I’ve had my wisdom teeth in for years now and they’ve caused zero problems. So what they’re impacted. I don’t really understand the concept of going through surgery with its long recovery time and possible complications to address a problem that may never arrive. I figure this is a money-making scheme that starts at the top of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and trickles its way all the way down to the American Dental Association. But I succumbed. The nagging has gone on for three years, and I hate nagging. Plus I’m young with health insurance, and it does seem odd that I have teeth sticking out halfway through my gums. Besides, I’m sure teeth extraction technology has advanced from the days of metal tools and pliers. The doctor will vaporize my teeth with a friggin’ laser beam in a bloodless operation.

I decided beforehand to get local anesthesia only. I think it’s fine for women to go under because they are physically weak and can not handle pain. But no real man would go under to just get a couple teeth pulled. I also wanted to avoid the weird anal soreness side-effect of anaesthesia that happened to me last time I went under.

The first thing I noticed when I got in the operation room was the dental tray of metal tools and pliers. There was a 40 mL syringe of Novocaine, which by syringe standards is gigantic. (For a simple cavity, the syringe is no large than 5 mL.) The most painful part of the entire surgery was in the beginning when the doctor had to poke all over my mouth with this needle. Note: the roof of your mouth does not like getting stabbed with a sharp object. I anticipated the pliers to make an early appearance but was surprised when he pulled out a small metal stick instead. He put it against a wisdom tooth at top and just pushed down with moderate force. It came out within 30 seconds. “Wowww that wazzzz eeeeassy!” (Remember my mouth was completely numb.)

The next tooth was at the bottom. The same stick did not do the trick. He brought out a lot more metal sticks and used a bit more force. Then the drill came out. It was the biggest drill I’ve ever seen in my life. He would drill a little bit then attempt to use brute strength to get the tooth out. It still wasn’t coming out. He brought out the pliers for this one and I learned that teeth are pretty loud when they crack. Several times he braced against the chair and my body to get enough leverage to muscle the tooth out. I remember his arm was pressed against my forehead at one point, like he was trying to put me in a sleeper hold. All that force was going into one side of my jaw so I asked for a few breaks. During one break, the doctor looked frustrated and walked out the room.

He came back five minutes later and poked my mouth with some more Novocaine. “Oh no, he’s going to bust out with some experimental shit!” He would use a tool, slam it on his table, sigh, then stare at all his tools for a couple seconds to decide what to use next. I tried to pretend I couldn’t see the frustration in his face. He was mad at my tooth, and was tired of taking its shit. Who did the tooth think it was fucking with? Finally after about 15 minutes, before having to bring out the saw from storage, he got it out. I needed a break. I stood up and noticed my “Grandma Loves Me” bib was covered with blood.

He had a different strategy for each tooth. The last tooth got a lot of plier action: pulling, cracking, twisting. After about five minutes, I heard him say “Jeez!” as he pulled the final monster from my mouth. It was gigantic and ugly, like a turd left by a medium-sized animal. It was over. There is no fourth tooth because I’m a mutant.

Advice to those of you who still have your wisdom teeth: DON’T DO IT. And if it eventually does cause problems, only take out one at a time. You will be less likely to go through days of recovery, where the different stages of your facial appearance represents a species from the animal kingdom:

Day 1: Elephant man
Day 2: Chipmunk
Day 3: Hamster storing peanuts

Now excuse me while I go wash the blood spots from my pillowcases.

199 thoughts on “MY WISDOM TEETH STORY

  1. ashley

    i got my wisdom teeth tooken out 11/16/07 jus 3 days ago. And i got all four out. and right when i was done. i waited for my mom for about 15 min also took a baby nap at the office. and right after that i went shoppping. It wasnt a problem at all for me. There really wanst no pain. But there was bleeding n oozing the first day. and thats it. but from there after. my jaw line is a little sore. n swollen. but it doesnt hurt at all. n the only time i need to take the pain killers is at night so i dont have to wake up in middle of the night n take a motrin. The main story to this page. Had a very bad experience maybe. But just make sure you investigate and know who is touching ur teeth. Some oral surgens arent as experienced as they seem. The one i went to. All my older brothers went to had no problem. and iv had no problem at all. Its OBVIIOUS. i have no pain!. But if i had to. id do it all over agian. The nitrous was the best part. haha. and the needles to numb ur mouth. wasnt nothing. i mean if ur affraid of pain. and needles get put to sleep. and numb befor they do anything. but getting all four out is the best way to go . cause if u get one by one later on. its gonna suck. cause it will take longer. and if u get all 4 out. it takes about 2 weeks. to get ur check up with agian. and if everything is fine .and u follow THE RULES. u will have no problems. and after every time u eat. wash ur mouth with warm salt water. it heals the process alot faster then expected.

