I’ve had my wisdom teeth in for years now and they’ve caused zero problems. So what they’re impacted. I don’t really understand the concept of going through surgery with its long recovery time and possible complications to address a problem that may never arrive. I figure this is a money-making scheme that starts at the top of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and trickles its way all the way down to the American Dental Association. But I succumbed. The nagging has gone on for three years, and I hate nagging. Plus I’m young with health insurance, and it does seem odd that I have teeth sticking out halfway through my gums. Besides, I’m sure teeth extraction technology has advanced from the days of metal tools and pliers. The doctor will vaporize my teeth with a friggin’ laser beam in a bloodless operation.

I decided beforehand to get local anesthesia only. I think it’s fine for women to go under because they are physically weak and can not handle pain. But no real man would go under to just get a couple teeth pulled. I also wanted to avoid the weird anal soreness side-effect of anaesthesia that happened to me last time I went under.

The first thing I noticed when I got in the operation room was the dental tray of metal tools and pliers. There was a 40 mL syringe of Novocaine, which by syringe standards is gigantic. (For a simple cavity, the syringe is no large than 5 mL.) The most painful part of the entire surgery was in the beginning when the doctor had to poke all over my mouth with this needle. Note: the roof of your mouth does not like getting stabbed with a sharp object. I anticipated the pliers to make an early appearance but was surprised when he pulled out a small metal stick instead. He put it against a wisdom tooth at top and just pushed down with moderate force. It came out within 30 seconds. “Wowww that wazzzz eeeeassy!” (Remember my mouth was completely numb.)

The next tooth was at the bottom. The same stick did not do the trick. He brought out a lot more metal sticks and used a bit more force. Then the drill came out. It was the biggest drill I’ve ever seen in my life. He would drill a little bit then attempt to use brute strength to get the tooth out. It still wasn’t coming out. He brought out the pliers for this one and I learned that teeth are pretty loud when they crack. Several times he braced against the chair and my body to get enough leverage to muscle the tooth out. I remember his arm was pressed against my forehead at one point, like he was trying to put me in a sleeper hold. All that force was going into one side of my jaw so I asked for a few breaks. During one break, the doctor looked frustrated and walked out the room.

He came back five minutes later and poked my mouth with some more Novocaine. “Oh no, he’s going to bust out with some experimental shit!” He would use a tool, slam it on his table, sigh, then stare at all his tools for a couple seconds to decide what to use next. I tried to pretend I couldn’t see the frustration in his face. He was mad at my tooth, and was tired of taking its shit. Who did the tooth think it was fucking with? Finally after about 15 minutes, before having to bring out the saw from storage, he got it out. I needed a break. I stood up and noticed my “Grandma Loves Me” bib was covered with blood.

He had a different strategy for each tooth. The last tooth got a lot of plier action: pulling, cracking, twisting. After about five minutes, I heard him say “Jeez!” as he pulled the final monster from my mouth. It was gigantic and ugly, like a turd left by a medium-sized animal. It was over. There is no fourth tooth because I’m a mutant.

Advice to those of you who still have your wisdom teeth: DON’T DO IT. And if it eventually does cause problems, only take out one at a time. You will be less likely to go through days of recovery, where the different stages of your facial appearance represents a species from the animal kingdom:

Day 1: Elephant man
Day 2: Chipmunk
Day 3: Hamster storing peanuts

Now excuse me while I go wash the blood spots from my pillowcases.

199 thoughts on “MY WISDOM TEETH STORY

  1. Paul

    Well, I had two wisdom teeth removed this morning (top right and bottom right). It’s 6pm and I have some feeling back in my tongue, cheek, and jaw so I guess that’s a good sign. This whole “Dry Socket” thing has me a bit concerned though because it sounds like a next-to-death experience. Funny stories on here though which eases the pain!

  2. Kez

    Today is Thursday and I had my bottom left wisdom tooth on Monday night – under local (don’t recommend it). I did everything by the book and still got the dreaded dry socket and it REALLY, REALLY hurts. ‘They’ say that some people just get dry socket. Great. I am taking ibuprofen and co-codamol (plus antibiotics), which are keeping the pain bearable-ish, but make me sick. I doubt that I’ll be back to work until next week as I feel awful and have done all week. I can’t wait to feel ok again because this is horrible.

  3. Kez

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention the really nasty taste in my mouth too – apparently another sympton of dry socket. God it hurts.

  4. Anonymous

    I got my wisdom teeth out on Thursday .. It is now 2 Fridays later .. My teeth were perfectly fine, and didn’t hurt at all but then I got infections in the holes on the two bottom sides .. The infections are now cleared up and don’t bother me but my teeth are still shifting and becoming more, and more painful .. Even to brush them I am almost in tears .. My bottom lip also keeps losing feeling every couple of minutes, only in one spot though .. It’s really painful .. Worse than the wisdom teeth themselves coming out .. I was also put under to get my teeth out, but I woke up during the surgery, I could hear everything that was going on, see blurrs around me that I knew were the doctor and nurses, but I couldn’t feel anything.

