People in Indiana thought they were getting a deal on a new LCD TV. They bought the set for $250 on the street, went home, and tore off the packaging to reveal the glory that is their… OVEN DOOR. Scammer sells oven doors as LCD screens, wrapping them in careful packaging and even including promotional inserts. My favorite quotes from the story (if you want to call it that):

1. “Investigators in South Bend, Ind., said there has been a rash of oven door thefts recently, and now they know why.”
2. “The oven doors even came with remote controls and power cords.” :whoa:

Beautiful scam. I hope the guy doesn’t get caught.

Ownage runners up:

1. Sean Preston Federline, for getting DROPPED ON HIS HEAD by his portly mother.

2. Soda drinkers, who have been drinking benzene, a cancer-causing chemical. Just for the taste of it.

3 thoughts on “OWNAGE OF THE WEEK

  1. Sweet

    Yeah i heard that about the sodas. Yet another reason why I’m stopping drinking three 20oz bottles of Coke a day. Talk about becoming a caffeine fiend!

  2. O-face

    Ummmmmm—- The sodas were made by some small ass minor beverage company. Its like having the option to buy mercedes or ford and you purchase a Kia. Coke/Pespi have quality control department that checks all the batches…I believe.

    But thanks for the post. Why give blood for money when I can sell oven doors and make 5 times the amount. Thxs for the idea.

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