  2. Nettie

    14 days ago I had an appt to have 2 wisdom teeth pulled and the lower right molar. I really wasn’t nervous until I was actually in the chair and the oral surgeon came in and said that he would be pulling 5 teeth. He thought the the 2 upper ones needed to come out also. I disagreed. I didn’t understand why he felt he needed to pull them too, I have had no problems with the wisdom teeth, so why mess with them. My dentist said that if your going to have one pulled you just as well have them all done. I still disagree with that statement. It is 14 days later and I still have major pain on the right side of my face. It starts at my lower jaw and works it’s way to my ear and all the way up the side of my face. I take like 20 ibuprofen a day and it doesn’t even touch the pain. Nothing seems to help. I’ve been holding off contacting the oral surgeon because (1) I’m pissed at him for causing me pain(I know it sounds childish) and (2) I think he pulled all of them because it is money in his pocket. He had a very poor bedside manner and I have a feeling I may say something very bad to him if I ever see him again. I’m going to try and be tough about it, but I don’t sleep well at night and I use a heating pad every chance I get, but the sharp pains are still there. I’m just hoping to be able to eat lots of turkey today, but it is still very hard to chew. It was bad enough that I quit smoking right away(although that is a good thing). I was lucky enough to not get the dry sockets, even though I did go back to my normal dentist and he put medicated gauze in the hole where my molar was. That one is still very tender. I guess after reading all the posts here, I feel that if you don’t need your wisdom teeth removed, DON’T DO IT. It’s not worth it, and I don’t care what these dentists say, they all look out for each other. When I was sitting in the chair getting prepped I could hear the surgeon in the hallway telling the nurses to make sure I initialed where they added removing the two upper teeth. I just feel if he needed to let me know that then he should have told me. I guess he didn’t want me going back on him later for not telling me about taking them out. I should just get over it but my face hurts like hell and it’s hard not to think about it when you are in pain.

  3. Sara

    Your a prick!!!

    haha women are physcally weaker wat u talking about you complete and utter waste of space in case you were to blind to relise women have to push a child out of their “holes” so yeh they have a higher pain thresh hold than blokes and oviously you are a very weak little man that needs to make himself feel big by making women in your eyes look small.. . HA loser.

  4. Scott

    I had a lower and upper wisdom tooth out in one sitting on Friday just gone. Upper come came out with no problems but the lower one was a different story. I had an undisclosed abscess behind it which burst during the extraction neutralising the local anaesthetic. It was at this point I had to be restrained by the dental assistant from ripping my eyes out. After a couple more shots and and some careful scapel work with applied leverage the fucker popped out. All that was left now was for the dentist to patch up the mess and trap the remainders of the abscess with a couple of stictches. 2 days later I’ve got an infection and had to make a return visit to get some antibiotics.
    Only know am I looking less like john merrick but I’m still eating through a straw as I cant open my mouth wide enough to get any normal food in. And to add insult to injury, it smells like a 2 dogs took a shit in my mouth, followed by a 2 cats, a couple of horses and the rest of noah’s ark. If you can live with the occasional upset your wisdom teeth give you, seriously consider not getting them removed! I wish I gave it more thought.

  5. Christine

    I read this Wisdom Teeth Story a few days before my appointment (which was 9 days ago) and was scared shitless after DCB’s recount of his experience! Of course by his wording and sense of humor I immediately knew he colored it up a bit, but still it scared the crap outta me! I had 3 impacted wisdom teeth extracted (i must be a mutant too whoever said that first! because most people have 4?). I’ve given birth twice and survived, though the story teller thinks women are the weaker sex -whatever. I opted to be knocked out (which is what HE should’ve done so he wouldn’t have to whine about his experience later and scare those of us anticipating the surgery half to death!) and it was over before i knew it! The waiting was the hardest part! They came in, knocked me out and next thing I knew, they were waking me up, it was over! For a week I drank broth and strained cream of.. soups and Slim Fast (from a cup NOT a straw!) and I have had NO PROBLEMS!! minimal pain, a little soreness is to be expected but nothing to whine about. My advice to anyone who found this site searching for info on Google like I did and came across this article: don’t be scared, you’ve GOT to do it anyway so just get it over with! People have their chests cracked open for open heart surgery and live to tell, this is just wisdom tooth surgery, a routine procedure for the oral surgeon. Opt to be KNOCKED OUT and FOLLOW the post surgical DIRECTIONS and you’ll be fine. Soon it will all be behind you, just a memory :o) GOOD LUCK!!

