Last night you witnessed the worst event live blogging in the history of blogging. Two updates? Weak. I’m sure I will figure out a more evil use for the remote blogging.

The happy hour had a lot of people who were nice and friendly. There was the poor NBC4 guy trying to get a scoop on the blog world for his mainstream media overlord, though only three years too late.

I met dcist_martin and he seems to be a reasonable guy with a sense of humor, which is surprising since he is internet corporate. Other dcist’ers fell over chairs to meet me. My new life goal is to beat dcist in terms of traffic, which is currently 14 times higher than mine (per day). To do this I will need to hire a dedicated team of two dozen individuals who don’t mind living in my guest room, typing away on old computers while subsiding on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This gig will pad your resume and help you get that next “new media” job.

Testimonial from Miss Metropolis,

“I believe that contributing on DCB is the best thing you can do for your career if you want to get that next new media job.”

The most interesting new blogger I met was The Countdown to V, who surprisingly exists. I thought she was a troll, but there she was being all virginal like.

1. She is cute. There are no physical defects, and while I didn’t have the opportunity to check out her body (not like I would anyway cause I’m not that kind of guy), it seems agreeable.

2. She is normal. She can hold eye contact and have a normal conversation, unlike many bloggers I’ve met.

The male gender has let her down. In 25 years there hasn’t been a man willing to step up and take care of business? Shame on us for letting this happen. I feel somewhat responsible for her virginity, so I gave one tip that I think may help: don’t tell a guy you go out with that you are a virgin. The response will probably lean towards the extremes, where he will either freak out and run away or he will get over-excited and start acting all weird.

Fun happy hour overall. Kathryn did an excellent job. We both had the opportunity to share our new project coming up, which will be unveiled shortly. It’s currently in beta.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve read other bloggers’ entries on the event at Mackey’s. It seems they all seemed to have a good time with the good company there. Why YOU didn’t seem to enjoy yourself is a mystery. Perhaps they have lower expectations, perhaps they’re not as self-centered.

    …it’s kind of like the issues you seem to have with women in the area…why IS IT that they all seem to be the problems and to have the problems? Seems to me you’re the common denominator.

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