You’re at a club and get eyed by an average girl. If you game her you are guaranteed some action for very little work. It’s obvious she wants it. She will show interest and make it easy for you. She won’t try to play jealousy games and won’t expect you to buy her the bar. But she’s average. Should I let her have my primetime weekend night or pass to do cold approaches on the hottest girls here? It’s like investing: one vehicle is an online savings account with a guaranteed 4.5% interest rate that beats inflation and the other is the risky start-up stock that can either bust your wallet or pay off those student loans. Do you go for the guaranteed lay or roll the dice with a girl that is better?

I say do both. You need to fail with the hot club sluts to innovate your game (especially early game), but you also need the freebies to solidify your closing game and give you confidence boosters. As long as you don’t get complacent with freebies that could cause your game to go stale, it’s important to go for both types of girls to make your game well-rounded from start to finish. Strengthen the foundation with the freebies, but grow with brain-dead hotties.

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  1. Anonymous

    Stick to the hot ones, always. Hot women are merely average women who are accustomed to having guys worship them. That’s it. So never settle. It messes with your game. Validating your neediness and settling brings you one step closer to betahood. And betahood is kryptonite to a woman who has choices.

    Hot women can be persistent when they want to be, especially when they have checked you out first and you don’t grovel at their feet, they’re like WTF and may chase after you like average women. Makes for an easy close and you take control thereafter.

    And you are never needy nor desperate.

    Note: This doesn’t work in bars much since women are more used to guys approaching, but rather places where you see each other over and over again, say a gym or a park.

  2. ribald

    Stick to higher potential DCB. The only reason to pursue mediocrity is if your game needs refining, if you need to build your confidence in approaching women, or to field test your material. For you, I know only the third reason would ever apply. After years of tolerating the typical fat muffin-top, housekeeper shoe wearing, sweater-set worshipping DC female, why should one set their sights low? Remember, better to shoot for the stars and hit than shoot for a pile of… ah, you get the idea.

  3. DC_Cookie

    Now what do you do when the average girl has a friend who won’t go talk to other guys and your wingman has gone googly-eyed over a hottie?


  4. virglekent


    you know I?m a meat head so please excuse my gym reference her. When it comes to hollarin at broads every player gets to a ?point of no return position? that is to say once you gain the ability and tight game to talk to ?hot chicks? you shouldn?t take a step back. We all graduate from college banging fat chicks and anything with a whole. But as we mature as players we strive for the forbidden fruit and only the best of the best. Once this has been achieved and you?re banging hot chicks or a hot chick a real player should never want to take a step back and go back to banging mud turtles.

    My meat head reference,

    When I first started working out I could only bench a certain amount a couple of times (145lbs). As with every passing year I worked on it and my bench kept going up. I am now at the point where the workout ends around (350lbs). Now what would be the point of me coming in and banging out (145). I?m only interested in going up and pushing myself to failure.

    Maybe it?s just the fact that I?ve become accustomed to banging 10?s now and that?s something that I could get used to.


    It?s always okay to bang fat chicks when you?re on vacation or you have college buddies in from out of town? it?s soooo fun!

  5. hedonistic

    Hotties = brain dead? Really? :suspicious:

    And who made up the rule that you had to choose? Not only choose, but choose between two strawwomen? Since your premise is completely false, you’re bound to come up empty handed.

    The playa in me says hit on both simultaneously.

  6. Jewcano

    I disagree. Brain-dead hotties are good for one thing, and that’s being seen with them. You get into the club quick, other girls see you with her, they think you’re hot shit, helps raise your credit for later. Other than that, they’re worthless. Once they’re done telling you how much their tits cost that’s the extent of their conversation. You’ll get better conversation out of the bathroom attendant. Banging a hottie is in no way guaranteed to be better than a normal girl, and in fact they tend to be worse, since they think they’re so hot they don’t tend to be creative to compensate. In general, they’re boring. The average girl will demand less, offer more, and probably be a lot more interesting to boot. Not to mention you can totally experiment with your game because your fuck-up margin is so much bigger before she tires of you. Chat up the hottie to be seen doing it, then take the interesting girl home. Just remember, while you’re chatting up the hot one, some other dude may nab the safe one, causing you to go home with no one (what I refer to as finger in too many pies syndrome.)

    Note: this is heavily, heavily standards-dependent. If your idea of an ‘average’ girl has a face that could peel the paint off your car, you might as well stick with the hottie.