  6. Anonymous

    youve got nothing on me , i have to have an additional surgery because i have a wisdom tooth that fell through my sinus cavity and is now behind my cheek bone, plus whats with women are week and cant handle pain, buddy get your head out of your ass!!! women have a higher tolerance of pain try giving birth


    I really feel for you and feel sorry that you are so
    macho you would not just go under for 30-45 min and have zero aggrevation in this process

    I had all 4 of mine pulled at once and was put under
    granted my oral surgeon is something of a genious with his craft and it took him 30 min from start to finish and i had ZERO pain that day or at all really from the entire procedure. I am still healing and following his instructions closely and i would suggest to anyone else to do the same.

    you do not want a dry socket or an infection.

    but do not not listen to this person
    if you need to get them removed DO NOT procrastinate it just makes it harder on you and your surgeon as you age.

    And if you need all 4 done do it all at once cause over all its much less healing time

  8. E

    Okay so i’m 19 and I have an appointment in two weeks to get all four wisdom teeth out and I am so nervous/scared. The two bottom ones are already half way out of the gum and then my left up top is starting to poke out. The main thing that worries me is permanent nerve damage. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? and the other thing that scares me is of course dry sockets. If anyone has any advice on how to prevent them please do tell. Otherwise just pray for me! haha 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    I am female have had four wisdom teeth pulled and have had no complaints – it does hurt a little but nothing more than say a tattoo or needle!
    Have you ever heard of a thing called child birth? Well I would rather have all my teeth pulled at once than go through labour for 24, 48 hours.
    Please go crawl back under the 1920’s rock you have obviously been hidding under.
    No wonder you are a bachelor!

  10. Alice

    im 17 and just got my 4 wisdom teeth out exactly a week ago! i had the full knock out anasthetic and i would fully recommend that that is the way to go from what i have heard about the local anasthetic! THIS has been such a painful experience today being a week later i have two majorly bruised black eyes and bruised cheeks! the swelling has gone down a small amount but a few days ago i looked ten times my size in my face! to make matter worse i have also gotten tonsillitis so now i cannot chew or swallow food! (i dont know whether the tonsillitis has anything to do with the operation? whether i have an infection or not?) but anyway if its not necessary to get ur wisdom teeth out THEN DONT, but if they are impacted and are going t cause problems later on then i guess u dont have much choice!

    i just want to know if other people have experienced two black eyes and lots of swelling and bruising on their cheeks?

  11. Dave

    I am a 37 yr old male. I had one 3rd molar removed the first week of october in 2007 and the other three 3rd molars removed today at 9am. The first removal was the #1 tooth (upper left) and was a quite simple removal. I lost the clot about 24 hours after the removal and got a dry socket which began with excruciating pain at the 48 hour mark after removal. Clove packing relieved all pain after the fact but getting the dry socket hindered healing drastically.

    Today i had the remaining three removed by a dental surgeon and my experience was hellish. I had this done with local anesthetic only and like others say i recommend not doing this. This is not like local anesthetic for a filling or basic dental work in any way because the needle is much bigger and it is driven so deep into the tissue that it makes an unbelievable popping sound each time with relative feeling involved with it.

    Then came the extractions. The upper right came out without any problems. The bottom left was the 2nd to go and this one was a difficult removal. I felt some pain from it during the removal just as it was being freed from the bone although i was totally numb.

    At this point i freaked out because of it and i began to go into shock. (profuse sweating,increased blood pressure,turned pale in color etc)Just before passing out as my vision was slowly becoming grey i was administered oxygen and allowed a small break before the 3rd tooth was to be removed. This was also slightly difficult to remove but came out with some fairly aggressive work. They then took to me into another room until i felt well enough to leave because of how my mind and body reacted to it.

