Almost everything in life can be whittled down into two categories. The first are “diversions” from being reminded of the mortality of life. Things like leisure, religion and hobbies fit here. The second deals with the “tension” created by the different jobs of the man and woman.

The job of the man is to have sex with as many women as possible until he breeds with a genetically superior woman. Many men fail this job. They are beta males, basement boys, nice guys, etc.

The job of the woman is to protect her hole for as long as possible until she is able to seduce a man with superior resources. Many women fail this job. They are whores, spinsters, cat ladies, etc.

In a free-market economy, these two jobs create a trillion dollar industry. Clubs/bars, expensive clothing, cars, diamonds, mansions, gourmet restaurants, cosmetics, anything luxury, plastic surgery, etc.

These things exist because men are trying to complete their job and woman are trying to complete theirs. Men buy the BMW to attract a notch, a wife. And a materialistic woman learns to desire expensive items because it forces her to find a resourceful man that can continue providing these items. And eventually, stability. For a woman, wouldn’t it be easier for her if she was well-trained in identifying money? This is why every woman knows how much your entire outfit costs.

A world of opportunity is created…

The male player takes advantage of the failure of both sexes to complete their jobs. He is in business because men are buying porn instead of taking social risk. He is getting nonstop notches because many women did not learn to protect their hole.

The female golddigger uses seduction and manipulation to hook a man who could get someone with better genetics. She uses emotions and human weakness to do her job, to supplant a more deserving woman.

The businessman sells a pop-psychology book or opens a dating consultant business to inspire success where only failure exists. The club owner builds an empire on creating a place that brings the two failed sexes together. You will not do poorly with a business that overestimates the desire of both sexes to achieve genetic success.

Until you die, this very dynamic will be one of the most principal forces in your life. Your relationships, you friendships, your appearance, your personality, and your desires are all tied into that very strong genetic component to do your job. Few of us will succeed. But most everyone will come close.

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  1. imstilldreaming

    REALLY? Do you REALLY believe all of that is true? Maybe when we were still Cro-Magnons it was as simple as males-spread the seed, females-secure the resources, but you’re ignoring one huge difference between Cro-Magnons and Homo sapiens: Higher ordered thinking. The ability to reason, control impulses, regulation and expression of emotion. Perhaps the notch and golddigging game -is- a reality for the majority of the population, as you point out, there are billion dollar businesses built on that premise. I personally don’t know anyone that hollow and am grateful for it. I’ve mentioned before that I make 3 times as much money as my fiance makes. I don’t care. I’m not going to marry him so that he can support me financially. I didn’t go to college to find a husband, I went to get an education so I can have a job that fulfills my life and so I can support myself. Women that are chasing men to find one who will support them forever are lazy and selfish and continuing the myth that women are incapable and dependent. Men who are continually chasing the notch may be having fun now, but when they hit their 40s, they will be sad and alone, mocked by all as the ‘dirty old man’. If that’s as high as you can aim for your life, go for it. I for one refuse to accept that it is my ‘job’ to manipulate and trap men for money. That’s disgusting.

  2. KassyK

    While I do agree with DCB on a lot of these points…strangely…I also think its scary the idea that there is no middle ground mentioned. There are plenty of nongolddigging women and nonnotch-only chasing men.

    The key is for both sexes to open themselves up to finding it and being ok with not being perfect or in this mold of what it is our “job” to be.

    I refuse to believe that life is that cut and dry and that emotions and relations that shallow. I am not that way and I know a lot of people of both sexes that are not as well.

    But hey, maybe I’m naive?


  3. Son of Jor-EL

    I’ll be in town for the premiere of my biographical movie…Superman Returns, your all invited.

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    2. Why is Lois not giving up the ass to the greatest man alive????

    3. I suspect Jimmy Olsen is gay….Dude stares at my pecs way too hard.

    I say it goes like this
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    so i rocked some vicious rhymes like i never did before
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    i said by the way baby what’s your name
    said i go by the name of lois lane
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    flyin through the air in pantyhose
    he may be very sexy or even cute
    but he looks like a sucker in a blue and red suit
    i said you need a man who’s got finesse
    and his whole name across his chest
    he may be able to fly all through the night
    but can he rock a party til the early light
    he cant satisfy you with his little worm
    but i can bust you out with my super sperm
    i go do it, i go do it, i go do it, do it , do it
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    go hotel motel what you gonna do today (say what)
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    everybody go hotel motel holiday inn
    you say if your girl starts actin up then you take her friend

  4. Jada

    That’s terrible. But unfortunately there is some truth to today’s post. ” :shudder: “

  5. Days of Broken Arrows

    Note to “imstilldreaming.” You cannot be more wrong about this sentence: “Men who are continually chasing the notch may be having fun now, but when they hit their 40s, they will be sad and alone, mocked by all as the ?dirty old man?.”

