The Cleveland Park Men’s Club is no more. I would like to take a good chunk of the credit for this victory, but it really could not have been done without your trolls, flames, and all-around stellar hating. The nonstop assault was incredible, and as I told Kathryn a week or two ago, “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Let’s reminisce with a time line:

March 21: Adam asks me for a link via e-mail.

Hey, DCB, can I ask you for a favor? I’m looking to beef up my blog (http://clevelandparkmensclub.blogspot.com) I just started it for my buddies and I, a bunch of rat packer types in Cleveland Park. Can I link up w/ your site? If you like what you see, maybe I can be on yours?

Thanks, man. Hope to run into guys at some point. Seems like there is never a lack of a good time. Keep me in the loop.

I gave him a link because he didn’t mind getting his nose a little brown for me.

May 20: I throw the Haters Happy Hour, a blog wankfest that has the CPMC and KAC as special guests. Up to this point I haven’t met Adam, but he has been nice in e-mails. After meeting Adam, I felt that his online and private persona’s were not congruent. The seed of doubt was planted. The irony of my early actions, of giving Adam and his site a lot of attention, is that I helped propel him to a level of fame that made his downfall so much more spectacular.

June 23: I published a scathing rebuke of El Greco’s ridiculous post on dating. I started believing that Adam was a phony.

August 18: As I’m keeping an eye on the Senator trolls posting here, Adam decides to publicly state his displeasure in this post:

DCB?this is the real me.

I am no longer commenting on your site. (For the readers out there, I have not been making those comments. There is no real way to make you believe that this is the real me, but it is.)

I just emailed you. I hope we can clear this up.


The e-mail:

Just wanted to shoot you a quick email and say that it is not me making those dumb comments on your site. Someone has been posting as “The Senator” for a few days now. I didn’t find out until this morning.

Anyway, if you have any idea who it might be, I’d like them to stop. Otherwise, whatever, I’ll just have to play the passive aggressive blogging game.

I found it humorous that he was so worried about his public image. Adam’s reaction to the continued trolling in the days ahead revealed him to be petty. I removed his link and started to think about writing a massive hater post against the CPMC.

September 13 & 14:

. 13: Adam loses it and has a temper tantrum. In one day he is de-linked by several DC blogs.

. 14: DCB makes a critical post about Adam that gets picked up by DCist. Adam responds by posting Michael Jackson song lyrics and a picture of DCB.

Source: CPMC Wiki

You’ll notice in the dates that I waited a month until posting the CPMC attack. The reason was because I wanted to post it only after blog readers knew Adam was a joke – through witness of the douchery of his actions – and not necessarily because of what I say. I posted only after Adam weakened himself through idiotic public comments; I wanted to state things that readers already felt were true.

I implore you to please shut down your page before you become a laughing stock. You?re not far from it as it is. No one takes you seriously anymore, and you won?t make much money if your page eventually reaches your ultimate life dream goal.

DCist, a site I have criticized numerous times, links to my post (Martin Austermuhle must be a secret CPMC hater). For Adam this must have been a public relations disaster, especially since it was read over 2,000 times. To Adam’s credit, he would not give up, continuing to post inane drivel about cigars and fancy pants. It was almost as of Adam was helping out the trolls by giving them excellent hater material just to keep the dying CPMC in the “spotlight”.

I can’t say that my hands are totally clean (I have made contributions to the wiki), but the movement to destroy the CPMC involved a core group of – by my prediction – at least a dozen characters. The dedication to destroy Adam rivals that of a male teenager trying to lose his virginity. And it worked.

Adam is probably preparing for an onslaught of anonymous trolling in the weeks ahead. He’ll be back, forced by his attention whoring personality to give it another shot, but I’m sure the troll army will be ready. I conclude this remembrance post with a message to Adam, who I know is reading:

Dear Adam,

I’ve never seen anyone get bitched on the internet like you did.


P.S. You’re a horrible speller.



    We as a group (CPMC) are still going strong. Friends are friends. I had the pleasure of meeting you (briefly) a few weeks ago and you seemed like a nice enough guy. So no blood letting on my end. But, I want you know that “A” is my friend and someone that I/we stand behind.
    Whatever your feelings towards him, it should be noted that we all (including yourself) make mistakes and “fools” of ourselves on occassion. That’s just life. You know that…come on. And for the record, the blog was NOT removed for the reasons you may think. I wish you all the best, its been fun and good luck to you. I look forward to reading your blog in the future, I’ve always enjoyed it. Regards, The Producer

  2. Lacrosse Team

    Doode, get a life. Real cool/impressive that you “shut down” a blog. Parking cone -> up ass.