    Now 7 hours later the pain from the bottom two extractions is more than just discomfort and soreness. I was prescibed 500mg hydrocodone and at this point it does not seem to help. I have to assume because my bottom two were rooted so deeply and due to the fact i have always been a teeth clencher this must have something to do with it. Time to goto sleep and hope its not so bad tomorrow i guess. Just my story and good luck!

  12. verbal1623

    Let me tell ya, it’s NOT fun. But it’s really not that bad either. I had the right side done (top & bottom) and it really wasn’t that painful. I did however feel like I was in a Marilyn Manson video when I saw the tools that were sitting next to me. The scariest part is when they inject the Novocain. Imagine a tube the size of a toilet paper roll with a needle to match being slowly stuck into your gums while they say “you may feel a little pinch…” My advice is this:

    1. The Dr. will rub a local anesthetic on your gums to help reduce the needle pain. Mine was a generic grape kool aid flavor. Tell the Doc that you want it to soak in for a second. I was wishing I had asked him that after I realized that it really could have worked better.

    2. Close your eyes, it helps.

    Good luck

  13. cao

    I had my right side wisdom teeth (upper & lower) extracted a week ago. The dentist showed me photo that the lower one was not straight and was pushing the 2nd molar and had a big cavity. He also wanted to pull the left two, but since they were straight I asked him not to, and I am really grateful that I made this right decision. The extraction was painful for the lower one just as DCB, but what matters more is the fact that I lost the teeth which used to help me chew food. It’s difficult to appreciate something until it is lost. Even if the lower one was “impacted” and probably better to be pulled out, I regret that I trusted my dentist’s advice to pull the upper one, which was perfect without any cavity, out. Even without the lower teeth, it could still help me grind food which is how molar is used. I used to have 100% trust in doctors as authority and would always follow their advice, but I am really disappointed and even angry this could happen because it is a kind of decision that cannot be undone, permanently.

  14. niceitaliansis

    I just had 2 wisdom teeth extracted, one upper and one lower, the lower one was impacted and on a nerve, its been 5 days, I started feeling better yesterday, and then I smoked, couldnt stand it no more, then last night, I was in excruciating pain!! I thought I was going to have to go to the ER, then to top it all off, my chin went numb last night, delayed reaction or what? So I called my dentist and he said sounds like slight dry socket, he said Ill get better, and the numbness will go away, is he lying? or could the numbness be permanent? OH and my surrounding teeth are tender and achy bad, is that normal too? The incision site or hole doesnt hurt, thats the good news, is all this pain because of the nerve my wisdom tooth was on?

  15. niceitaliansis

    The pain is tiring, and I work full time and go to school. I have to be alert for both and not doped up on pain pills.

  16. verbal1623

    My pain was totally gone 1 week after the procedure. If your tooth was lying on a nerve than the numbness is normal. The nerve pain is like a flood light; it goes on all at once and slowly fades away. Definitely don’t smoke until your pain is totally gone, the smoke stops the wound from healing and can even leave it open for a prolonged period of time causing dry socket, the exposure of nerves or bones in your jaw and from what I hear this is extremely painful. The teeth next to my extracted wisdom teeth were sore for about two weeks, but that also went away. Just be as gentle as possibly to the area where the teeth were removed and you will be fine.

  17. niceitaliansis

    Its been 4 weeks now, I went to my dentist yesterday because I thought I had an abscess from my surgery, no I dont….everything closed up good. IM having excruciating pain in my jaw, one are is swollen like a little knot, my dentist said its a muscle spasm, It hurts like hell, I mean it brings me to tears, esp. in the early morning before I wake up, he said its probably because im clenching my teeth at night, Has any one heard of this? Its so painful it brings me to tears, does this dentist know what hes talking about? I WILL NOT GET THE OTHER SIDE OF MY MOUTH WORKED ON!!! NO WAY!! I should never have had this surgery. By the way Im not smoking now, and it hurts to chew on the other side. Any suggestions, is my dentist a quack?

  18. Hannah

    Oh my word! I just got all four of mine removed on Monday. I remember going into the office with no idea about what was actualy going to happen. I LIKED it that way, but noooo. The surgeon started telling me everything that he was going to do. I started freaking out just a bit, but then the drugs kicked in and I woke up crying my eyes out. I had a nightmare :p
    I’m on day 4 and my whole face was swollen this morning, I couldn’t see out of my left eye! Ha, but I’m moving on to the chipmunk look. Your story made me laugh too hard, I think I popped a stitch….oh crap I think I really did…

  19. JC

    Your a melodramatic fool.