    Successful still-attractive single men in their 40s are THE hot property and sought after by women ages 20-60. Not all women, mind you. But a significant amount — and more women in their 20s than would like to admit get off on older guys. Any guy who dated in his twenties and then found himself back on the dating market around age 40 will find that the rules have dramatically changed and he now holds more power than he could have imagined.

    Guys in their 40s are like women in their 20s in terms of dating scene power. The feminized media hates this and tries to push “boy toys,” “tadpoling,” and “urban cougars” like they try to push other gender fantasies. The reality is different though.

  6. Bad at Life

    Great post. I think that the trillion dollar industry that you mention is the best evidence of your point. I’m sure there’ll be a pile of people hating on this post–but ironically they’re probably the ones dumping the most time and money into meeting members of the opposite sex.

  7. Johnny5


    People who miss the point of this post fail to understand that it has nothing to do with emotion, or how good a person you think you are. Ultimately, we are all still driven by behaviour. Emotions are the diversionary part of the equation DCB is talking about, they are how we rationalise our behaviour to ourselves.

    People are also selfish enough to make this all about them, when it’s about procreation.

  8. Guitar Wolf

    You’re certainly right that our biological drive is responsible for much of our behavior. How we go about fulfilling that drive is also determined in part by the society in which we live, i.e. the trillion dollar date industry. But do you REALLY feel that is all there is? I find that somewhat depressing. On the other hand I still believe in free will.

    Maybe I am just hopelessly clinging on to a bullshit romantic notion, but I still believe there can be a spiritual connection between two people that can transcend genetics and society. Not everyone gets to experience that of course.

    But for the most part, yeah, we’re slaves to our biological urges and what society tells us to do.

  9. Raincouver

    Editorial note: Cro-magnons were the first, archaic form of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, as opposed to the Homo Sapiens, which included the Neandertals, and some other contested subspecies.

    I am not an expert in hominids, but I do know that. Another interesting fact of human society: the more basic, the more egalitarian. We all needed each other to survive. Whereas with advanced societies, stratification rapidly develops which gives us the ability to build large cities and wage war.

    My point? Just as changes in technology have altered the roles of men (i.e. specialization), so have they altered the dynamics between men and women. And they will continue to do so. Thus I must disagree that the dynamic proposed by my most learned colleage, the DCB, shall remain in place until the day we die. The complexity and speed of these changes are extremely rapid in developed countries, and as I expect to die when I am 110 (good genes + PUBLIC Health Care), there will be equality achieved. Mark my words.

    Professor RC

  10. imstilldreaming

    Days of Broken Arrows: True. However, I’m sure that the number of men in their fourties that are ‘successful and still attractive’ are greatly overshadowed by the number who can’t pull it off and come off as ‘dirty old men’. I’m sorry, but if a 50 year old man was in a club hitting on me, I’d be creeped out. Even if he was attractive.

    Raincouver: Forgive me for leaving out the redundant second ‘sapien’. I believe my point was still clear.

    One last thought:

    Free will and the ability to control our impulses and make rational decisions is not a bullshit romantic notion.

  11. Pagan Marbury

    Why are women who enjoy sex for its own sake always labelled whores? Some girls pursue the notch, too, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Plus isn’t the goal of pursuing the notch NOT to spread your seed (get someone pregnant)?

  12. Twoste

    A beautiful woman can use me all she wants…I don’t mind playing gamma to her alpha.

  13. Heather

    Great post.

    Rational thought and free will aren’t a fairy tale but you have to take into account that we are still physical beings. Our biological urges are fundamental to the human experience. We sleep, we eat, we procreate. Society was built around making this easier and safer for people to do. We gave up foraging and learned agriculture. We observed sleep cycles and can give discourses on the effects of REM sleep on the body. We invented candlelit dinners and gym memberships to attract members of the opposite sex for procreation. Dating is the natural progression of the biological urge to pass on your genetic material. However far you are willing to take it is up to you and your free will.

  14. rebecca

    Yada, yada, yada. We’re all animals, we all just respond to our insticts. Yes we want to procreate, yes we do have animal instincts. But here’s the thing. While we still have the same urges we did centuries, millenia ago, we have evolved. Other people have mentioned free will; that definitely is a part of our evolution.

    Outside of evolution, not all male animals are driven to mate with as many females as possible. Several species mate for life. Biologically, it makes sense for males to stay around and make sure that their DNA survives, particularly in the case of humans who have a notoriously long gestation period, as well as weak younglings who are unable to protect themselves for years.

