I was leaning on the bar, in the middle of it all, when I spotted two Latin girls who weren’t part of the happy hour, getting a drink. It was a little dark but both of them seemed pretty cute; even if I got the “dud” I would still be satisfied. I said something to the taller one and after a minute she said to me, “Oh I read your blog.” I complained to her that I shouldn’t have to work for her attention if she recognized me beforehand, but inside I really liked the fact that I have female readers worth hitting on.

Overall there were as many non-bloggers attendees as bloggers. It was great meeting people whose daily visits validate our attention whoring celebrations. I noticed that some readers took their sweet time introducing themselves, and I understand because the blogger girls can appear to be a rowdy, crazy bunch. Even I can’t keep up with them.

I remember back in the day when people would come to the happy hours because they heard it was a meat market. And it was: at each one there was at least one new pair who would meet and end up banging. But all the couples who wanted to bang already did so now it feels like we’re all old friends, I guess. I think it’s safe to say that the incestuous phase of the local blogging circuit has come to a quiet end, replaced by the drunken phase. I await the orgy phase.

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Special thanks to co-hosts V and Sally.

17 thoughts on “LHH RECAP

  1. Mandy

    Well, on behalf of the readers who couldn’t be there, the pics look amazing. I’m glad you had a good turnout.

  2. Blog-reading dork

    How come you never include Rusty from “Why I Hate D.C.” in your blog stuff? Granted he’s an overly-PC dork, but he’s still a D.C. blogger.

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