When I posted the DCB internship position, I did not expect to receive an avalanche of applicants. I selected one person after screening through dozens and dozens of emails and photos. Her name… Sally.

Sally lives in DC. She is 23, smart, funny, and most importantly, very cute. In our two-and-a-half hour “interview,” I asked her impossibly hard questions that she nailed with an elegance I have not seen in years, such as, “If you could anonymously hate on any blogger, who would it be?” I’m not a hype machine, but I have no doubt that the shock-waves created by her presence will be felt as far away as Baltimore. She will be making her debut shortly.

8 thoughts on “INTRODUCING SALLY

  1. jessa j

    :love: i’m glad to see you took my interview advice to heart

    sally – hope it wasn’t too harsh for you – but i want nothing but the best for my little bachelor man

  2. o-face

    This brawd better be hot. Otherwise her words are meaningless. Matter of fact the only time I read a chicks blog is because I have a small Hannibal Lechter thing for em. But yeah, flash some chest and ass, and blog away.

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