I got the second shirt printing back late last week and they turned out much better. There is not much left to do except work out logistics and shipping.

-Pictures have been taken. Judy was glad to pose with the shirt on.
-I got my merchant account set up (to accept MasterCard/Visa). My shopping cart software allows me to accept Paypal as well.
-The shirt is going to cost $17.50 plus $4 USPS shipping. For a little bit more you can have it shipped via UPS. The initial batch will be about 30 shirts, split between medium, large, and xtra large.

As you may have already read, I wore the shirt out on Saturday for research purposes. I will eventually share the type of responses you’ll get when you wear the shirt.

Date they go on sale: Tuesday, May 23.


One thought on “ONE MORE WEEK

  1. Raincouver

    Dude, you are too funny. I gotta say, El Guapo kills me, but you are much more creative (and that’s saying something). I spend much of my time in DC for work, but I am not quite transplanted as DC Cookie (I did consider it 6 years ago). Your blog could have been written in Yaletown (Vancouver)… too funny. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the shirts. Keep up the blog. Cheers, Raincouver.

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