I got my shipment of American Apparel shirts the other day. I opened the box and grabbed a size large shirt. It looked a little… big. I put it on and I felt like I was wearing a dress because the bottom of the shirt completely covered my crotchal area. Turns out I ordered the wrong shirt model. A 15% restocking fee and a new supplier later, I’m confident the right shirt is coming in.

In the meantime I’ve been looking at other shirts online and noticed a pattern. Examples:

There is also a version with an iron instead of a stove.

Basic formula: take a catch-phrase or funny saying and add a picture that plays on the words. They’re amusing and make you smile, but the impact wears out pretty quick (I remember when I got many requests to stop wearing Morning Wood). The last thing you want is to get labeled as a “funny t-shirt guy.”

57 thoughts on “FUNNY T-SHIRT GUY

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