Many of you have probably noticed that Cindy Sheehan’s protest against the Iraq war is featured very prominently in the news. Either you see footage of the massive camp outside Crawford, Texas or the conservative parrot heads doing everything they can to Swift Boat her out of the news (there is no doubt in my mind that their identical character assassination arguments come from the same faxed talking points memo). The reason why she is getting so much press time while other protests get only brief coverage is simply because she is a normal American.

I went to President Bush’s inauguration this past year and got to witness the most vocal protesters first hand. Most of them are hippie freaks who do not mirror the values of middle class America. They were young white people people with alternative clothing and red hair whose views are so far to the left that the only place they can get food and not hate themselves is from a university co-op. Or it is teenage pyro anarchists whose burning of the flag is for some reason seen as worthy of cheer.

Until middle class America starts to raise their voice and actually give a damn, instead of simply sitting in their office cubicle whining on political blogs while drinking a latte, the conservative power-base will feel it is okay to push misguided agenda, partly sanctioned by religious leaders who were born with the miraculous ability to speak to a magic man in the sky. The people who can do the most by speaking up are more worried about fitting in and keeping up with the Jones, instead of wondering about what type of country their children will grow up in.


  1. Kate

    Consider, for a minute, the idea that the reason middle-class America is so complacent is because they all voted for Dubya in the first place. Break down the voting patterns by zip code and county, and you will see that even in blue states, Bush still won overwhelming areas of the population, just not the major urban centres.

  2. TheMaDDAsIaN

    She wasn’t worried about anything till her son died thats when she woke up and finally said something.

  3. ummm

    i could be wrong, but i’m pretty sure that Bush lost most of the major urban centers. DC, SF, Boston, NYC, Miami, LA? pretty sure they all went the way of Kerry…

  4. Kate

    Its all good. 🙂

    Seriously though, check out this map…the swath of red across the nation is absolutely insane.


    Yeah yeah sorry for the long link, if someone can format that, I’d be much obliged.

  5. V

    I think Kate is missing something because the middle class used to vote for dems. It is because the repubs got organized at the local and state level that we have really seen some reversal in trends. Also major issues like gays and hatred of Bill Clinton pushed us back (though I love the gays and BC) with these voters.

    I certainly agree that dems inside the beltway needs to sit down the lattes and talk to real people (see John Kerry’s campaign) and figure out how to change their minds.

  6. RCR

    I don’t get the “latte liberal” attacks. What, like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity are drinking Sanka black. Come on.

    Complacency? The republicans appeal to people’s fears, whereas democrats appeal to people’s sensibilities. Which do you think will win.

  7. Doug

    TheMaDDAsIaN & Liz…

    This flip-flopper meme has got to go. At what point did we decide as a country that changing your mind is inappropriate? At what point did changing your opinion to deal with new realities become a trait of derision instead of a trait of a reality-based thinker?

    After her son had been killed, all the rationales for war began shifting as no WMDs were found, the Downing Street Memos came out, and Iraq has moved further towards civil war.

    This has caused her to question more forcefully why her son had to die in an unnecessary war. FYI, she was actually always against the war, even while he was alive.

  8. Liz

    that’s just how i see it. i really don’t care if you dislike my views.

    please to be unbunching your panties.

  9. Jinxy


    Conservative Middle American here and everything looks just fine from my cubicle.

    Let’s go assassinate some people!

  10. DCB Post author

    Kate have you heard of this concept called population density?

    Every little blue dot has 100 times more people than that vast sea of redneck racist land.

    newsflash: no one wins elections based on area… its by vote count. pointing to that map as evidence of some mandate (didn’t bush won by 3%?) is idiotic

  11. V

    RCR and all: It’s much, much more than fear (I saw Fahrenheit 9/11, too 🙂
    Latte liberals (which for the record I am a liberal and I freaking love lattes) to me means the people that read NYT and talk to similar thinking friends and don’t understand what is going on in states like Iowa, Arkansas and even Florida. The shit is freaking scary. And rather than crafting a message (because I think our policies are pretty good) we dismiss moderate republicans as “just out there,” when we could easily bring them back in.