    Some people remove teeth to solve problems not just as a health insurance novelty.

    Try having a inflamed nerve in your tempero-mandibular joint thanks to slopppy dentistry making your wisdom teeth grow in the wrong position.

    1 month of facial numbness followed by 6 months of pain, before you even had the surgery… you would be in no fucking mood to write some lame anecdotal bullshit.

  20. Nikki

    I got my wisdom teeth out on Monday and it’s now Thursday and my face is so swollen. I have bruising all around by jaw and a little under my chin and a black eye. I look like I have golf balls in my mouth and a double chin. I can’t smile and I can barely open my mouth. I have to go back to school on Monday so I am PRAYING that the swelling will be gone by then. The pain’s pretty bad also.

  21. niceitaliansis

    So “JC” i dont know if you are talking to me in your last comment, melodramatic fool, huh, I appreciate the kindness. You are just plain mean, you dont know anything about me. I came here to get some help not some sort of f****ing guilt trip or whatever your intention was.

  22. Ash

    Well i hate dentists doctors anything that try to “fix you”
    i went to my stupid orthodontists today
    and i havent been in like 8 months
    should not have went today
    so anyways my lovely orthodontist told me the wonderful news that i have to get all four of my wisdom teeth out this summer
    i think i almost gaged
    i new it was coming but fuck
    i went to an oral surgeon last year for something else and it freaking killed
    im so scared of going
    ugh id rather keep them in
    they’re not bothering me
    they shouldnt be bothering them

  23. JC

    I was talking to whoever wrote the above article, I was searching for useful information regarding a solution to an ongoing problem and instead found someone undermining the seriousness that wisdom teeth problems can create and trying to turn it into a self-centered and badly written sitcom episode.

    I don’t know if you wrote the above article niceitaliansis, but if you are “DCB” then it’s apparent I was talking to you. If it wasn’t you, then obviously I am not.

  24. Devon

    I got my wisdoms out last week all four and they knocked my ass out! my numbness went away the next day, but i was so irritated coz of all the blood i had to swollow and i cant spit, and i had ice cream drooling down my chin in front of this guy i liked haha coz i was numb, how imbarrasing …im still recovering, for some reason though i have toothaches in my last molars now… is that normal, coz the sockets dont hurt anymore where i got them pulled, but my molars do… it doesnt make any sense!

    Email me plz if you have ever expierianced the prob. with ur molars and if its normal [email protected]

  25. Tony

    Holy Crap.
    ive always been afraid of the dentist.
    Getting those big ass drills sticking it in yer mouth.
    Im getting mine remove soon.
    I did like the bring an ipod while the removal.
    my wisdom teeth havent been bugging me at all
    Except at times i actually bite my cheek.
    Oh well, i hope ill survive

  26. Mother of 3

    I just had mine out and did not see the point either. I just wanted to comment about the thing you said about women not being able to handle the pain. Just remember God gave the responsibility to women to birth the babies probably because men could not handle the pain. Now men try to make up for it by acting all macho. Whatever.



  28. Anonymous

    It has been 11 days since having 3 wisdom teeth removed *the two lowers impacted* I was put out with IV. I’m 31…..and I should have done it when I was younger or not have done it at all…

    Followed all the instructions….took 3 days off of work. First few days not bad… by day 5 dry socket HELL went back to Dr. and he packed the with this nasty coated gauze in each socket that tasted bad but did lessen the intense tooth pain….what it didn’t help was a headache/muscle ache that was beginning to form.

    Day 7-8 the vicodin/hydrocodone wasn’t even touching the jaw pain that was now radiating to my head/temples, ears and back of neck. By day 9 severe migranes/head pain jaw pain still prevalent. Sockets were dressed two other times…finally they have removed the guaze so the sockets could start to close up …taking oxycodone stronger meds and migrane excedrine medicine…becoming addicted to these narcotics and needing to have hot pads on my head to sleep at night.

    Numbing feeling and tingling sensation down my neck and arms….dull ache even when taking medication…pain very intense and shooting in temple and around sinus area and eyes every day…it doesn’t let up.

