes?

  13. jessa j

    ahem o-face – as an expert on all things genitals i say please do not shave your mayonnaise coconuts.

    Lonnie Bruner: since when does a beard get you out of the “chore” of giving oral sex? Irina, you think it “hurts” – I say it can only enhance.

    seriously what are you people doing?

    I’ve been screaming this at parties since college: “EVERYBODY, LET’S BEARD!”

  14. nabeel

    so I better find myself a girl who likes hairy men, like me.

    I can’t help the fact that I’m middle eastern and hairy. I’ll shave my facial hair, but neck down is off limits! Tough shit for those of you who don’t like back hair!

  15. JP

    Beards rarely if ever look good. My dad was a lawyer who used to make all of the employees of the company he worked for shave facial hair before they testified in court because studies have been proven to show that facial hair makes people think you have something to hide– and by and large people who do have facial hair DO HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE. You rarely see good looking men grow a beard for a long period of time; however, the first guys to grow one are the guys with a receding chin or extreme acne scarring. I realize this isn’t true for every guy– but the trend makes people subconsciously assume you are hiding something.

    Also- beards make you look older. This may be cool now when you are 27, but when you are in your thirties, I doubt you will want to look like you’re in your 40s or 50s. The man who car really pull of a beard is rare– Tom Selleck for example, or maybe that TV detective Poirot, but the reality is that on most men– facial hair does not look good.

  16. Lonnie Bruner

    Jessa asked me: “since when does a beard get you out of the ‘chore’ of giving oral sex?”

    For me it does. Trust me. Here’s a picture of me with a beard. Would you want that shit scratching between your thighs? I think not.


  17. Ryunosuke Akutagawa

    If DCB is a trend setter, then I guess the next “big thing” will be getting gang-banged by Pakistani cab drivers.

    Turkey tastes better airtight. It locks in the juices.

    …so I’m told. *ahem*

  18. Anonymous

    don’t worry nabeel, you’ll find one. i for one think middle eastern men are very sexy, and hairy is sexy as well. i feel bad for the men who feel they have to shave their manfur; that has got to ITCH

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