  3. Dominic

    Although I’ve read them occasionally, I’ve never really gotten into the whole consortium of DC blogs there are. Why did/does everyone hate the CPMC so much?

  4. meow

    I’m still trying to figure out why CatCiao is calling people ugly or dweeby. He’s a graying, paunchy middle-aged dad hanging on to much-younger douchebag Adam, who tells others he likes CatCiao’s political connections most of all. Fucktard.

  5. cpmctroll

    FLAMER: What a stupid thing you just posted on your website. This is a legitimate target of criticism, because it can be verified and is subject to public scrutiny.

    CPMC: Oh yeah well your life sucks we hope! Also, get a life! We speculate that you are not as sexually active as Capo. How’s THAT for speculation?

    FLAMER: Producer, today you say that you like DCB’s blog but yesterday you said that blogging is for kids in Jr. High. Why all of the mood swings? Are you ill?

    CPMC: Dear Flamer,
    Adam ran a really awful site for eight consecutive months and insulted and alienated a lot of people in the process but thats okay because everyone makes mistakes sometimes! Right? Appeal to our common humanity? In conclusion we will stand behind Adam long after he’s stolen all of our credit cards and pushed several women into the street because BROZ BEFORE HOZ!
    Sincerest and warmest regards,
    The Producer

    ELDERLYMAN: Where am I? Where’s my viagra?

  6. King Hater

    Lol Catcio know wants to fight. Thats cute. An old man wanna pick a fight with some nerds. I guess that makes him feel like a man LOL.

  7. CatCiao

    LOL King, I jest. I am a lover not a fighter. The worst I would do is hold you down and put Clearasil on your face and then buy you a Shirley Temple.


    DCB, obviously some of your cronies don’t understand. You guys are acting very immature. I am going to tell you the MAIN REASON why “A” removed his site so we can put this all to rest and that we ALL CAN MOVE ON. The reason why is…………well I can’t really think of any reason. SAD SAD SAD I admit DCB I DO ADMIT, YES YOU DID WHIP ADAM AND EVERYONE ELSE DID TOO. HE CRIED AND CRIED. I TRIED TO COMFORT HIM. I even tried to give him foreplay. He is still affected by all of you giving him GRIEF!!!! PLEASE PPL STOP IT. I hate it when he cries it makes me want to cry too. But other then that I will stand by my man (if you know what I mean). Also, on another note any of you want the latest ?SWAMI PICKS? you can get it at Catcio?s site. OH YAH THAT SHOULD BE GREAT!!!!

  9. King Hater

    Yah but I don’t even think you can hold me down. How bout I just HOLD YOU DOWN and put some wrinkle cream on your face.

  10. King Hater

    Oh and I wouldn’t buy you a shirley temple I would just laugh at you for even saying that your a lover not a fighter.

  11. Lacrosse Team

    DCB deletes comments that don’t praise how kewl he is for shutting down a blog. You Rock, dood. parking cone -> up a$$

  12. Football Team

    Lacrosse Team we don’t like your lip and the Rugby Team doesn’t either. Parking cone -> up urethra

  13. Rugby Team

    Hey Football Team, isn’t Adam the one who always speaks with symbols instead of verbs? (Friday=Beacon Bar & Grill, parking cone -> up a$$)

  14. DCB Post author


    I don’t have beef with you personally, but I seriously don’t like your buddy adam. You are in a club where is a supposed leader, so it is hard for me be selective with my wrath. I hope you understand.

  15. D'esprit De Corps

    Wallowing in your perverted recollections of the truth DCB? You’ll never know the real truth, however, because you’re deaf, blind and ignorant when it comes to the details behind his decision to pull the plug. I happen to KNOW because I was there. As he pondered the lives of you worthless losers it became lucidly apparent that you don’t deserve the time of day any longer. He’s moving swiftly on with his life and future, which will no doubt be rich and meaningful. Yours on the other hand will continue to be full of quick wanks and worthy of nothing more than involuntary euthanasia. Au revoir, le putain de bordel.

  16. J.P.

    No one cares D’esprit De Corps, the point was that his blog sucked and he was rude to people. If he is getting on with his life– best of luck.

  17. RCR

    Wow, it must have been just like the cuban missile crisis, what with all that pondering. Such an important decision. Here’s the thing, though: if we’re such “worthless losers,” why did he seek us out?

  18. D'esprit De Corps

    You complete cock JP – You know nothing of the details yet you continue bash blindly. Perhaps a circle-jerk with your loser buddies is in order, or even a game of soggy biscuits? Good luck with your wanky hankies.