  5. brian

    I had the lower left removed on Feb 6th. I’m 50 years old…obviously I waited too long. The extraction was uneventful. I just had local. All was fine for three days…then the dry socket came. WAY worse than the extraction. It is now Feb 18th and I am STILL in pain. I was told that everybody is different and heal at different rates. I am having the uppers removed in about six weeks. They say uppers cause less problems than lowers. I guess I’ll find out next month.

  6. Wildbill

    I just went t the dentist for srays today. Im 23 and feared my wisdom teeth ere impacted. 2 years ago my original dentist said my wisdom teeth “should probably come out soon” Well alil over 2 years later the teeth are all errupted and nice and straight. Apparantly this isn’t common for most people. Anyway i brush regularly and floss maybe afew times a week. This didnt stop a cavity from forming on my top left wisdom tooth. So all its gonna be for me is a pull of the top and botttom left wisdom tooth. I was sooooo happy they werent impacted and i only need the tooth removed b/c of the cavity, i guess i lucked out.

    P.S. dentists reccommend that you get at least 2 teeth removed at a time so it fits your bite. My bottom wisdom doesnt have problems but it wont fit my bite and could damage my gum if not removed so it will be.

  7. Sympathetic

    I had all four wisdom teeth out just short of a week ago. The operation day, other than the oral surgeon cutting open my lips with the extractors, went without serious problems. The work I had done – two upper wisdom teeth (that were exposed); right lower wisdom tooth – impacted and growing sideways and almost sharing a root of a neighbouring molar; left unexposed wisdom tooth with a cyst growing (that could be cancerous? It’s currently at biopsy…) All that and being 29 doesn’t help me – not to mention my phobia of dentistry….

    Day two; Bleeding is starting to subside, but lack of sleep due to trying to keep my head elevated to avoid swelling is starting to kick my ass. Even though I started on day one doing the salt water rinses as instructed after any meal (which consists of mainly liquids – nothing hot of course), they really DO HELP…Cold compresses definitely help in rotation 20 min on/20 min off.

    Day three; It’s annoying that the pain and swelling still remain…The pain has shifted to “Sympathy Pains” in the rest of my teeth – just trying to adjust to the new jaw plans…?

    Day four; stopped taking Tylenol 3’s @ 2:30 a.m. because they we making me somewhat loopy…Went out to the drug store for a milder tylenol. Still can’t close my jaw fully, so no good food yet. Diet mainly consists of Milkshakes, scrambled eggs mashed against the roof of my mouth to break them down, and soup (luke warm).

    Day five; was actually going to stay home but ended up going to a convention with friends – food situation sucked, but made out good – jaw gets sore from talking too much.

    Day six; had to go to work, good thing it was a Saturday and work load was minimal.

    Today Day seven; Sympathy Pains and fat lower lip seem to be plaguing me, bruising has turned to yellowish-green now. Still can’t properly chew food or close jaw without pain. Stitches seem to be getting more annoying than usual.

    – – –
    What I learned:
    -whatever gauze the dentist provides, ask for plenty more, as the bleeding seems relentless.
    -If you can deal with the pain post surgery at around 3 days, try to stop the use of highly addictive drugs – vicodin/percoset/tylenol 3. Sidenote: anything with codine can constipate you, and given you are not eating a lot of solid foods – maybe not the best means to be taking.
    -put on any lip gloss before going into surgery if you suffer from dry lips, or want to prevent what happened to me with the cutting of my lips.

    ***Good luck for those who have to embark on the unpleasant task of wisdom teeth removal! I’m sure there is a true reason to remove them…

  8. Matt

    Well..I just had my wisdom teeth pulled today, 3 of them. Being knocked out is not for just women, that’s just ridiculous. I was knocked out and I felt it was better because I don’t want to watch what he’s doing, I want to close my eyes, and wake up being all done and numb, then wait for the pain to come into effect. I was horrified at first once they started putting on all of the monitor equipment. I really don’t even remember most of it, all I remember is my mother being there because well obviously, you can’t drive after all the drugs your on. I just remember them telling me to sing a song I didn’t know, then the next thing I know, I’m being walked to a chair with a blanket, it wasn’t much fun, but in a few days, it will be a lot better off than I was before. I was waking up at 3 am in agony, not just once, but very often throughout the day. I’m going to have to say though, getting those teeth removed are going to be a lot better than standing the pain each and every day.

