The Haters Happy Hour is no more. A new era begins…

Hosts: Me & Sally, Circle V

When: Thursday, October 19 @ 8PM

Where: Cafe Citron

Lovers at Citron… a long long time ago

I used to throw happy hours with my friend Insomnia. We lost interest after a while; I turned to DJ’ing and he got a girlfriend. But now the itch is back and V was the first person I asked to do this with me. Whenever I see her out, she’s always drinking and having a good time. She never makes drama. And of course no happy hour is complete without the lovely Sally. You haven’t lived until you see her awesome dance moves. :amused:

“Why is it called the Lovers Happy Hour?”

Oh, you’ll see. :hump:

13 thoughts on “LOVERS HAPPY HOUR

  1. hedonistic

    ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, THATS why DCBs writing has been so philosophical lately . . . he accidentally tripped over a woman’s humanity and . . . whee!

    Enjoy your fall.

  2. V

    Ah, love and happy hour–we’ve discovered the perfect combo.

    Sweet amore, with the body shot takin, lap dancin, girl-on-girl grindin, ass slappin togetherness that every little girl dreams will happen to her some day.

    Lovers Happy Hour: Where all your dreams come true.

  3. Dasha

    Sadly, I am back at that thing called college…however, I think with the help of DCB I can still write some good posts. I will be traveling to egypt and then studying for 4 months in Geneva…Im bound to have a few great stories and encounters.

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  5. uwhsuxmvem

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