    Dems DO NOT appeal to sensibilities. They blame republicans and assume Americans will ?get? that republican policies don?t work (which I believe is true). However, Republicans are so damn good at grassroots organizing, message and keeping rank-and-file in line that they convince voters that they are the sensible party and they beat our asses.

    We can start relying on our sensibilities when we win.

  12. The Senator

    Dems are pussies. They don’t eat steak and are afraid to touch a gun. They whine incesantly and spend their time recycling their hemp Birkenstocks.

  13. kg

    Lest we forget, there are even a few Capuccino Conservatives out there who support Bush; they aren’t all dumb rednecks. I can only hope that most people who still support Bush are just ignorant, though.

  14. Phil

    Asianmistress, she did meet with Bush a while back, after her son died.

    Her actions subsequent just seem a little off to me, as I’m not sure what she intends to gain from it, other than publicity. Just my $0.02.

  15. RCR

    I’m from a red state this a former blue state (turned in 2000), so I know exactly to whom the term “latte liberal” is referring, I just think it’s a dumb term. Maybe I will start tirading about “cappuccino conservatives.”

    The democrats that are doing the worst job of speaking to middle class america are the ones that the party lines up behind. Effing moronic. I’m afraid I’m more cynical than you, V. I think it has very little to do with organization and very much to do with fear (fyi, I’m proud to have never seen F-9/11).

  16. Brian

    “However, Republicans are so damn good at grassroots organizing…”

    By grassroots, you mean the corn and wheat belts, right?

    “They whine incesantly and spend their time recycling their hemp Birkenstocks.”

    UGGs, bro. UGGs. Birkenstocks are soooo 1990’s Gen-X.

    “…sit down the lattes and talk to real people (see John Kerry?s campaign)…”

    Because John Kerry was on The Daily Show? I totally agree. Like seriously. Put down the lattes and pick up the psuedo-microbrews, kids. Or grain alcohol, like me.

  17. Kate


    I’m quite familiar with population density, dear; I’ve had papers published on the subject. Don’t be pompus. That said, my point with the map is just to point out that in most places, W is a popular man. If you’re familiar with a concept called demographics, you know that the income disparity in major urban centres (such as the ones found in the blue areas) is significant relative to the rest of the country, with little to no pockets of ‘middle class’ voters to be found in our cities. They’ve all moved to the suburbs. Now, looking at said maps, we can see that such areas did, in fact, vote for Bush, proving my point that the reason middle class voters aren’t rising up against him is because they voted for him in the FIRST place.

    By the by, although I am a registered Republican and voted for W in the last election, I’m not a fan of his in the slightest and by no means do I think he was given a mandate to turn this country into the Bible-thumping theocracy he seems to want.

  18. seenster

    So, Kate, you’re saying that I’m lower class because I voted in a blue state/county (Los Angeles County, CA – Hollywood to be specific)?


  19. Lisa


    I’m curious why you think that, as a mere attendee of the inauguration, you were able to size up all that these protestors are about and all that they believe. I do not doubt that you saw some folks who dress differently than you or who have odd-colored hair. But many people who protested the Over The Top Drinking and Eating While Our Troops Have Crap Armor And Thousands Of People are Dying Party were just normal people like me–a lawyer who makes a good living, pays taxes, supports 2 dogs, has normal-colored hair, dresses like a mainstream person, etc.

    I disagree with many of your posts, and recognize most of them for the attempts at provocative discussion that they obviously are. However, I think you really believe you somehow know whether or not these protestors were “normal middle class people” — and you don’t.

    Ironic to see you judging with no basis whatsoever, just after you cut ties with some friends on the basis of alleged hypocrisy and call out women for playing SATC games instead of being real.

    Who’s the hypocrite?

  20. DCB Post author

    lisa, it’s okay if you don’t shave your arm pits. i wont judge you individually.

