A married woman turns 30 and decides to go for a shoulder-length trim. She does this either because she wants to be taken more seriously or because she wants to put less time in maintaining longer hair. Then it happens. She wakes up one morning and realizes she no longer wants to appear sexual to another man again: she cuts her hair to neck length, and keeps it that way until she dies.

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  1. Kathryn

    As always, I struggle to deal with the facts as they present themselves:

    -I am 31.
    -I am not married.
    -My hair is pretty long – mid-back length at this point.
    -I never want to have neck-length hair, probably not even shoulder-length.

    Can this mean that there are EXCEPTIONS to the word of DCB??? I…I just don’t know what to think now. The world is spinning so fast; I want off…

  2. Rhinestone Cowgirl

    I think this happens more often when a woman has kids, because really long hair is just a total PITA to maintain when you’re too busy and tired to even take a shower.

    That being said, my sis chopped off her hair when she had THREE children in two years (one set of twins) but it’s now back to halfway down her back. And she looks fab, and swears she’s never cutting it again.

  3. holiday

    I cut 10 inches off my hair, because I gave it to Locks of Love, and because I thought it was cliche’ to be the asian girl with the long black hair.

  4. Aja

    Wow, must have read my mind!!!! I have 6pm appointment and was thinking if I should chope my hair. I am 30, not married and current length is about 4 inches past shoulder. I thought about cutting right to chin length (Charlize Theron bobcut) and then someone said no, not sexy, too high maintenance then the current pull your her back into a ptail.

    DCB: are you saying longer hair is sexy? Do men not prefer short hair despite how good it looks on a girl (keira Knightley)? The age thing is pointless. I am still deciding because really it is the maintenance part that is driving me to cut, but I do want a sexy style.

  5. DCB Post author

    Short and sexy don’t match. Short goes with “professional” or “red-head from SATC”. Who wants to be associated with that?

  6. chicbutnotshady

    so, you are saying you like old chicks with long hair? or you don’t like anyone with short hair? or neither?
    I personally love long hair; but I think that some women that are hot regardless of hair length.

  7. seenster

    Nah, women who get married and have children (or not) are totally allowed to cut their hair short and let themselves go as they get older.

    Just like men are allowed to have mistresses and get divorced when they get older.

  8. Chase

    There are plenty of women who have short hair that are sexy. Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, etc…
    Some women look great with short hair and some women look great with long hair. Hair doesn’t make you sexy. Sexiness come from within.

  9. RCR

    “Sexiness come from within.”

    That is a popular female misconception. We are men, and yes, your physical appearance matters very, very much.

    Case in point, I have an ex who used to have beautiful long brown hair. I saw her the other day with a cropt “indie chic” haircut (about down to her earlobes), and wasn’t even the slightest bit attracted to her. If she looked like that when we met, I never would have asked her out. Some guys like short hair, some guys like long hair, but you can pretty much count on the fact that we have an opinion one way or the other. Hair is a very polarizing issue.

    Yes, men get fat, bald, etc. But women are just more tolerant of a degredation in physical appearance. You could hold us to the same standard we hold you, but you don’t. And we really can’t help that.

  10. Anonymous

    Do you rate hair as more important than a body? Or a face?
    Being a girl that likes a guy with hair, I would say I would rather have an avg. bodied guy with a full head of hair. But great eyes, smile and kickass bod could make me overlook lack of hair. And once you really know someone – attitude can change everything.
    And not all girls can overlook guys that let themselves go. I am a very visual girl and expect my guy to be too!

  11. nabeel

    I like long hair. I’m hoping Aja didn’t cut it shorter than shoulder length (which is fine by me).

  12. jessa j

    I make short hair sexy and you know it. long hair is generally flat and boring with no movement. messy shaggy cuts are more edgy and therefore more sexy. a woman with real beauty and sex appeal can pull off any kind of cut.


  13. grace

    Give me a break. Women do care if men let themselves get soft, potbellied and out of shape. Women do care if men don’t groom themselves .. for example, don’t trim nose and ear hair, or keep their nails clean and clipped.

    Some women have such little self-esteem that they’ll take anything on three legs, giving men a false sense of security in the notion that they don’t have to meet the same standards they hold women to.

    I’ve had short hair for years (an I have no kids) and I’m very sexy. I get lots of male attention… even from men 20 years younger than me. …

    I’m turned off by men with facial hair. It’s just nasty.

    Oh, a tip for men… Use Crest Whitestripes sometimes. White teeth are much sexier than yellow.

  14. Mike

    I found this website looking on line for a way to ask my girlfriend to grow her hair out. She’s 40, but her short haircut makes her look 15 years older. she works with women who all have short hair, so I’m sure it’s a lost cause, but I really wish I could tell her how much I like long hair on women, without her being insulted by my suggestion…

  15. TJ

    Hey Mike, the subject has to come up eventually, so let her know that you think long hair is sexy and youthful. It simply is a fact that most men observe women that way. I’m with you 100% Mike. TJ

  16. Lia

    59 and loving life….. and long hair. Went from black and white to blonde last year. It’s great. Cars even stop to let me into traffic. (I figure they’re scare of blondes. Fine!) If you need a concensus to have long or short hair – you need help!!! Wear what feels good to YOU. There willbe lots of people who love it too. By-th-way, hair grows.

  17. Anonymous

    Well, here’s another old lady (54) who decided to grow her hair back out. It’s a little past the shoulder now. My mom hates it, my husband loves it. Me? it’s easier than the constant upkeep of short hair.

  18. Cher

    I agree that long hair can be flat and boring. I had it for years, because I thought long hair was more attractive, but recently I had an edgy bob cut. I look much younger because of this, and have attracted more attention!

    Hair length needs to suit the type of hair and face. However long, you can be attractive and sexy.

  19. K

    41 here. Hair down to my ass. Still can’t get a man to give me a second glance. I don’t really care because I’m with someone I love and who loves me. So your theory is bullshit of course.

  20. Jay

    well im 38 with waist length hair, naturally blond never been dyed and i intend never to cut it, i love my hair long and so does my husband and thats all that counts in my book, theres no age on looking sexy or having hair long its up to the individual and no one elses buisness!!

  21. Ashley

    Just Wondering you know how old ladies(like grandmas) have short hair, well are there any who have long hair?

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