Without a doubt, the one thing I’ve written that has given me and my friends the most shit is Pump and Dump. I really think it’s the title that offends most girls and not necessarily the write-up because I’ve written much worse than this:

Because there is no guy out there who wants to settle down with a girl who is usually ?busy?, detached, and so easily influenced by fictional TV shows, he puts up with her cold gaming long enough to get that notch on his bedpost.

Two times I have received a call that went something like…

Friend: “Dude I got in trouble cause of your shit.”
Me: “Which?”
Friend: “Pump and dump.”
Me: :laugh:

When a girl is calling me out about my blog, the one post they ALWAYS demand an explanation for is Pump and Dump. They don’t care about the others. They ask, “Do you really do that?”
“Of course not! :razz:”

That post has taught me that the number one fear of women is being lied to for use of their body. Sex for many of them is not only physical but emotional as well… something us men don’t care to understand.


  1. Cock Diesel

    Of course chicks are offended by ?pump & dump?, because it perfectly dissects their ridiculous behavior in a mere few paragraphs.

    It?s sad really, because acting like some debutant from ?Sex in the City? is only going to get them grudge fucked in the end.

  2. holiday

    I live in fear of becoming the dried up women in her 30s that you describe at the end of that post. I sent to all of my girlfriends.

  3. jessa j

    some women just don’t like to hear the truth about themselves.

    i can remember the first time i was called a cum dumpster like it was yesterday

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