There are two girls from the Netherlands who have hit it big with their lip-syncing videos. I found them over at Seth’s Blog.

Their best one is Respect. They are hot in That Don’t Impress Me Much.

You can tell they are probably a lot of fun to hang out with. Most girls I know don’t even like their picture being taken unless conditions are perfect, let alone make a funny video and upload it to the internet. Girls over here are trained to be stiff unless liquored up.

The redhead looks like someone we know…

I’m seeing double here… four Jessa’s!

11 thoughts on “POMME AND KELLY

  1. Anonymous

    Hilarious! They are definitely in middle school! My friends and I used to do stuff like this too, when we were 12!!! Who am I kidding, sometimes we still do.

  2. eltoroverde

    I have a video camera. Even got the software to put it on the internet. Hell, I even know all the lyrics to Too Short’s “In Da Trunk”, “Top Down”, and “Can I Get a Bitch?”

    Time to get famous. Who’s with me?

  3. Joe

    Damn! I’d ask out that “Pomme” if she were like 19 or somethin’! She’s got it goin’ on her own bad self. And Irina, if she were 6’1″, I’d dig that even more! Nothin beats a tall dutch chick!

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