  9. DKS

    o gosh. well i guess im a mutant 2, but not in da fact dat i have 2 wisdom teeth. 2day, i went 2 get one pulled out, but da dentist decided 2 wait, and describe 2 me wats goin on..well, I have 5 wisdom teeth. on my lower left jaw, the wisdom tooth is slanted and pointing at my teeth. rite next 2 it iz anotha tooth. da other r pretty much facin my teeth also instead of upwards

  10. DW

    I had all four removed on Monday, March 19th. I must say that the worst part so far was all of the pre-extraction psychological strain. I was terrified of nerve damage and getting a dry socket. The door opened and I was taken to “the last room on the left” where I was seated. I was in for the full knock-out anesthesia. Thankfully, the nurse found out THEN that the headrest wasn’t properly tightened. My blood pressure was taken, I was hooked up to an EKG and had a pulse monitor hooked up to my finger. The, I was told to squeeze a rubber ball to enlarge my vein for the IV, which went in without a hitch. A few seconds later, I felt like I was levitating out of the chair towards the darkening ceiling tiles…cool. The ball dropped to the floor and was promptly collected by the nurse (or so I would imagine…). I then opened my eyes and saw three surgeons working in my mouth. Just saw, no feeling. Shortly after, I awoke and promptly asked the nurse if I could “keep a tooth as a souvenir”. She replied “No, we threw those out. You should’ve told me that before the surgery, hon.” She took hold of my arm and directed me to a small post-op room with a little vinyl bed. My mom picked me up and took me home, where I merrily hummed myself upstairs and into bed. Two hours later, I woke up, changed the gauze, and had some pudding. I was troubled that my lower right lip and chin had not regained feeling yet. Nerve damage? I went to sleep at 1:30 AM and woke up at 6:30 AM with fully-restored feeling in my lip. I was thrilled, that was one hurdle down. I carefully ate pudding, melted ice cream and applesauce during this second day. My lower-left extraction site was slowly bleeding. Near the end of the day, I rinsed with salt water. My knees became quite warm and achy in the mid-afternoon. I slept much better on this second night. I awoke on the third day feeling better than I had the previous evening. However, although my lower-left sight had stopped bleeding, my lower right had started bleeding! Again, this is slow bleeding, noticeable only when you look into your mouth and see blood between the cusps of the adjacent molars. This stopped by the noon hour. I ate my “hardest” food yet, a mushed-up banana. The only pain I am feeling is a very mild discomfort in my lower-left sight. My tongue looks gross, rather yellow and bumpy, and I try to scrape it carefully with a spoon with limited success. My breath isn’t pleasant, but it isn’t awful either. I can only brush my front two teeth. I rinsed twice today with salt water, the rinsing being filling my mouth with the solution and slowly tilting my head from side-to-side. It has now been about 56 hours since my operation and have yet to experience anything too unpleasant. During this period, I have been on 2 or 3 Ibuprofen taken 3 times per day. I have had no swelling whatsoever.

  11. wendy

    anyone that reads this and has not had their wisdom teeth removed, get them out of your mouth now! im 23 and i just had all four of mine removed a few hours ago. i cannot tell you how scared shitless i was because i didnt want chances of permenant nerve damage. but if one of your teeth get infected like mine did, you will beg to have them removed. i almost cried from the fucking pain of my infected tooth. i did not feel pain from the tooth extraction though. they doped me up damn good. i didnt worry about a damn thing. chicken noodle is my best friend right now. im about to also have pudding mixed with whipped cream. yum. i got the good (expensive drugs) although now i wish i hadnt. my only regret is that i didnt get the local anestetic for a cheapper price. good luck to anyone else out there getting ready for an extraction

  12. cole

    word of advice……keep the gause in it and no worry i just dont eat for 2 days but i smoke coming out of the office not saying to do like me just a story of wisdom teeth

  13. Rich

    i have all 4 of mine the top ones are coming in the correct way and the bottoms are impacted, a few years ago i had surgery for apendex and that anesthesia shit made me sick as hell and i rather have infected gums or whatever its called to be put on that suff again, is there anyway i can just be numbed to have this done, for those of you who know how do i approach this

  14. Brian

    To answer your question Rich, any good oral surgeon can numb you enough so you’ll feel NOTHING while he/she is removing the teeth. I am in the process of having three wisdom teeth pulled and am doing one at a time. I think it’s MUCH easier to deal with one hole at a time. You also have the other side to chew on. I have one more to go. I had #17 dug out on Feb. 6 and it was quite aweful. I had #16 pulled on March 26 and it was MUCH easier than a lower. I have #1 coming out on April 16th and I’m not even worried at all. I just have him shoot in something to numb it up and I personally don’t feel a thing while he’s working. Rich, remember that lowers are worse than uppers because the bone in the lower jaw is much harder and dense than the upper jaw. Impacted lowers make things much worse. TAKE TIME OFF OF WORK for the lowers is my recommendation to you. I did and I’m glad I did. The uppers so far I’ve taken only that day off and it was no problem at all. Uppers heal much faster than lowers. Good Luck!