  7. ribald

    Maybe we’re slightly misinterpretating DCB’s remarks. There is such a thing as an intellgient, fun and hot female, though in DC they are very, very, very, very rare and hard to find. Before anyone goes on a rant about how great DC women are, remember I’m talking about HOT — not cute, attractive, pretty, or whatever other stupid adjective mediocre women use to define their lame friends. Go to any other major American city — NYC, LA, Chicago, Austin, Denver, etc. — and there are tons of beautiful women who are happy to talk about something other than party affiliation. I’ve always thought the dearth of awesome hot women in this town is a result of DC not being a cosmopolitan city, what with its cookie-cutter bars filled with Ikea stools and couches. Oh, and one more thing — throw your housekeeper shoes in the trash and hit the gym before going off on me, fatso.

  8. ribald

    Sorry, I just made up a word — I met misinterpret, “not misinterpretate” — must be the W in me 😀

  9. Joe

    Problem in DC is even the truly average women think and act like they’re “hot”. So, skip over the middle ground, you’re better off going for the really hot ones.

  10. Jewcano

    Ribald is part right. DC has its share of stone cold stunners, but they’re stealth, hiding behind their secretary glasses and functional skirt suits (or capris and flipflops.) Most of them have been nerds/surrounded by nerds for so long they have no idea they’re hot, which means there’s a ton of diamonds in the rough out there. Problem is, these women don’t go to players’ clubs, they might hit happy hour after work and that’s it. Most of the self-perceived ‘hot’ chicks in the clubs, you are correct, aren’t all that high-caliber, they’re just better (or try harder) than their immediate competition. Even then DC’s not that bad, go to, say, Providence and check the standard there. Girl think’s she’s Paris Hilton and you think you’re going ugly early. I’ve had many a night up there I didn’t see -any- hot chicks.

    Note: this also reflects back on the last post about street game. The girl who’s the hottest in the club with 12 girls in it is a lot lower on the totem pole outside with all those stealth honeys running around, which shifts the power balance pretty heavily.

  11. hedonistic

    “stealth honeys”

    I’m gonna use that! You’d be amazed at how many amazing women are NOT found at the “player’s clubs.” You want hotties? Up where I live the hotties more likely to be found at the restaurants, earlier in the evenings, drinking their margaritas and celebrating somebody’s birthday. I have no idea whether this is true in DC or not.

  12. ribald

    Describing a girl as a “hottie” does not make her hot. Only a female who is accurately described as “hot” is hot. Again, not pretty, attractive, cute, sweet, nice, girl-next-door, sassy, whatever — these are not words one uses when properly describing the physical appearance of a genuinely hot girl. Saying she’s “fine” or that she’s a “piece of ass” are about the only things that even comes close. In fact, I hate to be a total dick, but just saying the word “hottie” attaches a geek quotient to both the commenter and recipient; it’s like when you hear a group of corpulent DC girls repeatedly describing how much they love that each other is “blinged out” over their chocolatinis at a typical fat DC girls’ happy hour (yes, you fat female Hill dorks at Daily Grill, I am pointing my non-fat finger at Y-O-U). The term “hottie” became tired even before it became popular. You can even hear it in your head, imagine the typical idiot news reporter’s voice delivering any given nightly “news” report on Fox 5 (for example, “watch out DC fellas, hotties moving to YOUR neighborhood!”) Ugh, vomit… “Hottie” truly is a word that belongs permanently in the dork lexicon, let’s make a public service effort to kill it and simply describe a woman as “hot” — again, only if she deserves that comment…

  13. DCB Post author

    It could be possible that a girl I see as average is quite desirable by the average guy. I do not fuck whales or ugly girls… ever.


  14. Eugenius

    I think every girl needs a chance…..I rarely discriminate as I believe in equal opportunity 🙂

    From a whale to the supermodel I can in my professional opinion say the hotter the girl the bigger headache she is (at least in this town), and most of the time, not always, hottness levels have opposite correlation to performance in bed

    *For dummies = the hotter the girl, the wacker the sex

    The hottest girl will always be the one thats beautifull (anywhere from 8-10) and doesnt have the attitude like she is hot shit. She will always be first choice over any superhot bitch (10) that thinks she is God’s gift to men. Being down to earth goes a loooooong way.

  15. kanan

    Correct me if I am wrong but dont you think end game is different when picking up avergae chicks and then 10s
    Wouldn’t 10’s give you more last minute resistance before the lay? So my point is, is being with average chicks then worth it?

  16. DCB Post author

    kanan: yeah early game is definitely different. for average girls you really dont even have to “game”. but end game is very similar regardless of rating

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