I’m noticing a disturbing rise in attention whoring at the happy hours, and in response there is a more disturbing rise in male attendance. Last night, as the stalwarts of the blogging scene discussed things such as how I get girls back to my place in the suburbs, I was shocked to see the cheesiness of DC nightlife oozing its way into the blog nerd gathering. Please, if you are an amateur, stick to Friday nights at Dream. We already know you are going to quit your blog in a few months.

My blog experience tells me that if you put yourself out there like that in public, there will be blowback. I will enjoy it.

9 thoughts on “LAST NIGHT’S HAPPY HOUR

  1. tommy

    They’re both cute, but a tad bit young for my taste. I prefer women with the ability to grow pubic hair. Whether they shave it or not is their business.

  2. attention whore

    dang, i was certain it would be a girl fest. if i had known, i would have put on my nerd suit and walked on it.

  3. DCB Post author

    how many visits is that today.. a dozen? Keep trying though… your obession with me is flattering.

    me- :laugh:
    you- :bow: DCB

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