  15. Jesse

    I just had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out last week Tuesday 4-10-07. So far so good sat at home for a couple days went and ate mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and salmon the night after so i hadn’t eaten for two days. Pudding and other soft foods aren’t that bad eggs are ok too. I will write again after it is all done. Oh yeah I am glad I went out completely plus haven’t taken a single codeine yet!!! No need pain isn’t that bad.

  16. Christopher

    I’m 34 and I had 4 wisdom teeth removed a week ago. I was very nervous for the weeks leading up to it. I was knocked out (general anesthesia) and I recommend it to anyone. Don’t eat or drink anything 6-8 hours before. It can make you sick to your stomach. I didn’t and I felt fine after the surgery. After they started the IV I remember thinking “this kinda feels nice” and the next thing I know I hear,”Chris, wake up.” It was all over and it felt like only 1 or 2 minutes passed. I was under for about 40 minutes. The rest of the day I took it easy and ate tomato soup, mashed potatoes, applesauce, yogurt, and juice. I took my pain medicine and kept an ice pack on and I had very little pain or swelling. I kept the gauze in my mouth for about 4 hours to minimize bleeding. I changed the gauze every hour or so. The numbing agent wore off about 12 hours after the surgery. The entire process is no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be and to be honest I was freaked out by reading a lot of horror stories from other people. After all is said and done I’m a bit embarrased by how much of a baby I am for putting it off for so long. It was really not bad at all. Just a lot of soreness. Good luck to anyone who is reading this and about to get the procedure done. If you are nervous, relax a bit. It was really not bad at all.

  17. jared

    Hmmm, Had my teeth out on monday, it’s now the following monday and i still have no feeling on my bottom lip and chin. I hope this isn’t nerve damage. went to a dental surgeon hoping there would be less chance of it.

  18. Kessa

    Ok.. I only had one wisdom tooth pulled last friday and i am still in extreme pain. The side of my face is still swollen and so is my throat..therefore, i have not eaten really anything for the last 3-4 days.. which is sooo not healthy. I can barely take my medication. The surgeons keeps having me come in to the office and prescribing me new medicine, which sucks because it is like impossible to swallow. And the bottom of my mouth, under my tongue, keeps getting swollen also, a very weird feeling. I had extreme pain on Thursday when i went to my dentist, and then they referred me to a surgeon to have it done that day. I was going to get the local anesthesia but the surgeon recommended doing the general because i was in sooooooo much pain. Therefore, i had to wait until the next morning. I have three more teeth to go, and i am definelty going to put them off as long as i can.

  19. Skye

    I just got mine out (hours ago) and it’s not that bad! I’m a 21 year old female and had all four removed, local freezing only, bottoms impacted. I am definitely glad I didn’t spend the extra money for general. It was good not to feel “out of it” and I could have easily drove myself home right after. It only took 15 minutes in total to remove all 4 and the sounds aren’t horrifying at all. (My bottom 2 were broken up) Hardly any worse than a normal cleaning, really. I had about 15 needles but they are so fast and quick you hardly even know they’re happening. Everyone’s experience is different though so people really shouldn’t read these things beforehand like me. haha. Here’s to hoping for a quick recovery and minimal chipmunk cheeks! So far so good! If you haven’t got yours out yet, don’t worry at all. You’ll be glad to get rid of those little buggers 🙂

  20. kevin

    i have two or maybe 4 that needs to be removed the one on my right side is very sharp and im just scared to go through the surgery.. is it true that you can die from a rooten tooth ? i really dont wanna die at a early age but then again i rather be in heaven with the creator of all things that would make me happier then being on this green earth cause it feels like hell to me already so what should i do?

  21. Brian

    Oh my gosh, Kevin…We need to sit down and talk!

    Yes, you can die from a rotten tooth…but it’s MUCH easier to just go have the tooth pulled. As for your theory of dying at a young age to go to heaven…this whole ‘life on earth’ thing is WAY too nice to just blow it off. I think you should hang around a while.

    Here’s some advice…go have your wisdom teeth pulled ONE AT A TIME. MUCH easier to deal with. Then, focus on the POSITIVES in life!

  22. sean

    heh, i’m getting my removed soon i have 5 wisdom. My bottom right is turned side ways onto my other tooth infront of it. I’m only 16 and i have to get 4 removed or the dentist said it would cause alot of pain because i have HUGE ones…. i’ve always had big teeth problems

  23. alex

    Dude, I just got them pulled today and my only problem was all the fucking blood. A couple of hours and the bleeding slowed down and now barely any blood is coming out. I will not take pills for the pain b/c it’s not that bad but I will take the medicine to prevent infection. *my head hurts…*

    all 4 pulled on thursday 5/17/2007

    Got any adivice for me let me knows 🙂

  24. Christopher

    Kevin- I had the same fears about the surgery and from dying from an infected tooth. The surgery was very, very, very easy. Nothing to worry about at all. Read my post a few weeks back to see about my experience. Go ahead and schedule surgery, it is no where near as scary as many posts have made it out to be.