    “Ironic to see you judging with no basis whatsoever, just after you cut ties with some friends on the basis of alleged hypocrisy”

    good try trying to pull the hypocrisy card.. you were goin strong into it, but you blew it since you have no clue about the extent of our “friend”ship or the situation.

    C- hater post. you thought it through, had good spelling, grammar but couldn’t deliver in the end

  21. Lisa

    Wow, DCB, that was a really strong response from you. You avoid responding to the point of my post (i.e., your stereotyping and baseless assumptions) and attack me with yet another unfounded stereotype (I am a frequently shaving girly girl, by the way) . . . did they hand out a Karl Rove playbook at the inauguration festivities, perhaps tied with a tiny string around the bottles of champagne that were guzzled while these guys died (http://icasualties.org/oif/prdDetails.aspx?hndRef=1-2005)?

    Keep up your hypocrisy . . . it fits you well!

  22. Lisa

    P.S. to my comment above (I submitted my comment too quickly):

    But hey, DCB, at least you called out that Cleveland Park Men’s Club group–they really are a menace to American Society.

  23. V

    RCR: I like the term cappuccino conservatives, but I have no idea who those people would be. Latte liberals, however, oh yeah, know them.
    I am also from a red state (oklahoma)that will be a red state for a while, and I agree Repubs use fear–I just think dems rest on that answer too much. It’s just not good enough for why we keep losing.

    And, you should see F-9/11, it is what it is, but there are a lot of good reminders in it.

  24. TheMaDDAsIaN

    Hey Lisa how is he being a hypocrite?? I dont c anything in this blog that tells me he is a hypocrite? explain?? Or is it time of the month for you and u just wanted to bitch about something??

  25. Kate


    No, I didn’t say that you’re lower class because you live in a city. Re-read the post. Income disparity. Meaning, either very high class or very low class people can be found in cities, with little to no middle classes.

    People who enjoy being a victim aren’t terribly fun.

  26. seenster

    Well, I live in VA suburbs now, so I’m no longer a victim of income disparity.

    Its okay Kate, I was being facetious the whole time. Re-read my post.


  27. Lisa


    I view him as a hypocrite because he just called out the CPMC for not keeping it real, while he at the same time made a massive judgment of thousands of protestors, both by assuming things about their lives based on how they look and by assuming things about all of them based on how a few of them look.

    That isn’t keeping it real, in my book. You may disagree with me, but there is no need for you to bring out the lowbrow “time of the month” slam. Of course, if that’s the best you have to offer, bring it on, so I can play to type and talk about your small penis that makes you feel you need to attack a woman who has not even addressed you.

  28. inSOMnia

    Lisa stop being a loser toothless redneck. DCB is right its idiots like you who are sending this country to hell. Try traveling or even watching news broadcasts from other countries. I just hope you are sick on election day or at the dentist office. Or even better you are sent to war in Iraq so you may be provided a better opportunity to see the light. Wake up!!!

  29. TheMaDDAsIaN

    Hey Lisa, Yeah i Bring it on u think thats hurting my feelings?? Your calling DCB a hypocrite judging on his opinion about something? He analyzed something and said what he felt and i could c if he was being fake about it but he wasn’t? So how was that being a hypocrite?? Why u are so use to guys being a hypocrite to you saying your pussy smells like cherry but won’t go down on you cause your pussy really stinks. Like i said u must want something to bitch about cause your pussy stinks and your website is very uninteresting. Stupid stinking ass Whores I swear they think they know everything i swear.

  30. Anonymous

    the fact that these are your supporters is excellent evidence of the kind of perdon you are. tho lisa did not mention it (too obvious, perhaps), dcb is a hypocrite for saying mainstream folk should support the Dems while he guzzled champagne with the Chimp and his minions as many of our sons and brothers drew their last breaths in Vietnam, I mean, Iraq.

  31. TheMaDAsIaN

    WHAT???? Look you idiot this is a stupid blog not some war! You telling me you are comparing a war to a stupid BLOG?? SO that makes him a Hyporcrite? Fucking MORON!

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