Check newsstands this week for the premiere issue. Here’s the cover:


  1. Aja

    This could be a hot seller. You should price at $4.99 or so. Also include your drawings and at least one porn review. Let me know if I may assist.

  2. new p

    i’ve seen those pictures you have posted of yourself – being the open blogger that you are. are you sure you’re qualified for that particular brand of fashion advice?

  3. LaLa

    Love-o-meter tippin’ the scales today on my love-hate relationship with reading DCB. Better than the yawnfest they’ve got going on at the CPMC’s “best practices” department.

  4. The Senator

    Why new p DCB is perfectly great for fashion advice. Look at us we all wear our Polo’s and Khakis while we prance around Dupont Circle. :gay:

  5. RCR

    Oh, wow, those fake senator comments just never get old. It was soooo funny the first thousand times, and IT’S STILL FUNNY. Oh my, what a hoot. I’m in stitches, really.

    Insipidly dumb comments aside, this was a great post.

  6. seenster

    I think giving the CPMC the CP Boys Club moniker is still giving them too much credit, you enabler you.

    Beautiful post DCB.

    FYI: Age of consent is 16 in the DC. DC Law ? 22-4101, paragraph, uh, 3…I think.

  7. Chase

    I think the title for your magazine should be:

    DC Bachelor – I’m single, I’m insensitive and I’m going to blame my issues on American women because they won’t date me.

  8. Anonymous

    I think a more appropriate title would be

    DC Bachelor: I like to come up with pseudo-controversial rants and graphics so that people will pay attention to me.

    Really?this is getting a little desperate.

  9. DCB Post author

    “Really?this is getting a little desperate.”

    your first monkey comment on my site was in june. you read me everyday… multiple times. you care about me, my thoughts, and my opinions.
    i bring entertainment into your obviously boring existence. who is the desperate one again? you have just one IP, so banning you would be very easy.. and enjoyable.

    and chase, you’re really close to the ban as well. i don’t care for your constantly negative comments and i don’t remember when you’ve written something intelligent here. IF YOU DONT LIKE ME, DONT READ ME. your obsession with me is scary

  10. Sudamericana


    As hard as I try, I really do not understand people who complain about somebody craving for attention while at the same time they give him such attention by not only reading, but also commenting on his blog.

    It doesn’t make much sense to me.

  11. Sudamericana

    DCB, seems you read my mind. I read your comment just seconds after submitting mine. I couldn’t agree more.

  12. seenster

    Thank you, RCR. I can barely read much less research legal documents. And I plargarized my way through college.

    If you can’t playa hate nice, don’t playa hate at all.

  13. Chase

    First of all, I have made positive/neutral comments on your blog, DCB.
    I have even commented on how much I enjoy your blog…despite the fact that I don’t always agree with your opinions.
    However, if you feel the need to ban me because I don’t consistently agree with you…then that is your perogative.
    I just find it interesting that you want to ban people that don’t sing your praises all the time.
    But like I said, it’s your blog…do as you must.

  14. Chase

    Oh and for the record:
    I never said that I didn’t like you blog…quite the contrary.
    Also, I am not obsessed with you,(Please). Your blog is one of many that I frequent. I comeback often because 1.) I am interested in what you are blogging about. 2.) I enjoy reading the comments. 3.) I read blogs to pass the time at work and yours is in my rotation.

  15. Mattb79

    Don’t lie fuckin’ dood. I don’t believe for a second that you are publishing a periodical, this is meant to be funny right? I’ll believe you when I can order a subscription, otherwise this is a joke right!??! Either put up or shut up. Who’s your publisher?

  16. Johnny5

    She says: ?um. yeah. try again.”
    What she really means: ?You’re a true genius of comedy, god I’m wet”

  17. Anonymous

    dcb’s tiny fragile ego will not permit non-praising comments. he likes controversy only when it takes the form of people sucking up to him. he bans critics, but allows sick bastards who talk about women like a rapist would to stay. fitting, I guess, for a controlling guy who threatens to ban even those who like him for posting one critical remark . . . but only after humiliating them first.

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