    NOTE- I had natural childbirth with no drugs last year….. 17 hours of labor (4 hours of hard excrutiating active labor pain I would say)….and this dry socket head pain is much worse than med free child birth because it doesn’t go away…I now know how people can kill themselves from head pain….the sound of my toddler screaming sends me over the edge..thank god he is in daycare during the day and my husband has been off this week. My doctor says that dry sockets are very painful because it is actually the surrounding bone tissue that is exposed and the bone pain spreads to your head. I can’t image people with bone cancer.

    So here I am approaching day 12…I’ve lost 5 work days and the days I did drag myself to work, I was drugged up on oxycodone which made me rather loopy and tired, I’m now in pain trying to focus and it is hard…pain exhaust you and takes it out of you I had no idea—wow. DR. says my incisions/sockets look like they are healing nicely don’t know why I’m still in a lot of pain. If I am in pain another week, I’m going to see a neurologist to do a MRI or something as I can’t live like this.

  29. cb

    lmfao. you had anal soreness? i hope someone ass raped you, you chauvenistic bastard.

    bet you feel like a “real man” now.

  30. brad

    your an idiot if you dont get put under when you get your wisdom teeth out, your not a man, your an idiot

  31. carly

    i had all 4 of my wisom teeth removed 3 days ago. i think the top 2 were impacted but i’m not sure. being only 16 i was put under, and i’m glad i was from reading some of the stories on here! anyways i think i’m one of the lucky ones cuz i had really minimal swelling and not too much pain.

    and saying that women can’t handle pain?
    try having major foot surgery and being forced to walk on it the next day, then tell us we can’t handle pain.

  32. Anna

    “women are physically weaker and cannot handle pain”

    Ok, dude, I dare you to give birth. See how YOU handle that kind of pain.

  33. Ivy

    So if “women are physically weaker and cannot handle pain” then why was I able to easily get all four wisdom teeth out with local anesthesia only & then as I recovered the days afterward only took extra strength Tylenol? Not to mention I went through labor & delivery of my son completely WITHOUT pain medication..

  34. Anonymous

    “…women are physically weaker and can not handle pain”? Ever heard of a woman pregnant for 9 months and then gone through hours of child labor?

  35. samantha

    I kinda wish i never read all of these descriptions, that is just awful to even think of. right now I think that my bottom left wisdom tooth may be impacted. There was always pains while they grew but just yesterday my whole left side of my mouth is swollen and throbbing. I woke up today and you can definetly feel that my whole left side of my face is swollen, my ears and neck are also in excrutiating pain. I thought theres gotta be something wrong here because i cant even eat nor barely get liquid down. I definelty will be getting mine pulled. Thank you.

  36. TF

    I must say reading all of your comments I have never laughed so hard as I did today. I just had all 4 removed. I have had no complications and I pray it stays that way. It has been 6 days. I gargle with warm salt water and listerine to keep the bacteria down. I have had bad taste in my mouth I don’t know why Does anyone know if that is normal?Getting your wisdom teeth removed can really save the rest of your teeth I kept getting periodental disease becauese I wasn’t able to clean my wisdom teeth well. So I hope that helps solve the problem along with flossing daily.

  37. T.T.

    i cant believe you made that “woman cant tolerate pain” comment im a 19 year old girl and i just got the local as well, and my tooth was impacted completely into my jaw bone!..stop being a sissy, and i agree with the other lady, women give birth all over the world lets see how manly you are if you had to do that!!! Pop a Vicodin and Move On!

  38. Christy

    I had local ane. Got 2 wisdom teeth pulled. The doc gave me 800mg.vikes sold them mutha fuckas went home ate sum tacoz and hott salsa that i made my self shit i think i felt better than usually . Yall all soundz like pussys 2 me. Its not bad at all o yea and i also did a natual child birth and that i wanted 2 fuckin self but i dint cus im writing this shit right now and o yea guess what i gotta get 3 more pulled. Sooo excitied . . Its all bout that money money . Bye

  39. Emmy

    Gawd im sat here reading about wisdom teeth cause im in stupid amounts of pain from mine, i suffered laast yr with my top one but omg my bottom one is pure evil, im 25 and been hoping it woulndt come to this but id give for anything for someone to yank it out right now, im dopped up on painkillers almost crying and laughing from the pain. Its been niggling for almost 8 months but joy of joys on my 25th birthday i started climbing walls trying to ignore it. Now its 6am roll on 9am cause i sure aint sleepin wait for the dentist in town to open and see if i can get it pulled on emergencey treatment. gotta love NHS for making it nyon immpossible to accept new patients. Hasnt put me off the potential of needing it pulled right now i welcome it even if i feel everything

