Libby most likely to be indicted.

Isn’t it the conservatives who campaign on bringing morality and ethics into government? Poor Republicans. They were so close to making the Democrats irrelevant, but they had to go and blow it by breaking these things called laws (DeLay, Frist, Cunningham, etc).

Let’s recap American politics today:

Blow job… cause for impeachment

Outing a covert CIA agent and making up reasons to go to war… not so much.

Prediction for the future: Bush freaks out, starts drinking again. Gets the munchies while drunk, but this time the pretzel takes him out. Dick Cheney takes over, but his ticker finally gives out after his 9th coronary bypass surgery. Say hello to your new President.

POSTSCRIPT: Libby indicted.


20 thoughts on “THE INDICTMENT POST

  1. C

    Very original Holiday. Most people use that line for Cheney, but it’s just as funny in this context.

    ps. nobody cares what you sing about ever.

  2. Phil

    Not to mention, Bush’s drug of choice is coke. I think he is more likely to try and fly from the roof of the White House than choke on a pretzel.

  3. Some lawyer


    Everyone knows it’s the crazy acid, not blow, that gives one the irresistable urge to jump off a roof. Cokeheads tend more to become high-rolling stockbrokers. Common drunks with well-connected fathers settle for becoming President.

  4. Lonnie Bruner

    The reason they’re not impeaching Bush is because Bush didn’t leak the shit. If he had, they’d surely start proceedings against him.

    You can’t indict an elected politician, ie, Cheney & Bush. An indictment of an elected official is called an “impeachment”.

  5. Anonymous

    Don’t think that any impeachment will pass with the Republican-controlled Congress. Spoils of war, friends. They follow like fucking sheep, but for a select few.

  6. Mark

    Just a friendly reminder…Clinton only avoided indictment through a plea deal with a special prosecutor. It wasn’t about sex, but sexual harassment. Lest you forget, both of the young women, Paula Jones and Monica L, were employees.

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