I knew it was the end when I agreed with some of the hater comments written throughout this site. My main grievance, which I’ve held for some time now, is that I don’t like it when a person’s private words and public words don’t match. Profession of love for all women while making snide comments on some of their blogs? Criticizing my opinions in public while you make the same ones (or worse) in private? Of course, time goes on… I will continue offering deep analysis about cultural reality, while they will have exciting photos from the latest happy hour featuring mens pants.


  1. The Senator

    Well DCB it is very interesting that you feel this way. Perhaps you need a young lady to court. Courting and being a gentleman is very rewarding. Cause you can bang them crap out of them like whores. But do not forget to bring them chocolates the next day or else you wont get to bang them again.

  2. inSOMnia

    tic toc finaly you have spoken the truth. Your sins have now been forgiven!!! Its about time you got that off your chest

  3. Chase

    I often disagree with you DCB, but I found your ability to spark debate with your blog fascinating. You are thought-provoking, controversial, honest, and fun to challenge. I have enjoyed your blog immensely.

  4. Sudamericana

    I don?t entirely get it? is this the end of your blog????????????

    Please don?t make coming to work even more boring than it is for me by denying me the smile you put on my face every morning 🙁

    I find hope in the words ??I will continue offering deep analysis about cultural reality??

  5. DCB Post author

    This is a read-between-the-lines post about ending my link relationship with CPMC. I had to make a clean cut. The blogging must go on

  6. Phil

    I wouldn’t care. I am such a whore for publicity that I would welcome anyone’s comments, good or bad on my blog. I always have the choice to delete them. There is no such thing as bad press.

  7. VP of Dior

    Not that I prefer people who are two-faced, but
    just because you’re honest about your thoughts doesn’t make what your’re saying OK. Let’s look at Pat Robertson. He clearly has strong, deranged opinions. Like oh, assasinating world leaders and blaming lesbians for Florida’s hurrincanes and such. Now, just because he says it and is upfront doesn’t make it better.

    I’ve read your blog many times and apparently just missed meeting you at Mr. Smith’s HH a few weeks ago. I’m still crying over that. Many of your posts on women I do not agree with, and if I hadn’t seen a picture of you I would have thought you were an international playboy of the likes of Fabian Basabe. Clearly you are not. But you are entitled to your opinion. As long as you recognize that maybe you come off as a supreme asshat, then open dialogue may continue.

  8. kanan

    the Carrie Bradshaw wannabees (Read the above).
    Fabian Basabe?? stupid ass boy who wears makeup??LOL

  9. Eugenius

    oh my f….. lord…this comment should be the perfect example why women should not use their tiny brains….the skank (VP of Dior) that gives us all permission to think and speak “open dialogue may continue”…. because it is only when her standards are met and her lame point is heard theat we can continue communicating…..

    “as long as you realize that you come off as a supreme asshat”…….wow (what a dumb remark by a flaky bitch)……dont strain your brain too hard in trying to make a point, all you do is provide us MEN with constant ammunition/proof that all females should not speak/write/or for that matter open their mouth other than for breathing purposes (and oh yeah… something else that you will probably never see in your life anyways).

    To top the list you bash someone on their look or what their opinions are….you are probably one of those superficial DC bitches think they are hot shit and thier opinion matters when all we want to do is bang you……well probably not you because if you were even slighly attractive you wouldnt “COME OFF AS SUCH A DESPERATE/I WANT ATTENTION/WHY CANT I GET LAID? biaaaatch..

    Rule #1 (hotwire this into your brain) never try to get your point across by stepping on others YOU WILL GET RUN OVER YOURSELF”…so lame….get a life…

    I cant believe DCB doesnt unleash on these fakers…….cant stand these people trying to speak out when they have nothing to say…..

  10. VP of Dior

    Wow. I was just stating my opinion and encouraging DCB to take a good look at himself while thinking about why people have such strong reactions to him. Nothing wrong there.

    Eugenius, after I got past the bad grammar and overuse of capitalization in your post I’ve come to the conclusion that I hit some kind of nerve. Yeah you are sticking up for your boy, but there’s no reason to make assumptions about me that aren’t true. Have you even read my blog? Judging by the copious use of the word “probably” in your post I’m going to say you have not read my blog or seen what I look like. I have never claimed to be hot shit.

    Does being a cyberspace bully make you feel big? I could make the assumption that you live at home and drive a Festiva and look like an Ewok – but I’m going to take the high road here.

    I apologize for the comment on DCB’s looks compared with Fabian Basabe – but I’m not going to mince words here when I say that a guy who talks so much shit about how he expects women to act and look better be pulling his own weight in the hottie department. (*Disclaimer- just because a guy is good-looking doesn’t mean he can treat you like crap, but that in its self could be a whole other post).

    Everyone needs to chill out. Like I said before -everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  11. kanan

    It’s funny how we are all socially programmed to believe that the guy has got to be good looking to get a GF of similar attributes but we can see all around us, that this is not the case. For eg: Before Jolie hooked up with Pitt she was married to Billy Bob who could be easily mistaken to be a serial molester if he had a beard. I could point out a 100 other cases but I have made my point.

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