    Besides these things, the simple economic and psychological reasoning is vastly over-simplifying things. In many relationships, it is the woman who earns more than the man, negating his “providing for the family” role and her need to find someone who can provide. As for gourmet restaurants, all people like to eat. Some like to eat good food. The restaurants may be conducive to romance; they are also conducive to business deals. and people who like good food.

  15. Anonymous

    I encourage you all to read “The Inner Circle” by C.S. Lewis. And no, I’m not a bible thumping idiot. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    The primal motivator of humans, he argues, isn’t sexual urges or other Freudian memes. It’s fear. Fear of being outside whomever you’ve allowed to sit at your inner circle. It could be those people at the club, it could be your law school competitors, or whatever. The point is, every act we make is designed to get inside this neat little secret organization, because there is no fate more haunting and terrifying than exclusion.

    That’s why the “trillion dollar industry” exists. That’s why GWB is chasing his manhood in Iraq. That’s why I beat myself up for the longest time about not doing being on the whole grad school track, because those I perceived to be in the inner circle I wanted to join were doing that too.

    This is a good read, have at it:

  16. TC the Terrible

    Women will never be equal to men until they can
    walk down the street with a bald head and a beer
    gut, and still think they are sexy. And that’s all there is to say about that.

  17. Anonymous

    Truly, if this DCB kid’s head was to burst open hundreds of the little winged vaginas would come flying out.

  18. hedonistic

    There’s some research out there that demonstrated how as women achieve financial autonomy (i.e., the more money they make), the LESS they care how much money a guy has and the MORE they care about how physically attractive he is (I don’t believe character or personality played in this study).

    I wish I could provide a link. Anyway, if you want a girl who’s NOT a gold digger, stop checking your wallet and start working out! And if you’re a woman, GET A CAREER if you don’t have one already. Otherwise, male or female, you’re doomed to play out the ancient money-for-beauty exchange that’s been the standard for millenia, which means if you don’t have the goods you’re fucked (or, in this case, not!).

  19. John via Seattle

    taken right out of Leykis 101. Ever heard of the term “water seeps its own level”? Men who are successful, rich, and or famous all can AFFORD a woman who is a 9 or a 10 on a scale, and vice versa. Women who are really hot, generally don’t need to get a “job” b/c they can find a rich man who will take care of them.

    I find it interesting that Roosh is finally getting all of this, b/c I’ve been saying for the longest time that Leykis laid all this stuff down waaaaaaay back.

  20. Nabs

    NLP (neurolinguistic programming ? an alternative branch of psychology) states that it is the avoidance of pain and the gaining of pleasure are the two driving forces of humans. Usually our drive to avoid pain is greater than the drive to gain pleasure. This explains why we procrastinate – we avoid the pain of the work until the perceived pain is so great that we do the work, which is less pain than not doing the work…

    As for DCB?s said drives…I have a mixed opinion. Yes, these are the drives, yes there is a trillion dollar industry based on these drives, but the question is, how do you know if you have mated with the genetically superior woman? Since, it cannot be said that by simply meeting and getting to know a woman we will be able to tell of her genetics (because that would mean we would not need to mate with multiple women, we could just find that one superior one and have kids with her), it means that we must have kids with all the women we can get our hands on and then by looking at the kids, tell if we have achieved our goal. Furthermore, DCB, if this is what you feel is the point of life then you need to lose the condom and get the chick off of the pill. In other words, since very few women at this age will probably want to have kids just so that you can impregnate them and move on, you have to go find some drunken chicks, screw them without a condom and ditch. Of course, the problem is genetic testing. To overcome this, I recommend that you move to a third world nation that does not have the laws of America (child support, etc) and in which you can achieve you objective.

    Now if you are not willing to go to these lengths, it shows that you are simply spewing BS and you really do not feel this is the purpose of life…

    Though one thing, this is a great thing to say, because it can give you an excuse to carry out the pumping and dumping (which is fine, I do it as well).

  21. Anonymous

    Oh DCB, I long ago decided that you were a fucktard. I don’t think my opinion on that has changed. But what I have realized is that you’re a very entertaining fucktard. Why else would I read this stuff every day?

    Bully for you, DCB. Bully for you.

  22. Roissy

    nabs, sex evolved in service to procreation, not the other way around. we get our pleasure, and our motivations, from inserting penis into vagina, not from visualizing conception and waiting eagerly for a kid to pop forth.

    prophylactics like the pill work quite simply because they do NOT interfere with our evolved mechanisms.

  23. DCB Post author

    Nabs: i seek out genetically superior women for mating, yes. though impregnantion will be very detrimental to my lifestyle right now. I’m sure before i die the urge will be so great that i will give in.

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