  25. Jody

    I thought I would share my horror story about my wisdom tooth removal. I had one wisdom tooth that had got a cavity in it. It took me months to get into a dentist to get the referral for a oral surgeon. When I finally went to the surgeon he said I needed to be sedated because of my TMJ disease in my jaw. He said it would help my jaw relax so he could open my mouth far enough to do the surgery. Well when I came back for the removal they put me out. Even under the sedation my mother heard me screaming in the waiting room. They woke me up to tell me they started the first extraction only to have to stitch me up and schedule it to be done at the local hospital. They said everytime they opened my mouth too far I quit breathing, so they needed to tube me so I could breath through surgery. When that day finally came for my surgery they knocked me out cold. When I woke they informed me it was the hardest extraction they ever performed and my face showed it the next day. I was black and blue down the left side of my face. They also told me they left the root to one wisdom tooth because it was wrapped around another tooth. The recovery was awful. My jaw locked and the side of my face had muscle spasms so bad it felt like my face was being slashed and i would scream and cry in pain and it would scare the hell out of my children. To this day I have terrible pain in the tooth that he left the nerves wrapped around.

  26. Brittany

    I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled on May 17th. Im allergic to almost every pain med possible, and last time i had been put to sleep i woke up having seizures, because of being allergic to everything. So i was VERY VERY scared for the surgery. My top two werent impacted, but my bottom 2 were .. My bottom left tooth had gotten infected about 3 weeks ago, and it was by far the worst pain ive ever been through. My jaw was swollen, i couldnt open my mouth, i couldnt eat. So i would DEFINITLY recommend getting your teeth out if they are impacted. Because eventually they will cause you problems. Im 21 and was told when i was 15 to have them out, and i waited and i waited. I wish i wouldnt have. The initial surgery went great. I sat down in the chair, they gave me some laughing gas, and the nurse came in a gave me my IV. The rest is a blur. I remember nothing but waking up at my house about 6 hours later and asking my mom if they took my teeth out. Waking up sucked, because i was in TONS of pain. I could only take 800mg of Ibuprofen. So i took 2 of those and i was fine. I was off work Thurs-Mon. Its tuesday and im back at work. Dont have much pain. Still a little swollen and my jaw just aches. I go back Thursday for my follow up. Overall, i would recommend getting them out. It sucks the first 4-5 days but in the end its worth it. Im the biggest sissy ever and if i can get it done, anyone can. Believe me lol.

  27. Alan

    As for me my lower right wisdom tooth was impacting and i didnt realise until it was too late and my molar next to the wisdom tooth had to be removed ( i just thoguht it was growing pains from the wisdom tooth!) then i started to have the “growing pain” sensation in my lower left wisdom tooth, so i thought best to get it took out before i lose my left molar due to impacting, but once it came out i had dry socket for 2 weeks.. and now about a month later im getting ear ache and headache pain that starts from the gap where my left wisdom tooth use to be…joy

  28. Mel

    I had an impacted tooth & was in extreme pain.
    The doctor “Decided” that he was going to take ALL of them out. I was hell for days on end. Mashed Potatoes, Baby food, Slim Fast, & Chicken soup were the only foods keeping me alive.
    Oh, and I drooled the first night since my face was the size of a damn house.
    I made sure to get the IV cause with four wisdom teeth being extracted, I did NOT want to remember ANY of it.

    BTW: Women are not physically weak. Hey, we deal with Periods every month. I’ve heard many cramp horror stories.
    Oh & I’d like to see you have a baby 🙂

  29. L

    I had to have 5 teeth pilled at once, all 4 wisdom and one of my back teeth, molar I think it’s called. Anywho, it really wasn’t so bad. From reading what a lot of posts are saying it seems they are only trying to scare people out of getting it done, and trust me whatever pain you do feel during the operation, is nowhere close to what you can feel by not having it done..

    and Kevin, get your teeth fixed/pulled you still have a life to live here don’t let things keep ya down. Fight it back kick butt and take names, show them whos boss. I used to feel the same way about things and it isn’t a good feeling I know. Remember, it’s the hard workers that gets the big loot in the end. Show em you can do it! 🙂

  30. Jo

    I get mine out next month and I’m 50. Only two. I wish i did it when i was 20 cause now i can wind up losing the next tooth due to bone loss and they will be much harder to get out. if you still got them, get rid of them. Not only am I up for more complications, dental bills can go into the thousands now, if the other teeth go. What an idiot I was to just let them sit. Anyone reading this whose debating, just do it. Take a few days off work and have a vicodin party til you feel better.

  31. Anonymous

    I am getting my wisdom tooth removed tomarrow an d i am more afraid of th side affects of the anestesia than what i am of the procedure itself!!!!!!!

