6 thoughts on “PLAYER HATER

  1. o-face

    1. I ask that this post be taken down. MM you have more game then that, and I’m definitely not hating on you. But where are you going with this post?? Your so talented, but you B.S. me and my emotions. I so want more. Your my verbal strip tease, just without the happy ending.
    2. Hater has been out for a long time now. I ask that hipsters refrain from using it. By god, Bone-Thugs and harmony came out like 15 years ago.

  2. Days of Broken Arrows

    Shouldn’t they have spelled it “playa hata?” Proper English spelling don’t give dem much street cred.

  3. Miss Metropolis Post author

    I don’t have time to write more than that. You will have to deal, O-face. I’m a busy chickarina.

    My inspiration for this post was the category that DCB has on this site:

    DC Player Haters

    I was also making fun of the haters on this site. They trash talk DCB because they do not have any game of their own.

    At least he’s playing!

  4. Joe

    At first I was a playa hata, but longed to be a playa. Then for a while I was a hata. Then I became a playa hata again, for a short time, but I got bored of this and finally actually became a playa. Then I became a playa AND a playa-hata simultaneously, but I realized the inherent inconsistency in this, and made a conscious decision to be a playa and a playa-hata hata. Now, I’m no longer a playa, but I’m still a raging playa-hata hata.

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