Most social constructions have three main players: the pimp, the trick, and the ho. The nightlife industry is no different, being it exists solely for single men to get laid and businessmen to get paid. The owners (pimps) make most of their money from desperate guys (tricks) who come to clubs to hit on girls (ho’s). Everything that a bar does – ladies night, happy hour, special events – is simply to attract paying male customers, who sustain the complex by stuffing cash in the owners pockets. You know that $8 rail vodka tonic you just bought? The whole bottle of vodka it came from cost just $4. All a pimp has to do to get paying tricks is attract ho’s to the club.

The reason I pay high drink prices is to be around women, and for no other reason. While I’d like to say I go out to “hang out” with friends, I could easily do that at home with liquor, music, and dim lighting. Ladies go out for a slightly different reason: to “dance”. Of course anyone can dance at home, but I’m told it’s more fun to shake you ass when guys are watching.

A slight identity crisis occurs when you have guys who flaunt their supposed VIP club status. These guys think they are special because they get into the smallest room in the club, but at the end of the night who do you think goes to bed a little richer? The pimp introduces his best tricks to girls at the club so he’ll return to spend hundreds more at that table. It’s all about money, done through a fog of sexy women and alcohol.

22 thoughts on “YOU ARE EITHER A TRICK OR A HO

  1. Anonymous

    This is one of the best quotes I have ever read:

    Nightlife is a scam designed to part you from your money on the promise that you might lay some pipe, or the groundwork for a relationship. The things that matter — those are all somewhere else. And that could be the most important lesson of them all.

  2. Aja

    For reals!! What is crazier when girls become the pimp/trick/ho. I’ll introduce you to my friends, you’ll (generalization here) will feel the need to flaunt your status and we know this because you’ve been standing at the bar all night talking to just about anyone and you’ve been buying double shots of aged Scotch or something beyond the sea of martini’s and vodka tonics. I’ll make small talk, tell you I am here with 3 other girls celebrating something, you’ll find it charming to buy us a round or bottle and before you know it we are all drunk but the girls haven’t spent a dime. You might even put us in a cab and by the end of the night I would have said bye to my bartender and not concern myself with my $20 tab because I just gave him a $200 bill from Mr. X.

  3. Aja

    Is it? In this “generalization”, what seems slutty? Nothing is exchanged but attention. The girls’ company in exchange for drinks. Everyone is having a goodtime, no one is bad mouthing each other. Sure, some girls are predators and seek out vulnerable, social disasters (the geek/old guy at the bar)and perhaps their motives are questionable, but what is the difference if a guy feels he has something to prove, flaunt his status (vip or not)and both parties know what is really going on here? Slutty in my book is the girl who sucks cock in the bathroom for coke.

  4. Phil

    Clubs are stupid.

    Dancing is stupid.

    Cockfights are where it’s at. Just you, a bottle of tequila, and bettin’ on the birds.

  5. James

    I think Aja’s got it all figured out. Sad thing is there’s an endless supply of suckers to keep her and friends boozed up.

    But nothing wrong with taking advantage of suckers. Well done.

  6. Phil

    I’m not sure nabeel. I would assume they do, but I’m not from Tennessee. I would think anywhere in the deep south, in the rural country, around 2-3 am, somewhere there’s a-cockfightin’ going on.

  7. Andy

    I heard today that at a cockfight near Tiajuana some sore losers tossed some grenades around…

    Same principle applies to strip clubs… its just a little more obvious. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Eric

    most dance clubs are basically strip clubs, but the currency each party uses is pared down – instead of money, men at dance clubs pay in drinks; instead of exposing themselves, women at dance clubs grind on dudes’ crotches.

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