I was unfortunate enough to catch The Michael Jackson Re-enactment on E last night. Most likely put together by a pornographic producer, this specials fills the publics insatiable desire for more cheesy Michael coverage.

Every “actor” is a funny looking version of their real-life counterpart: the defense lawyer looks like Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future and the 15 year old “child” looks like one of my 25 year old friends from college who still hasn’t sprouted any facial hair. Then you see the actor playing Michael Jackson with a prosthetic nose that looks like it’s about to fall off:

Television has officially hit rock bottom. It can?t get worse than this, except for John Stamos? new show (which wouldn’t have been so bad had they not tried to squeeze every comedic cliche used in television history into one 30 minute program). In between reenactment clips, the lawyer commentators prognosticate like they are presiding over a murder trial, probably wondering why they ever accepted a gig that is sure to take them back to ambulance-chasing cases.


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