In a quest to find a suitable DC hangout, I am willing to try anywhere once. This Saturday it was Lima, a restaurant/lounge/night club that opened last month. At first I thought the name referred to the capital of Peru, but a friendly hostess told me it actually means lime. I’m going to have to disagree with her and state the true translation: “We make the weakest fucking drinks in all of DC, so you better bring some money you poser scum.” I was the designated driver but was still able to safely put down many many mixed drinks, including one bought by a not-so-ambiguously gay duo that my friend chatted up for two hours. He did get more drinks out of them than I did, but I passed to talk to a real woman. (Legal disclaimer: My BAC was under 0.08 according to the cops that pulled me over after I crashed into the median.)

Regardless of the drinks situation, me and my newly-gay friend ended up having a really good time, probably because there was no lame hip-hop and the 22-year-old ass humpers that go with it. The girls were friendly and there wasn’t much attitude. Lima is worth a visit if you don’t mind the international crowd with token white people thrown in (for color contrast).

In other social news, Kathryn is having a happy hour tonight.

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  1. Bobby

    This lounge is horrible, the bouncers are so sexist that they would let in my girlfriend and her friend and now let in me or my friends, even though we were dressed fine. I have never had this problem at any other club or lounge. I will never waste my time attempting to go in here again.

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