To me, Nelly Furtado was that quirky hot girl who had her own unique style. Some accent reduction and plastic surgery later, she has let a record company turn her into another generic music whore who sings about fucking (“Promiscuous Girl“). Here’s your soul, for a million albums sold.



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  1. Sally

    She has a toddler, which I only found out after reading a quote from her in a story about Britney Spears in “US Weekly”. RANDOM.

  2. hedonistic

    So here I am, totally insomniac this evening, clicking on various websites, and I stop back here and read . . . DCB cares about a woman’s soul?

    I must be dreaming!

  3. KassyK

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I was just discussing this with a friend on Friday night. We were like is she being IRONIC? Nope…not ironic. She is being (or has been) turned into “that girl”. Did anyone see the Sat Night Live finale…She was ALL dancing like a hoochie with MY boyfriend Timberlake and wearing a bra as a shirt.

    I used to love Nelly bc she was weird too. Now she is just a clone. Sad.Her voice even sounds diff….

    But the beat is good…and shell sell LOTS of records…only wish it wasnt her doing it…and say–Kellis or Ciara…someone who could PULL it off…

  4. nabeel

    business is business, and it’s all about raking in the moolah… no matter what they do to someone’s *cough* identity *cough cough*

  5. Anonymous

    Isn’t the song “Mystery Girl?”

    Her other image didn’t sell. “I’m like a Bird” wasn’t going to feed her for the rest of her life. Give the girl a break, you’d be surprised at what you’d do for millions…

  6. Eugenius

    I agree about doing what earns you $ ……as a man who would try to hit it either way…….I like the second, slutty look better….

    Yes she was original, but that didnt pay as well as talking about fucking and therefore going mainstream…so I give her props for being a smart business woman….

  7. chicgirl

    her nose looked much better before….
    she was much more interesting looking & I always thought she was a beauty (b4).

  8. raincouver

    I see I’m not the only one to pick up on that. Nelly grew up in Victoria, BC, amongst all them tree huggers and hippies that makes this place so “special”. It’s no surprise that her first albums reflected that background.
    Her new song was a little shocking… I bet it was called Mysterious Girl at first, and then like DCB and the Anon says, the record company stepped in to change that image. Oh well.

  9. Roissy

    who among us, if given the opportunity, wouldn’t “””sell out””” for big bucks?

    identity hand-wringing is an easy morality trope for the proles who are safe from the threat of ever having to put their moral code to the test.

    cast 72% of your haughty gaze to the heathens who lap up this pre-fab corporate focus group shit.

  10. doublens

    It’s just the first single, which is a big deal in that industry, so to make it a club hit is smart – I doubt she’ll be a sell-out throughout the entire album and producing a single such as “promiscuous girl” (which I think is tight) could be filed under EXPERIMENTAL for someone of her musical doings.

    Besides, hot European girls (she’s of Portugese origin) can do whatever the hell they want, Right?

  11. Anonymous

    Y’all are haters! She’s hot. She’s original. Use your imagination and go beyond the words Webster definition. Promiscious posts your bugging me with all of your hypocrisy. If you had a chance you’d all do the dance of fame and fortune. Give her a break!

  12. Anonymous

    she used to be original. now i definitely like her song but find her image boring. it was her personality that i liked, which she reflected to the songs. now that is dead i guess..sad

  13. portuguese girl

    nelly is no sell out she has had no plastic surgery yall haters get over it!

  14. Elric

    answer: Yes! she’s sold out. Too bad because if she had stuck to her guns there might have been a resurgence in meaningful female music. Now, she’s simply a pawn in the pop music world.
    She’s wasting her musical talent, and yeah, she’s good looking, but her strutting and gyrating is clumsy and uncomfortable looking.
    britney, duff, hilton, both simpsons, stefani, and now furtado….god help us.

  15. angel

    For all the people saying stuff like “you would do the same thing to get paid more give the girl a break” well give me a break. Believe it or not there are certain artists and musicians out there that that have actually maintained their image and identity and stayed true to themselves, even ones that have been in the business way longer than she has—here’s a crazy thing-this is called a love for music and making music that makes u happy and reflects who you are. And for those of you saying “oh well she gets paid more” That’s the problem with ppl today-way too shallow and money driven. You can’t take your money to the grave. I would rather be a well respected artist known for making real, quality music than a clone that makes a few extra bucks. Maybe if more people thought that way our so society wouldnt be in the coniditon it is today. It wouldn’t be as bad if she had come onto the music scene this way, but she came out projecting a positive, wholesome image which gained the respect and admiration of alot of young girls and adults and then she dashes it to the ground and gives the old excuse “i’ve grown” bit. Alot of people maybe dumb enough to buy her albums but does she actually think some ppl are so stupid?

  16. Anonymous

    She hasn’t had any plastic surgery she just untied her hair and she saw herself beautiful who cares if she did it for the monewy if she did it it may be because she wants to say on the bussiness

  17. bimol

    business is business, and it’s all about raking in the moolah... no matter what they do to someone’s *cough* identity *cough cough*

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