  19. RCR

    Your boy the Senator. He’s the one who asked me for a link. He’s the one who threw a hissy fit when I shortened his link to the CPMC. God forbid I should use an acronym. Want me to post the emails? Douche.

  20. D'esprit De Corps

    You’re not worthy of an acronym – who the hell gives a damn about you? Your comments just illustrate the over-inflated, self assigned opinion you have of yourself. Sod off – Bag.

  21. RCR

    Actually, DDC, my comments illustrate the high opinion that your boy had assigned to me. I’ve never claimed to have a favorable opinion of myself. But you’re clearly retarded so I see this little exchange is going nowhere. As we say in America, fuck off.

  22. Muffin

    Man. It’s pretty funny when Intorweb noobs try to flame.

    CPMC apologistas: Keep spinning with this “wise gentleman solemly hangs up his spurs” meme all you want. The Senator was a fratty douche, the CPMC blog made you all look like fratty douches, and no one is sad to see you go.

    And please! Enough with the “no one asked you” type comments. If you don’t want to hear people’s opinion, don’t post on their blogs, chief. Find some bland numbskull who cares deeply about your boring shit, and whine to them instead. Get in touch with the fact that we think you’re lame, that’s never going to change, and fucking go home. I know, shocking eh?

  23. cpmctroll

    “you?re deaf, blind and ignorant when it comes to the details behind his decision to pull the plug”

    Deaf, blind, AND ignorant! D’esprit De Corps – what’s the difference between being deaf when it comes to the details, blind when it comes to the details, and ignorant when it comes to the details? Did he write the details on a piece of paper that DCB could have read if he were only deaf and ignorant? What if you were to write them in braille – could we learn the details THAT WAY?

    “You?ll never know the real truth, however…As he pondered the lives of you worthless losers it became lucidly apparent that you don?t deserve the time of day any longer.”

    Wait, did we just find out the truth? Did you tell us just there? You’re saying that the real truth is that he decided we didn’t deserve the time of day? Why are you saying one thing and then contradicting yourself? Are you just trying to be really melodramatic?

    “He?s moving swiftly on with his life and future”

    Are you implying that the CPMC was his life and future, from which he’s moving swiftly on? HA!

    “Au revoir, le putain de bordel.”

    Dude, your second year French would be more impressive if it weren’t so obviously “general insult!” Au revoir to you too! Je voudrais acheter une ceinture!

  24. D'esprit De Corps

    I ask you troll, was that English? “If it weren’t so obviously “general insult!” DUDE. Although, I admit, it was the perfect end to your string of drivel, perhaps you should master English before dabbling in French.

  25. cpmctroll

    I’d consider that an adequate comeback if it actually had any reference to my comments. Tell me: which part didn’t strike you as English? Was it the part where I qualified the sentence subject with the adjectival noun phrase “general insult?” Which I enclosed in quotes, employing the literary device of “irony,” to draw attention to the fact that your “le putain de bordel” was just a generic French insult you picked up off of 101FrenchInsults.com?

    Since you seem to understand Harlequin prose better, I’ll try again:

    You’re deaf, blind and ignorant to le croissant! Tool.

  26. cpmctroll

    Oh, and, Adam – weren’t you always the one who responded by calling me “troll?”

    “I happen to KNOW because I was there.”

    I bet you were, Adam. I bet you were.

  27. LaLa

    “You?re not worthy of an acronym.”

    This has to be among the best insults the CPMC “associates” have lobbed in this comment thread.

    “You’re not worthy of an acronym”? Seriously? This is the best you can do? I’m sure RCR cried himself to sleep last night over that one.

    Morning, Adam! We all know you’re reading, so just wanted to give you a shout-out. What color are your Cordarounds today? Probably beet red to match your face, if you even have the intelligence to be embarassed over this hilarious situation.

  28. sara

    Oh wow… this was quite the morning read this morning…

    Time to move on maybe?

    (That’s not to say I wasn’t chuckling at some of this)

  29. cpmctroll

    “Va te faire enculer” is the #1 French insult on insultmonger.com. Come on, Adam. Try harder.

  30. Anonymous

    The Senator aka “Papa Troll”, aka “CPMC ain’t so bad”, aka “Sudamericana” aka “Adam” still has a landing page…”The Gentlemen of the CPMC”. He’s like Paris Hilton or a bad case of toe fungus…he won’t go away.

    He’s so self-absorbed and opportunistic…I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him. Now can someone please make “Kathrynon” go away?

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