  32. imadude

    It’s not as bad as i thought it would be, but it’s not as good as i’d hoped. I’ve had countless reconstructive surgerys over my lifetime and ridiculously enough this was the most pleasant. Last wednesday I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed…along with the other once..3 hour surgery. I had em knock me out for this one. Just turned 28 so happy bday to me. Today is the first day I am not disorientatingly uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel like i ate a bowl of crushed razorblades anymore. Just a strong burning sensation. Bottom lip and left bottom jaw are nice and numb yet feel like there is a dagger sticking through them. mmm How i long to eat anything but pudding, mashed potatos, and slim fast. I say get it done. It only hurts when your heart beats.

  33. Debbie Donaldson

    i just got mine out about 7 days ago and i no longer have swelling now but i just have alittle pain in my right jaw, i guess they really struggled getting the bottom right one out. the procedure wasnt that bad it only lasted an hour and i dont remember that day at all barely… all i remember is laughing gas, the needle and the doctor saying…”in about 20 sec. you will feel a warm fuzzy feeling.” lets just say i didnt feel anything i just was out in 2 sec. after that i just remember waking up 15 hours later in pain and going out to get cigarettes at midnight. my mom who took care of me while i was asleep says i walked to the car after the procedure and “watched” movies with her for awhile when i got home but i dont remember…i think that was a good thing! well i glad its over now but i hate that now whenever i eat anything i have to get that serenge and fill it full of water to flush out anything stuck in the four holes in the back of my mouth.

  34. Debbie

    i just got mine out about 7 days ago and i no longer have swelling now but i just have alittle pain in my right jaw, i guess they really struggled getting the bottom right one out. the procedure wasnt that bad it only lasted an hour and i dont remember that day at all barely… all i remember is laughing gas, the needle and the doctor saying…”in about 20 sec. you will feel a warm fuzzy feeling.” lets just say i didnt feel anything i just was out in 2 sec. after that i just remember waking up 15 hours later in pain and going out to get cigarettes at midnight. my mom who took care of me while i was asleep says i walked to the car after the procedure and “watched” movies with her for awhile when i got home but i dont remember…i think that was a good thing! well i glad its over now but i hate that now whenever i eat anything i have to get that serenge and fill it full of water to flush out anything stuck in the four holes in the back of my mouth.

  35. christian

    I had my wisdom teeth pulled about 5 years ago,
    The top 2 had come out crooked, the bottom ones were fine.
    Being a niave 20 year old and a big overseas working holiday ahead of me i decide to get them all pulled.
    The surgery was fine, after was very painful, nothing some panadols cant fix. The years after I have had nothing but troubles. My jaw has shrunk in size, i get constant problems with nerves in my face and im constantly concious of the problem, my jaw has problems resting comfortably where once it did on my lower wisdom teeth and so i constantly grind them causing more pain and problems, this is after 5 years!!!
    To any one who is thinking of getting their teeth pulled, think again please. ONLY GET THEM OUT IF THEY ARE CAUSING YOU PROBLEMS, DONT JUST GET THEM OUT BECAUSE SOME DOCTOR THINKS YOU SHOULD!

  36. Unknown

    I am getting my wisdom teetho ut tomorrow (july 6th) and I’m soo scared. I hate needles and aparently the drugs make you feel high/drunk, which i havent even experienced =[ Im only 17 years old and I’m going under local anesthetic thingy. A lot of my friends have comforted me but some bulletins really freak me out . . I think the scariest part will be walking in the room and haing a seat 😐 someone plz comment back

  37. Sophie

    WELL… I got four wisdom teeth taken out five days ago… I was knocked out completely through an IV (wasn’t given the option haha thank god).. The pain hasn’t been too bad, but the painkillers have probably prevented me from feeling much. Now I still have cheeks swollen the size of balloons and major jaw stiffness. So it sucks I cannot eat mornal food or even open my mouth wide enough to get anything in. Hopefully I don’t get a dry socket… *crosses fingers* Either way… It sucks

  38. marcopolio

    I just had three wisdom teeth taken out four days ago. Local anesthetic and no vicoden or any kind of pain pills received. Its still sore but ibuprofen takes care of it. And dude, you’re doctor must have molested you because “anal soreness” is not normal after anesthesia.

  39. jordan

    gah i just got mine out 4 days ago, and the pain seems to get worse and worse. its 3:32 in the morning and i cant fall asleep! i keep thinking to myself, why did i do this?? IT SUCKS

  40. Justin

    I had my wisdom teeth pulled not to long ago. It was grand. They have me some nitrous oxide [laughing gas] to make me all cool. Then give me an IV and I was dead like a cow. I woke up with lots of pain after the numbness and stuff was gone. I ended up having 5 wisdom teeth. I just the swelling on one side wasn’t as bad.

