Well it is official: I have back hair. I was checking myself out in the gym the other day and noticed two very distinct patches that look like leopard spots. And my neck hair is now neck, shoulder, and upper back hair. I think I’ve mentally prepared myself because it’s not bothering me. Besides, by the time a girl knows of my gorilla status, she will already have made the decision on whether to have sex with me, or sex would have already happened (unless of course I meet her on a beach). How else would it change my life? :paranoid:

Future projection of my back in five years.

A woman who doesn’t appreciate full rug coverage is a woman who can’t handle a real man. Let her have the white boys who have abnormally low testosterone levels. I’m not an endocrinologist, but I think it’s safe to say that hairy men are probably more likely to be huge.

18 thoughts on “IT HAS ARRIVED

  1. new p

    you’ll be able to do one long french braid from you head down your hairy neck, then down your back to your ass. maybe you can tie up the end with beads and have a tail. hot.

  2. Matt

    Get laser hair removal now while it’s limited to just your upper back; I waited too long and now it will cost me thousands of dollars.

  3. Sam

    Just don’t wax it. Or if you opt to wax it, wax it regularly enough that no girl knows you wax it. Nothing like finding out a guy is high-maintance. Such a turn-off.

  4. Peter North

    why, I meant the country, of course, wer people trink cognac, hev burly mustach, and perform acrobatics on horses.
    Roush, ma’man, this is the first stage of your metamorphosis. One fine morning you’ll wake up like Hugh Jackman in X-men and you will finally become a human-animal hybrid, that missing link president Bush was talking about.

  5. Whatever

    Hair on a man’s back is kind of like hair on a woman’s lip. Very unattractive and nasty. Get that shit waxed.

  6. chicnotshady

    i have a question – will there hair continue to grow down the back or stay on the upper back?

    I kissed a guy who shaved and you could tell (scratched and just felt bad). I would rather have some hair on the upper back personally….

  7. jd

    I have a few mutant hairs myself. I don’t necessarily think it means you will turn into the werewolf. Besides a guy without hair on his body looks like a boy. And there is something far more powerful about a man than a boy.

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  9. Stephen Watson

    How come we have a world where what’s normal on a man is a problem to be dealt with expensive electrolysis? In the 70s hairy was in, now it’s not. In the 80s big hair was in, now it’s not. Loads of men have a ‘baldness problem’ (are you listening Elton?) while the hot guys (well, to a lot of people) now are having a number 0 crop cut when they go to the barbers!

    You guys that think our friend here should shave his leg hair? Arm air? Head hair? Why? Why not? Please try and see past the fashion magazines, depilitary cream manufacturers and so on. What you’re really saying is that natural is unnatural that nature’s just got it so wrong and a man should not have a hair anywhere on his body.

    So, here’s to your back hair and anywhere else for that matter. Long may it grow and flourish – if that’s what it’s going to do.

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