  40. clocksnmirrors

    LOL This site made me feel better. I had my lower two impacted wisdom teeth removed four days ago. The procedure itself wasn’t bad. I elected for the local anesthetic. The oral surgeon and assistant were very good about talking me through exactly what was going on and what to expect when there was going to be noise or pressure. The only minor issue was when he got to the second extraction, the left tooth. I felt a sharp pain when he started cutting because i guess the novacaine had started to wear thin. But he numbed me up some more and everything came out ok.

    What has concerned me was the pain and the bleeding afterwards. I was a little surprised at how much oozing there still was on the second day. This was probably compounded by the fact I took Aleve instead of Vicodin (fearing the stories of addiction). Aleve apparently has the same blood thinning properties as aspirin, so think twice about taking it after this type of procedure.

    Well I got back on the Vicodin, but the problem is you’re only supposed to take it every four to six hours but it seems to start wearing off after only two to three hours. Besides that there’s been some very sharp twinges of pain on the right side in the socket area. It almost feels like something popping. I sure hope there’s no infection growing in there. the swelling was pretty minimal and has continued to decrease so i’m thinking this is not infection. I’ve been super disciplined about salt water rinses and not eating solids that can get caught in the sockets. Smoothies are my new best friend.

    Anyway, I wasn’t having problems or pain but my dentist recommended getting them out because i was having bone loss around the tooth and pocket formation that would eventually have been a problem. I’m 44 and waited way longer than I probably should have. But now it’s done and the healing is well underway.

    My advice is, everyone is different. Do what you think will be best for you.

  41. Anonymous

    i had 4 wisdom teeth ans three other teeth removed yesterday. so 7 in total. i am 2o yrs old. im in fucking agony have smoke da few fags but rinse mouth straight away after smoking. i am so bloody sore .

  42. anonymous

    well let me tell u.i am 22 and had to get one of my lower wisdom teeth pulled today .I never felt much when he was cutting the gum or pulling it out .but when it was done and the doc was putting some cotton swap in there for the bleeding he told me to bite on it i tryed and i couldnt do it it was like my jaws wont move.and then he said hold on i pull out the mouth gard ..ohh myy.figures wha ..well its about4 hours after the tooth being pulled and man do it ever hurt and iam not afarid to say i fucking cryed with the pain .my jaw and the muscle is soo soore i dont no what to do i whish i had more off that stuff that was in the needle lol.

    well any tips on what to do after words with the pain and infection ???? i also had 4 stiches in where the tooth was

  43. Ethan

    Just don’t spit or drink from a straw, and rinse GENTLY (passive rinsing, by turning your head side to side, no swishing around vigorously in your mouth) with warm salt water after 24 hours, especially after eating and before bed.

    I just have a quick question. I just got one of mine, bottom Left, out on Monday. How can I tell if I got dry socket?! I’ve heard horror stories. How will I know?

  44. Brooke

    I had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday! The doc said one was too close to a main nerve and he didn’t want to risk it. I’m 20 so I hope I heal quickly! One of the stitches fell out yesterday and I’m afraid this is going to cause problems. Anyone have a similar experience?

    I got knocked out for the procedure. Best choice I ever made! The worst pain I felt throughout the whole thing was the IV being put in.

    I heard about a lot of people waking up woozy/delerious but that was not the case with me. I felt like I just woke up from a nap and didnt feel weird at all (except swollen and numb).

    At least I’ll never have to worry about this again!! Unless the 4th tooth starts bothering me ahhhh

  45. kitty

    had all 4 of mine out yesterday under general. It was great.
    I was awake for all of 5 minutes before they kicked me out of hte chair, so I ended up fainting twice before i even got out of the building… but hey they bought me juice.
    was sick twice on my long car ride home, puking blood on the side of the road while doped up was an experience.
    If you go take general anesthetic definatily take GRAVOL. i was nauseus and vomiting until i did – side effect of the ansethetic.

    also had no idea what the whole dry socket thing was until today reading these. which is great because I prob would have followed the instructions more closely, hopefully im lucky.
    the pain meds are excellent!

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