  41. ouchiee!

    lol hate all u guys, i have the worse friggin toothache from a decayed wisdom and ur all makin me wanna cancel my appointment

  42. That one girl.

    haha, That was very amusing. And I didn’t get knocked out and I was a girl!! I just had them give me laughing gas (which just made me paranoid but happy) and then they gave me a million shots (which were fine) and then started yanking them out. The only one that gave me any trouble was my bottom right wisdom tooth. It was pretty horrible but the rest were fine. They came out in a few seconds. After that only my right side swelled up and I still can’t chew properly. (I had this done 6 days ago) So I’m pretty hungry right now, but after the first few days the pain and swelling decreased dramatically.

    Yet, if you don’t need to have them taken out… don’t.

  43. Anonymous

    Women are weak? How about you pass a human being out of your body with no drugs (right after you spend 9 months growing him/her) and then we’ll see just how much of a “real man” you are.

  44. Jessica H.

    well i will say im glad the whole thing is over and done with. Before getting my wisdom teeth removed i was having all sorts of sinus infections and really really bad breath. i came to understand that the reason for this was because when one lower wisdom tooth was growing in and food was getting stuck under the flap of gum and rotting, people this is a terrible experience that i know im not the only to have experienced it. Moving on, i found out bye my dentist there was a serious infection that was causeing the bad breath and sinus infections. after getting my wisdom teeth removed just last monday the 15th i found the first day i was fine no pain no swelling, not until the 3rd day where it got worse then started to get better. it is now the 23rd of october and the 2 upper teeth seem to be doing great with the healing process, as for the 2 lower, i have been slowing eating more solid foods. i was aware of an infection on one of the lower ones over the past weekend im sure i got a piece of food stuck in one of the holes and it was soo groose,i started having really bad horid bad breath cause of the infection and pus was actually coming out from where the old tooth was. Today and onward i am doing everything in my best possible interest to keep these areas clean and i did before as well its just soo hard being on a liquid diet food looks so much more tempting being in this helpless state. so my doctor gave me some penacillan to take for 10 days and im really praying this works.THIS has bye far been the worst and most self esteem lowering experience i have ever had in my life -teeth are no joke
    before i go does anyone know how long the bottom usually takes to heal i have a big hole on one side and im worried it will never close…. any comments? on that

  45. Pete

    Wow, I must be lucky. My local dentist only numbed me up and yanked out my bottom two in less than five minutes. Two hours later the numbing completely subsided and I felt no pain. Very odd, considering I didn’t even take one pain-killer. I had no swelling whatsoever and there was no dry socket or other pain over the next week. I could have easily eaten solid foods on the day I had them pulled, but I didn’t want any food residue near the blood clots so I stuck to pudding and soup until the third day. Also, I never rinsed my mouth out with salt water like most people here said they did… just played the waiting game and got extremely lucky I guess.

  46. Danielle

    I feel sorry for all the people who’ve had such bad experiences; I guess I’ve always been lucky! Everyone deals with pain differently so I won’t comment on some of the who’s-a-wimp comments that others have made. I happened upon the site while searching for info. on tooth extractions under gas/anesthesia. My coworker is having a tooth pulled Tuesday & is returning to work after until the effects wear off. Since I’ve only ever dealt with the novacaine needle for oral surgery (I’ve dealt with both anesthesia & conscious sedation for hospital surgeries), I have no idea if she’s being realistic or not about driving herself home later that night. My guess is she’ll have to have someone pick her up and stay with her through the night, but then again, maybe she won’t?

  47. Danielle

    Oh, and my oral surgery history ..

    Several baby teeth & adult teeth were extracted when I was a child in preparation for braces. I had basically extra sets of teeth, so it was really, really crowded in my mouth. lol The dentist had left room for my wisdom teeth to grow in, which they did, and act as another set of molars. When all was said & done, I had just enough teeth to fit in my mouth, and all the teeth were straight. And yes, I use(d) my wisdom teeth to chew. Numbness, bleeding & gauze was all I had to deal with – except for once when I kept touching my numb face, I got a bit swollen that time.

    My lower right wisdom tooth cracked when I was an adult (first a chip I didn’t get seen & later a crack) so I had to have it removed. After hearing all the horror stories that people told about wisdom teeth extraction, I took the whole day off (and the next day, too) just in case there were complications. I went to an oral surgeon for that, got the novacaine needle and had no problems. Lots of bleeding & gauze is normal for me; I find it annoying but not much more than that. It was strange hearing the crack-crack-crunch of the tooth as he broke it apart to get it out. It was strange, too, having my jaw yanked at so hard, I was certain it would be dislocated. I indicated my jaw was a problem, and he asked the nurse to hold it. All was good after that. No aspirin, no pain meds required. I was on solid food the next day (nothing crunchy or really chewy, of course). I didn’t really *need* the following day off but since I’d already asked for it, I stayed home & did other things. 😉

    The only issue with the wisdom tooth extraction was the fact that now my teeth no longer matched up, and since I used that tooth to chew, I had to adjust to a new way of chewing! Plus, with an empty space (especially if previously used!), your other teeth start to shift a bit.

