Some fashion advice for DC girls:

5) You’re a woman, dress like one. Here’s the thing…just because you’re wearing a skirt, doesn’t mean you look feminine. Femininity is something within, and clothing can only reflect it. Maybe someone can define it for me, cause it’s not something I can explain. All I know is that girly clothes and shoes help, but sometimes this can fail miserably. In DC, it fails too often. It’s also a pretty good idea to learn the difference between vulgar and sexy.

New DC blog that I’m liking: DC Universe. Over half of last year’s big DC blogs have shut down. The few that remain have gobbled up all the readers. :eviler:

I’m also liking Cute Overload for some reason. Awwww. Awwwwwwww. And another Jessa sighting?

8 thoughts on “MUFFIN TOPS

  1. CrazyGirl

    Muffin tops are horrible. For the love of god, if you’ve gained some weight, then go out and buy clothes that fit. If you try to fit in to your old clothes until you can lose that extra few pounds, you will only be hurting yourself. If you actually suck it up and buy that larger size, not only will your clothes fit better, but you will look and feel better. At least until you can ‘get back in the gym’.

  2. holiday

    My favorite term for the stomach spillage is “dunlaps”. Why do they call them dunlaps? Because your stomach dun’lapped over your pants.

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