Every weekend morning I used to make pancakes with real maple syrup. It was my “thing”, something that a few of you reading right now got to enjoy (:amused:). After a couple years of carbohydrate heaven, I had to phase out pancakes because it didn’t have enough protein for my growing muscles. It felt like a dessert instead of the power breakfast that my body so desperately needed.

After months of breakfast experimentation, I have found a meal which satisfies me in every way: cheese and onion omelette with McDonalds style hash browns:

The key to the omelette is using one tablespoon of butter, which acts as a mini-remedy for hangover grumpiness. Served with hot salsa, the tingling sensation in your mouth refreshes like a cold shower in the morning, similar to your last herpes breakout.

Cook your hash browns enough so it’s slightly crunchy on the outside and gentle soft on the inside. My hash brown experiments have concluded that garlic salt, pepper, and ketchup are the best toppers.


  1. Anonymous

    Try my personal favorite breakfast.
    The cheese, green olive, hot pepper, pineapple omelette.
    It seems as if nature made those 4 foods specifically to go with each other. I also put the same toppings on pizza.

  2. Eric

    we dont have a dishwasher in my house, so I usually go out to a place called Taco Shack for my sunday-morning hangover breakfasts. Steak burrito + chips is a pretty good remedy.

  3. DCB Post author

    it takes so much time to cut up the right vegetables to make an awesome omelette.

    i cut up one onion a week and leave it in a bag in the fridge. it keeps for two weeks.

  4. BeardedTacoFish

    I think what you meant to say, is you want to cook your hash browns so they’re slightly crunchy on the OUTSIDE, but gentle soft on the inside.

  5. greg

    Hash browns are amazing. I guess that’s the Idaho blood in me. They are best served shredded though, sans ketchup with a bit of salt. The McD’s style is alright though.

    Who here eats grits? I’ve never tried them in my life. In fact, there’s very few restaurants in the NW that atucally serve them.

  6. CruelHazel

    I sautee my onions in olive oil and tabasco. It makes it spicy without it being overwhelming. I spice up the omelette with some cumin and paprika, it gives a great earthy taste to it. Sorta Southwest-style. I add in american, mozerella, and munster cheese. Then I put in a good amount of feta for some sharpness.

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