After a short but intense career in the Air Force, Spaniard has moved back to the DC area to continue the hater tradition that we started four years ago in clubs such as Zei, Insomnia, and The Spot, all of which are now closed.

Spaniard is unique in that his hating is directed at only one person: the DJ. Spaniard can only nod his head sideways at the constant trainwreck mixes that DC DJ’s have to offer.

On behalf of all existing hater members, we welcome you Spaniard.


  1. Anonymous

    His hating ought to be directed at the crappy razor that couldn’t finish the job. If you can’t grow it, don’t show it.

  2. Spaniard

    Now, “Anonymous,” tell me again because apparently I missed it, what’s the reason why how I look matters to you?

    By you advising me how I would look best, it leads me to believe one of two things. Either you are trying to hook me up on a date with someone you know and this special someone prefers another type of look. OR, maybe you’re describing how you’d like me best which seems a bit more accurate. In either case i’m flattered that you are coming on to me. Unfortunately I won’t be able to let you slob me down, but for a place you can advise men on how you like them best, go to forums more clearly oriented to your desires. is a good starting point, good luck bro, hope you find someone you do like with the cutest facial hair!

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