I don’t like to publicly state when and where I go out (I wonder about some of you), but I’m announcing my intention to be at Kathryn’s happy hour tomorrow, which got me thinking…

I want to take part in a blogger elimidate. It would be me and the four hottest female bloggers (selection pending). We would go out to a bar and the girls would fight for my attention by doing things like flashing me their breasts or telling me how big my muscles are. There would be many DCB sandwiches on the dance floor. I would first eliminate the obvious attention whore, who just wants to win and probably would not want to have anything to do with me once the date is over. The second girl to go is the one who says stuff like she’s a lady and respects herself. After that I’d go purely on looks and age and pick the one that satisfies my more primal desires. Someone like this girl in the middle:

Just judging her from the picture you can tell she’s fun; someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously and isn’t afraid to take chances. Some of you girls need to chill out and get with the program.

19 thoughts on “KATHRYN’S HAPPY HOUR

  1. Kathryn

    …and Ms. Red Thong would be the attention whore who gets booted first, right? Or would that be the seemingly completely topless girl in the very back, behind the Suit?


  2. Sudamericana

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Great idea, DCB! Best post this week so far.

    Even if I had the privilege of making the hot four, I am pretty sure I would be the second one to be eliminated, so I?m gonna have to pass.

    Look forward to read all about the date in your blog though?and PLEASE include pictures of the DCB sandwiches on the dance floor :banana:

  3. Anonymous

    hmmm… i am beginning to see why your website gets some hate mail. how can you tell a girl if fun just because she is pretty, dancing and wearing a see-thru tube top?

  4. Liz


    If you want skanks, go to Powerplant in Baltimore on a Thursday night. And I’m sure Hammerjacks is just teeming with young barely legal Towson freshman and Jersey trash now, since the semester started a couple weeks ago.

  5. natty_g

    DCB…much like 50 Cent did to Ja Rule, you are absolutely killing the CMPC right now. This isn’t even a feud, it’s way too one-sided. The CMPC whines about a lack of intelligent commentary, when that’s what you give your readers daily. Keep up the good work.

  6. jessa j

    I’m up for selection. I heart elimidate. I was once even told long before I ever met/heard of you that we should get married.

    Fur Fur says hi.

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