Many of these photos of me and my new girlfriend “Judy” were taken in Dupont Circle, our favorite hangout.

Here’s a picture of us sitting on a bench eating Krispy Kreme donuts. She already finished her glazed donut when this photo was taken:

Bonus picture:

For some reason the fountain was off, but we still had a good time people watching:

This is a picture of us enjoying the nice weather at Starbucks. I’m explaining to her the theory of relativity. I think she got it:

We did a little window shopping and she gave me some great gift ideas for her birthday coming up:

After a long day in DC, her legs got tired and I gave her a piggy-back ride to the car:

Judy is not just a daytime girl – her weekend partying sometimes turns crazy and I have to take care of her:

Finally, I found a woman who doesn’t talk back and lets me do whatever I want to her in bed. :hump:

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