    Fast forward to 2003 where one lower molar cracked, then the symmetrical one (lower) on the other side. I kept switching which side I chewed on and kept cracking the teeth more. I had them looked at in 2004 (after I couldn’t fall asleep from pain or touch the side of my face with my mouth & head & bones screaming – luckily I don’t use aspirin much so two aspirins killed the pain nicely for a time anyway) and my dentist (a replacement dentist for my regular one who’d retired or something) was pushing to have them pulled because it’s less expensive than having a root canal. (plus, I would’ve needed gum surgery to fix the teeth? inflating the cost more) So I waited. I’d rather try to save my teeth then pull them. After all, I lost one tooth (wisdom) already; I didn’t want to lose anymore!

    In 2006 after I had an incident of getting food lodged in my throat (’cause I couldn’t chew properly) and had to go to the hospital to get it dislodged (and yes, I tried forcing it down with a cup of water, but the passageway was blocked so that the water would spurt back out like a fountain as I poured it in), I decided enough was enough. I went to a new dentist who said it was too late to save them (and was surprised I wasn’t it lots of pain). I scheduled an appointment with the same oral surgeon who did my wisdom tooth and had both molars removed on the same visit. Novacaine needle only. Lots of blood as usual. I ate soup that night and chewed at a bit of sandwich. I took a precautionary aspirin and bright & early the next morning I was at work. That was an annoyance only because I was still pooling a bit of blood whenever I bent my head down. lol

    I wouldn’t get two teeth pulled at the same time again. It didn’t hurt. The needle only pinches and then you’re numb. But it’s annoying to have twice as much gauze in your mouth and to not have the other side of your mouth to reliably chew. I had to sort of “chew” in the middle.

    Because I didn’t want the rest of my teeth to shift and totally make it impossible to eat (plus, I’m still fairly young & it’s not attractive), I decided to replace the big open gaps in my mouth. Despite the expense (and I have no dental insurance!) and the time commitment, I opted for dental implants. The dentist implants a rod (which acts as the “root”) in your jaw bone where the tooth used to be, and then a full crown tops the implant off. That was very weird since I’d never done it before. Again, I opted for novacaine only. We were doing it one at a time this time, same dental surgeon as before. For this he cuts your gums open and then takes out the bone drill to drill a hole in my jaw! I didn’t feel anything except for a bit of pressure. It was easier than an extraction, although the sound of the drill was a little nerve-wracking; I didn’t feel a thing though. After he inserted the implant, he sewed my gums up. There’s far less blood than an extraction because of the stitches. I didn’t have to have the gauze for as many hours as I normally do! I actually filled the pain medication prescription since this was my first experience with implant surgery, but I never used it. I had to go back to work after for about an hour or so to cover for someone else who was leaving early. That was annoying because my jaw was swelling a bit & I had no icepacks or heat things to place on it. Also, the gauze made it difficult to talk on the phone which is part of my job. 🙁 Once closing time came, I hurried to my sister’s daycare to help out with the Halloween party. I had some pizza, carefully chewed, at the party. Precautionary aspirin at night and the next day I’m back at work, still a little swelling and now some soreness in the jaw, but the swelling was gone by the end of the day & the soreness went away in two or three days.

    They give you a few weeks to let your jaw/mouth heal and to let the bone kinda graft to the implant. There’s a followup appointment where the gum is reopened, the jaw is drilled into a bit (at least in my case) and a little topper is placed on the implant so the gum will heal around it, and the crown can later be placed on the topper. That was novacaine only. Another followup appointment checks that all is well (no novacaine required) and then I go back to my dentist who starts the fitting of crown.

    And then, of course, I had the second implant in.
    The bone drill didn’t sound as scary the second time around. 😉 I’m very happy with the work. No complications. I can chew again! lol

    Oh, and my upper left wisdom tooth has now chipped, but we caught it in time. I have fillings in that one (remember, I use my wisdom teeth to chew!) and the chip was around the filling area so it couldn’t be evened out. No root canal, just a cap to protect it. At least it’s been saved, and I won’t have to deal with shifting teeth and chewing fiascos again. lol

    All in all, I’ve been very lucky! No real issues or complications or pain for that matter before/during/after oral surgery. No need to be knocked out and get anything more than the needle of novacaine. I’m so used to it now, the needle pinch no longer bothers me either. lol

    So .. everyone’s experiences are different. Just make whatever seems the best decision for you and don’t worry about what other people did. Follow the instructions, let the doc know if it hurts .. and go somewhere you feel comfortable. I love my new dentist and the oral surgeon I’ve gone to, too. I’d recommend either to everyone in my area!

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